Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a long and very tense conversation with Kuroko Sato and Akira Suzuki. There was a dilemma as to who would enter, deliver the box, leave the store. It is necessary to be a person without fear and full of self-confidence. Such actions are life-threatening. Either Kuroko Sato or Akira Suzuki have to go inside. If Akira enters, he has a chance to be captured but he also has a chance to consider an escape plan. If Kuroko Sato is captured, she knows nothing about the private matters that Akira Suzuki knows. That way he won’t have to lie. Akira Suzuki is a smart man who can plan an escape for Kuroko Sato already at large. All this seems like a complicated situation. But that shouldn’t discourage you because your choice brings you to stage 2. We’re moving. Unlocks if you previously selected Kuroko should go in Stage 2-1. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 2.

Akira Suzuki and you hide in a dark corner across the street and watch in trepidation as Kuroko Sato enters the store. Your worry doesn’t last long. Kuroko Sato and the shopkeeper emerge from the shop. They both look unnervingly serious. You wonder what they talked about.

Across the road, Kuroko Sato shakes head gently at you, her mouth slightly open, as if to say: ‘’ Don’t come over, go back first…’’ That is what Kuroko Sato is trying to tell you. You think she needs to talk to the shopkeeper about something. That is a bit strange, but you will do what she says and return to Shiratori-san to wait.

You need to stop pacing. You are about to wear out the carpet. Akira Suzuki is calmed, person. He says that if something were to happen to you, Kuroko Sato would turn the whole of Kobe upside-down.

Akira Suzuki may sound calm, but you know he’s worried about Kuroko Sato too. You sit down. He sighs as if he’s about to make a big decision. He says that if Kuroko Sato doesn’t come back today, you should carry on to the Miyagawa residence. To be clear, he is not abandoning her. Since this method isn’t working out, your only option left is to go to the imperial capital.

They captured Kuroko Sato to draw you out. And even if they can’t, they are hoping to keep you in Kobe. As Suzuki-san says, they are trying to make sure that you won’t disrupt things and Masaya Hino will be announced as heir at the banquet. He is sure Kuroko Sato is safe right now.

They won’t expect you to appear at the Miyagawa residence, however. So, you will surprise them, and ruin their plans. There is no time to lose. The sooner you leave, the better. Akira Suzuki’s strategy does seem like a good one. But, is it really a good idea to leave Kobe without Kuroko Sato? Option 1 (Stay in Kobe) or Option 2 (Go to Tokyo).

Stay in Kobe
Go to Tokyo

If you select Option 1 (Stay in Kobe), you will say that you can’t leave Kuroko Sato behind. You are going to stay in Kobe. If she were in your shoes, she would do the same for you.

Akira Suzuki says that you need to go to Tokyo to find the old Lady Miyagawa and halt the enemy’s plans. That is the only way to save Kuroko Sato. Akira Suzuki’s determination has convinced you. You nod in agreement.

You must keep Semi Suwa from finding out about your visit. If word gets out about it, Kuroko Sato’s safety will be compromised. You will have to do it in secret. If there is a possibility that Semi Suwa has planted a spy in the intelligence station, there might be one in the Miyagawa residence too.

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If you select Option 2 (Go to Tokyo), Akira Suzuki goodwill goes up. You will say that Akira Suzuki is right. It is your turn to strike first. You will go to Tokyo.

The next thing you should, you need to figure out how to enter the Miyagawa residence to look for old Lady Miyagawa. You must keep Semi Suwa from finding out about our visit. If word gets out about it, Kuroko Sato’s safety will be compromised. You will have to do it in secret. If there is a possibility that Semi Suwa has planted a spy in the intelligence station, there might be one in the Miyagawa residence too.

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Akira Suzuki thinks it is a great idea. Before you do that, he has to make a short trip first. He has to take care of everything beforehand so that you can be sure that your plan is foolproof. As you watch Akira Suzuki walk away, you are reminded of Kuroko Sato leaving your side. He senses your concern and pats you on the head.

And you believe that Kuroko Sato will not let anything happen to her, for your sake. You need help from Fumiyo Shiratori. She will help you out with a new outfit for the party. Fumiyo Shiratori has carefully picked out a Grand and Formal outfit for the party. Try it on to see if it fits.

After you decide on a suitable outfit, Fumiyo Shiratori sighs. Finally, you look and behave just like a lady. A Kazoku lady. All thanks to Shiratori-san’s training. In addition to this, you need to be more confident in yourself. Fumiyo Shiratori’s honest praise makes you feel a little embarrassed, but also a bit proud of yourself.

