Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 6 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to have a conversation with Kuroko Sato and Fumiyo Shiratori. If you decided to go straight to Tokyo, you had a conversation with Kuroko Sato and Fumiyo Shiratori about your colleague Akira Suzuki. You learned some new facts about him. You learned how he came to the place where Fumiyo Shiratori is now. Kuroko Sato stood next to you and listened. After the story of Akira Suzuki, you changed your suit and headed to Tokyo. If you chose the option to seek help, it would cause anger at Kuroko Sato. Help was sought from Masaya Hino. Because of your choice, Kuroko Sato had a lot to say to your face. The sequel follows in the text. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 6.

You know that you have to go to Tokyo but you are bothered by so many questions. You need to calm down. You are still trying to come up with a strategy when someone knocks on the door.

Kuroko Sato is not sure if Akira Suzuki is safe. You have to get changed and hurry over. You’re headed for the Miyagawa residence. For ease of movement, you’d better wear something Simple and Noble.

Fumiyo Shiratori is sitting at the sewing table. She looks exhausted like she’s been up all night. She shows you a letter. She is not sure if that letter is from Akira Suzuki. Someone hid this letter in the morning paper. She does not even know when it happened. However, she assumes it has something to do with Akira Suzuki. You open the letter and find two tickets to Tokyo and a map.

This is the map of the Miyagawa residence. The map and two tickets. This amounts to an invitation. Maybe Akira Suzuki has provided you with these thickets and the map. Kuroko Sato has a bad feeling about this. It is like someone has set a trap, and they are just waiting for you to walk into it.

You don’t know Akira Suzuki’s whereabouts, and this is your only lead. You will have to check it out, even if it is a trap. Kuroko Sato will go with you because she is not letting you go by yourself. Fumiyo Shiratori gets up and snatches the envelope out of your hands.

She can’t let you go. Fumiyo Shiratori looks determined and is unlikely to be persuaded. Now you have two options. Option 1 (Try convincing her anyway) or Option 2 (Snatch the letter back).

Try convincing her anyway
Snatch the letter back

If you select Option 1 (Try convincing her anyway), you will see that Fumiyo Shiratori is clearly worried about Akira Suzuki, yet she is still looking out for you. You feel warm and cared for.

Fumiyo Shiratori says that there must be another way. Akira Suzuki would not want you to put yourself in danger for his sake. You step forward, and Shiratori-san moves backward to prevent you from getting the letter in her hand. You reach for her other hand instead.

You would never forgive yourselves if something were to happen to him. You do not want Shiratori—san to feel any more pain. Kuroko Sato comes over to hold Shiratori-san’s hand as well.

Seeing that your minds are made up, Fumiyo Shiratori sighs and hugs you tight. Just promise to Fumiyo Shiratori you won’t do anything rash.

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If you select Option 2 (Snatch the letter back), Kuroko Sato goodwill goes up. Fumiyo Shiratori snatches the letter to keep you safe. If things were not so dire, you would spend time trying to convince her. However, if you miss the train, you don’t know what will happen. You have to do this the hard way.

Her concern for Akira Suzuki doesn’t mean you can accept any risk to the two of you. You promise to be very careful. But being careful won’t solve the main issue at hand. She says that you are facing a merciless enemy. Once you let down your guard, even for a moment, you will be gone forever. Your eyes meet Kuroko Sato’s in tacit understanding, and you nod to her. Now that Shiratori-san’s attention is on you, Kuroko Sato slops round to the back and snatches the letter from Fumiyo Shiratori’s hand.

Fumiyo Shiratori tries to grab for the letter, but Kuroko Sato tosses it over to you, and you stuff it under your arm. Realizing she has lost, she shakes her head and sighs.

You promise to bring Akira Suzuki back safely with you. Seeing that your minds are made up, Fumiyo Shiratori sighs and hugs you tight. Just promise to Fumiyo Shiratori you won’t do anything rash.

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You pack your luggage and bring along the tickets for the Tokaido Line that will take you to the center of Tokyo. Ginza Bricktown is brightly lit and bustling, but you can’t afford to spend any time sightseeing. Instead, you head straight to the Miyagawa residence, with Akira Suzuki’s safety on your mind. As expected at a Kazoku mansion, guards are patrolling the entire compound. You will have to be extra careful in order not to get caught.

A figure is approaching you. Kuroko Sato whispers a warning. However, in your haste, you knock over a vase. The sound of shattering porcelain cuts through the quiet of the night.

Kuroko Sato yanks you into a dark corner. You should not make a sound. The guard says that there must be a stray cat. This vase is worth months of his salary. The guard looks at the vase perfunctorily, then turns away. You hold your breath until he has walked further from you. 

She does not answer what she found out. Instead, she picks up a potted plant and throws it down the corridor. The ear-piercing shattering noise breaks the peace of the old mansion again. You don’t understand what she’s doing, so you obey and watch from the shadows. The guard comes walking back. He is getting closer. You can hear your heart racing. Surprisingly, he takes just one look at the vase before turning away. You look at Kuroko Sato once he is gone.

He could have spotted you easily by taking just one more step. As if he’s letting you off on purpose. Kuroko Sato thought this has all been way too easy. You must be careful, as Fumiyo Shiratori says. Don’t be rash, or you will get killed before you find Akira Suzuki.

Kuroko Sato says that she doesn’t hate Akira Suzuki. Because she is afraid he will take you away from her forever. You hear unease in her voice. Reaching out, you gently touch her face. You can’t see Kuroko Sato’s expression clearly in the shadows, but you get the impression that she’s smiling.

There are so few guards along the way that you quickly reach the main section of the Miyagawa residence. Kuroko Sato says that you should be careful. She is interrupted by a sudden voice behind you.

You hadn’t heard anyone approaching, Kuroko Sato instinctively moves over to shield you. The maid says that Madam would like to invite you for a chat. ‘’Madam’’ refers to Madam Miyagawa of the mansion. Kuroko Sato and you look at each other. They must have known you were here all along.

Stage 2-6 ends in a very mysterious way. Everything is suspicious at the moment because you entered the Miyagawa residence in a very easy way. This is definitely just the beginning of what follows. An interview with Madam Miyagawa follows. This will definitely be the answer to some of the questions you have had. Get ready for conversation, you can follow the sequel on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.