Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 5 of Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage brought you many surprises. First, you make sure that your friends, Akira Suzuki and Kuroko Sato, are in a safe place. This is great news because it means they are not injured by Semi Suwa. The other thing you have established is that Madam Miyagawa is a calm and peaceful woman. That does not diminish her genius. This brings us to the third thing. Everything that happened to Semi Suwa and the search for you and your friends is just a hoax. It is a deception devised by Madam Miyagawa. Lady Miyagawa thus wanted to create a farce that would spread through the city. To succeed, she had to deceive her people. Because otherwise, it would not be credible. Stage 5 is the path you would take if you chose a different choice in Stage 2-1. This stage unlocks if you previously selected Suzuki should go in Stage 2-1. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 5.

Kuroko Sato and you hide in the dark corner across the street, and you watch nervously as Akira Suzuki enters the store. Your worries do not last long. Akira Suzuki emerges from the shop, accompanied by the shopkeeper. They look very serious. That worries you, and you wonder what they talked about. The shopkeeper is taking Akira Suzuki away.

Panicking, you try to run after them, but Kuroko Sato pulls you back. She won’t let you because it is too dangerous for you to follow them. Her hand is shaking. You realize that you would just worry everyone if you run off by yourself. The best thing you should do is to go back to Fumiyo Shiratori and wait for news. You return to the Shiratori Clothing Store and wait anxiously. You keep glancing at the grandfather clock by the wall.

Kuroko Sato and you are both perspiring. Go freshen up and change your clothes. Fumiyo Shiratori is right. You have been out and about all day. Freshen up and change into a Perky and Noble outfit.

You grow more anxious as the clock ticks closer to the meeting time you agreed upon. Akira Suzuki knows what he is doing. He should not have any problems. But the question is why he hasn’t come back yet.

Kuroko Sato says that you have to be careful. You don’t know who to trust right now. Perhaps you should go straight to the Miyagawa family. That is Kuroko’s opinion. You two have a different opinion. But for Akira Suzuki’s sake, you decide to Option 1 (Ask for help) or Option 2 (Proceed to the Miyagawa residence).

Ask for help
Proceed to the Miyagawa residence

If you select Option 1 (Ask for help), Yuko Sato will want to ask Masaya Hino for help.

Masaya Hino is in cahoots with Semi Suwa. You should not insist on thinking of him as a good person, says Kuroko Sato. If you get in his way, he will not let you off easy. You are digging your own grave. Kuroko Sato is furious. You have never seen her look so angry before.

You really don’t think he’s a despicable person. But Kuroko Sato refuses to let you put yourself at risk. She is saying this for your own good.

Kuroko Sato storms out of the room. Now that you have decided to seek Masaya Hino’s help, you ask someone to deliver a message to him. You plan to meet him in a garden. When you arrive at the meeting place, Masaya Hino is waiting for you.

You say that you are honored that he has set aside time to see you. After hearing your rather cold greeting, his smile drops and he looks down at the ground. He apologizes for hiding his true identity. He didn’t want you to have any assumptions about him. He wanted you to know him as a regular person. He hoped that you’d become genuine friends. You had not expected him to be so open with you. His honesty triggers a pang of guilt.

You will apologize to him as well. You lied to him too, though you concealed your identity for a different reason. That makes you even. Now, you need to ask him something, and you hope he can answer honestly.

He is not Semi Suwa’s accomplice. He doesn’t agree with his radical approach. He is not trying to hurt you. In that case, you will ask him for a favor. Semi Suwa’s people have captured Akira Suzuki. Masaya Hino didn’t hear anything about that. He seems doubtful. You think Option 1 (He is lying) or Option 2 (He is telling the truth).

He is lying
He is telling the truth

If you select Option 1 (He is lying), you will doubt his answer. How can he not know, after all the crazy things Semi Suwa has done?

He says that he is not trying to deceive you. He has never thought of you as unworthy of his respect. According to Masaya Hino, you possess a true heart, which is so much more precious than what the Kazoku has to offer. He tries to say something. He hesitates as if he’s considering what to say. However, he does not continue. You leave Hino-san behind and return to the Shiratori Clothing Store.

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If you select Option 2 (He is telling the truth), Masaya Hino goodwill goes up. You recall how they argued with one another at the Karasuma residence. If Semi Suwa is hiding something from him, Masaya Hino wouldn’t know about it. You will describe Akira Suzuki as a person who is a mixed-race merchant with blue eyes. You think you can trust him to do what is right. You will let him take care of it then.

Masaya Hino pauses as if he’s considering what to say. But not to worry, he will help you find out what has happened to your friend, Akira Suzuki. You leave Hino-san behind and return to the Shiratori Clothing Store.

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If you select Option 2 (Proceed to the Miyagawa residence), Kuroko Sato goodwill goes up and Masaya Hino goodwill goes up. You will say you shall do what Kuroko Sato suggested, and head straight to the Miyagawa residence. You can infiltrate the banquet to get information and find a way to save Akira Suzuki.

After this question, you sink into deep thought. Fumiyo Shiratori has a simple solution. You just need to blend in with the crowd and guests. She will prepare your new outfits for this occasion. Everyone is worried about Akira Suzuki but there is no time for sadness. You need to move on and try to save Akira Suzuki.

A few years ago, her husband passed away from illness, leaving her to manage the store alone. The loss hit her so hard that she almost shut down the store. A lot of people heard about it, and they coveted the place. Akira Suzuki was one of them. He came up with a scheme to scam money from her.

Kuroko has a different opinion on Akira Suzuki. Fumiyo Shiratori relaxes as you talk about Suzuki-san. She smiles a little and continues her story. She says that he has always been like this. He can talk his way out of anything. He didn’t expect that his attempt to deceive her would prompt her to keep the store. At that moment, she forgot her depression, scolded him, and let him go. Fumiyo Shiratori has a motherly expression on her face as she tells you about Akira Suzuki.

Akira Suzuki was younger than you are now. She was worried he might fall in with the wrong crowd, so Shiratori-san agreed to teach him. She just didn’t expect him to stay for so long. You went from a teacher-student relationship to that of a store manager and a loyal customer. Fumiyo Shiratori is smiling, but you can tell that it is painful for her to think about the past.

Fumiyo Shiratori is as worried about Akira Suzuki as you are. You must get Suzuki-san back for Shiratori-san.

Despite complaining about how tiring the lessons were, and announcing that he wouldn’t come back again, he would be at her door again the next morning. Maybe he was just too proud to give up, or he didn’t want anyone to look down on him. Or maybe he just hung on out of a sense of responsibility, says Fumiyo Shiratori. Shiratori-san’s words remind you that Akira Suzuki has been willing to go to great lengths for you, despite all of his complaints.

For Kuroko Sato he is a strange man. Just like the Amanojaku from the melon Princess story. But he seems to have softened a great deal. He’s opening up a bit more now. He used to be like a prickly hedgehog. The change in him is all thanks to you, Yuko Sato. You just recall the time you have spent with Akira Suzuki, and you can’t figure out what might have changed him. Fumiyo Shiratori laughs at your confusion.

A since remark or even an unconscious action can become a source of comfort for others. You don’t really understand Shiratori-san’s words, but you carefully tuck them away in your heart to cherish them. You need to go to Tokyo. You need to get prepared.

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These thoughts are ending stage 2-5. The preparations went well, you got the right clothes for your trip to Tokyo. Will you find Akira Suzuki and save him? Will you face new dangers? You can find it all on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.