Something bothers you. It makes you feel terrible about people getting into trouble because of you. And there is nothing you can do to help. Fumiyo Shiratori understands this situation. It is hard to sit and wait. However, Shiratori-san sas that you need to pull yourself together, so as not to worry the people who care about you. Her gentle smile exudes the calmness of someone who has been through a lot of hardship and seen much of life. It makes you want to ask her: Option 1 (About Suzuki-san) or Option 2 (About Kuroko).

About Suzuki-san
About Kuroko

If you select Option 1 (About Suzuki-san), you will ask Fumiyo Shiratori if Akira Suzuki is someone she cares about a lot. Her eyes are smiling but they are also full of nostalgia. He was her first student. When her husband passed away from illness a few years ago, she started managing the store alone. Many people had an eye on this place, and Akira Suzuki was one of them. Back then, he was younger than Yuko Sato in the present time, and he pretended to be the son of a wealthy businessman. He tried to scam people with counterfeit checks.

She did not fall for that. His speech and mannerisms simply didn’t match his disguise. She even had to correct his pronunciation at one point. Despite turning red with embarrassment, he pretended to be calm, and she couldn’t help thinking he was so funny and adorable.

She still finds it amusing when she thinks about the incident. It is one of the most memorable things in her life. But Akira Suzuki did not apologize for that he did. If he had, he wouldn’t be Akira Suzuki, says Fumiyo Shiratori. After that boy was caught lying, he stood in front of the store every day, asking you to teach him etiquette. Eventually, she gave up trying to resist him, and that’s how he became her student.

You have always felt that the two of them are like mother and son because they are so close. Fumiyo Shiratori says that Akira Suzuki as a boy was so headache-inducing. He was too suspicious of others, and no one could get close to him. However, she thinks he’s softened a lot lately, and it’s all thanks to you.

Sometimes a person doesn’t have to do anything. Just being there is enough. You don’t quite understand what she means, but you carefully tuck her words away in your heart to cherish them. The doorbell rings. Akira Suzuki is back at the Shiratori Clothing Store. He seems tired but relaxed. You guess he doesn’t have any bad news.

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If you select Option 2 (About Kuroko), Kuroko Sato’s goodwill goes up. You will ask Fumiyo Shirator if she has been separated from a loved one. Fumiyo Shiratori continues smiling, but her eyes fill with sadness. She touches her wedding ring unconsciously, and you regret asking the question.

She thought her husband and Shiratori-san would stay together forever. She never imagined that they would part any day in the future. Kuroko Sato has been with you for as long as you can remember. You start telling Fumiyo Shiratori about your troubles. You will say that Kuroko Sato’s presence is like the air you breathe. It is the most natural thing in the world. Now that she’s not around, you feel as if something is missing inside you, and the feeling is suffocating. You know it is not all right for you to rely on her like this. Kuroko Sato and you will be separated any day in the future. You can’t hang on to her forever, and make her stay with you… But you are so afraid of being alone.

Fumiyo Shiratori’s gentle words are like driftwood floating on the sea you are drowning in. You cling to them. She says that you need to pick yourself up, have faith, and wait for the day you reunite. The doorbell rings. Akira Suzuki is back at the Shiratori Clothing Store. He seems tired but relaxed. You guess he doesn’t have any bad news.

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There is some news about Kuroko Sato, but it is not what you want to hear… They seem to have taken Kuroko Sato to Tokyo. You have a bad feeling about this. It seems that Semi Suwa arranged this. He likely did this.

Akira Suzuki knew you would say that. He has prepared everything, and you are ready to go.  Suzuki-san smiles smugly and hands you a ticket and a roll of paper.

You unroll the paper to discover that it’s the floor of a house. You look at him questioningly. If Semi Suwa has chosen Kuroko Sato as his sacrifice, they must be planning to take her to the Miyagawa banquet.

You should be able to sneak into the ballroom unnoticed via the secret passengers marked on the map. After you tell him that he is a genius, he says that there is no need to admire him too much. After hearing his plan, you embrace Akira Suzuki and laugh out loud. He’s clearly not used to such physical contact, and he pushes you away awkwardly.

Fumiyo Shiratori says that it has been a long time since she saw Akira Suzuki blush. But you are still worried about Kuroko Sato. The news is like a candle flame, giving you hope for the future.

This is the end of stages 2-2. Two intersections and 4 possible choices. You have to understand that this is the path you have chosen. Life writes beautiful stories and Chapter 2 will write one very interesting story. You can read the continuation of this saga on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.