Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 15 of Dress up Time Princess. This is the last stage in this storybook. In the previous stage, Masaya Hino has asked permission from Madam Masako Miyagawa to marry you. You are in love with Masaya Hino, as he is in love with you. And that is the most important thing. Madam Masako Miyagawa saw serious intent in Masaya Hino and granted his request. It is up to you to know his intentions and to surrender to the life that found you. That life is full of security and you will no longer have to worry every day about whether you will be safe. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 15.

You tell Kuroko Sato that Masaya Hino and you are engaged. The next day, she disappears. You try your best to find out where she has gone, but you can’t find any information at all. You wonder where is she.

Masaya Hino enters the room and sees you dazing by the window. You have asked someone to contact you if they get hold of anything, but there is no sign of Kuroko Sato in Kobe. Even Akira Suzuki can’t find out where she is.

Masaya Hino holds your hand gently and comforts you. He says that you should not worry. Maybe she has gone on a trip by herself, and she will be back soon. There is no reason for Kuroko Sato to hate you. Perhaps she wants to deal with some personal issues alone. Masaya Hino is sure she will be back once she is done.

He says it all with a gentle smile. Masaya Hino’s words have a sort of magic to them. It makes you want to believe that whatever he says will come true. All you want to do is to pray that day will come. The next thing you should do is to go with Masaya Hino to visit Madam Masako Miyagawa. Masaya Hino will find someone to come over and assist you with your clothes. You are a little surprised by how determined he is, but what puzzles you, even more, is the smile in his eyes.

Masaya Hino calls out in the direction of the door. You exclaim in surprise when you see the person standing there. It is Kuroko Sato. You rush towards her and hug her tightly, afraid that she might disappear if you let go. You are so revealed that she is fine.

Masaya Hino will wait for you downstairs. You nod gratefully at Masaya Hino. He thoughtfully leaves you alone. As soon as he is gone, you hold Kuroko Sato’s hand and rattle off all the questions you have for her. She seems reluctant to meet her eyes. This makes you rather uneasy, and you hurry to ask if she has left because of you.

Realizing that you have misunderstood her, Kuroko Sato grabs hold of your hand. When you told Kuroko that you are engaged to Masaya Hino, she felt like you didn’t need her anymore. Instead of waiting for you to ask her to leave, Kuroko Sato thought she should leave first.

She has always followed you, and she was happy as long as you felt you needed her. After thinking things over for a few days, she has decided that she shouldn’t keep relying on your kindness.

She will not leave you again. Initially, she did intend to leave. But when Masaya Hino found her with Akira Suzuki’s help, and he told her that you have not slept properly for days because you’re so worried about Kuroko Sato. She realized that no matter who you are with, she will always have a place in your heart.  

Kuroko Sato knows that you are important to her, so she should not upset you. She has decided to stay by your side from now on, not a shadow or a tool. After all, she is your family. Even if Kuroko Sato wants to leave, you will not let her go. It is a promise.

You hook your fingers and promise each other. You hear a long blow and two short blows on a whistle outside, indicating that all is safe. Akira Suzuki is safe as well, and that he’s planning his next project. He really is a busy man. You smile at one another. Outside the door, the maid is urging you to hurry. You need to get changed. Masaya Hino is still waiting for you downstairs. He is a considerate man. You are relieved to know you have him by your side. You will be meeting Madam Masako Miyagawa with Masaya Hino. Pick out a Grand and Formal outfit to wear. Do not let him wait too long.

After you have changed your clothes, Masaya Hino and you head off to the Miyagawa mansion. You hear a familiar melody coming from the hallway, and stop in your tracks. You will tell Masaya Hino about the melody in your head. You quicken your steps and follow the tune to a door. The melody is clearly coming from the other side of the door. After informing the maid of your arrival, you take a deep breath and enter the room with Masaya Hino.

Inside the room, Madam Masako Miyagawa is leisurely arranging flowers while singing a nursery rhyme. She stops what she is doing to greet you two. Besides you two are very punctual, you will ask her about the song and how she knows this song. She does not answer your question. However, you can see a trace of sorrow in her kindly smile.

You do as you are told. Madam Masako Miyagawa embraces you tenderly. She says that you suffered a lot in the past. After marrying Masaya Hino, you will become a member of the Miyagawa family. Madam Miyagawa will be able to protect you, and you will never have to suffer again. You don’t understand the meaning behind those words, but her affectionate tone tells you that she cares for you deeply. There is a strange familiarity in the way she comforts you. The exhaustion from your lack of sleep hits you all of a sudden.

Forget all the troubles of the past. You can laugh wholeheartedly from now on. When you drift off into sleep and start dreaming again. A familiar melody reaches your ear. However, the dream no longer confuses you. Instead, you are filled with bliss.

As we said earlier, the perfect ending to a perfect love story. There is no better way to end this story than the way Madam Masako Miyagawa communicated your origins. You have indirectly learned that you are a long-lost baby and the true heir of the Miyagawa family. We are certainly glad you followed our walkthrough. We will do our best to continue in the right style to guide you through this game. Dress Up! Thus, the princess continues her spells. Stay with us and follow us.
Thank you for reading.