Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to go through some of your fears. The very fact that you are adopted is depressing in itself. That is the problem that leads to the next problem. You wonder if you have an important role in your life or just pass without any meaning. The problem with these things is that you need interlocutors to get through this period more easily. It was the interlocutors who helped you in stage 8. Kuroko Sato, Akira Suzuki and Masaya Hino were of great help. You could share your torment with them and they returned it to you in a nice way. You can have an interlocutor in each of these three people. The continuation of the story is in the text that follows. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 9.

It is the day of the Miyagawa banquet, and the days of tension and excitement have finally come to an end. You feel a lot better after the long talk you had last night. Soon, you will be able to return to Kobe. It is time to get changed for the party. Perhaps this will be the last time you will wear something so grand. The Miyagawa banquet is a grand occasion. Chose an outfit that is Grand and Formal.

After you have changed your clothes, you bump into Kuroko Sato. There have been so many ups and downs. You are not sure if you are ready to return to your old life. You have made so many happy memories too. You are a little sad that it is all coming to an end. However, all this excitement must end so that you can begin a new journey.

When you come back to Kobe, you could go on a trip with Kuroko Sato. Perhaps you will come back to Tokyo someday to see the fireworks by the Sumida River. As you know, Kuroko Sato will follow you wherever you want to go. You can see the sincerity and warmth in her eyes. After the pain of parting, neither of you want to be alone again.

You smile at one another. You know what the other is thinking without having to say it out loud. The Miyagawa family is so powerful that the next heir is the center of attention for all nobility. The banquet hall is crowded. You get separated from Kuroko Sato and Akira Suzuki soon after entering the hall, and while looking for them, you hear a familiar voice.

You will reject this offer because you are looking for Kuroko Sato. But Masaya Hino will be smart in this situation. He misheard you because of the noise. He reaches for your hand. Ignoring you, Masaya Hino grabs your hand with none of his usual gentlenesses. If you look carefully, you can see Semi Suwa and his men mingling with the party-goers. They’re coming closer to you.

Semi Suwa is obsessed with you. And believes you’re a risk to the Hino family. He’s set on destroying you. But as long as Masaya Hino is around, he will not let Semi Suwa hurt a hair on your head. You look into his eyes and decide.

Masaya Hino’s eyes look hurt when he hears your rejection. It is not that you don’t believe in him. However, he has hidden so much from you. You really do not know what to believe anymore.

Masaya Hino sounds extremely sincere, and you can’t help feeling a little swayed. You are not sure if you could trust him. After thinking about it for a while, you shake your head slowly. You will say to Masaya Hino that you will believe him when can finally tell you the truth.

You suddenly realize that Semi Suwa and his men are moving swiftly towards you. Masaya Hino pulls you behind him, and you move towards the gate. He seems anxious. He does not look like he’s putting on an act at all. It’s like he’s genuinely worried about you. Perhaps you were wrong. Maybe he really wants to help you.

Hino-san says that it is fine you don’t trust him, but trust the Miyagawa family and Madam Masako Miyagawa. He smiles bitterly and gives you a nudge. You bite your lower lip. You know you don’t have a choice. Now follow Masaya Hino’s instructions, and run towards the gate. The number of guards has increased, and they surround the hall discreetly. The music comes to a sudden stop. The doors are flung open, and soldiers start streaming in. The guests are shocked. Only the sound of military boots can be heard striking the floor. The commander steps into view.

Suddenly, the real Kuniya Kii appears. He is arresting Semi Suwa because they are acting on the orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Imperial Diet. Semi Suwa raises his hand to order his men to attack. No one responds. His face turns pale. Semi Suwa fires a shot at the ceiling, causing the crowd to panic. He seizes the opportunity to grab hold of you.

Semi Suwa says that you are a joke. You are his life preserver now. If someone coming one step closer, he will shoot you. Masaya Hino pulls out his gun and quickly fires a shot at Semi Suwa. The bullet hits his arm, forcing him to let go of you. Semi Suwa shoots randomly into the crowd in anger, causing chaos in the hall. Then he runs.

The soldier named Kuniya Kii nods and orders the soldiers to give chase. Masaya Hino is worried about you now, but you are fine. Just a little shaken. Masaya Hino runs after the soldiers. You stay with Kuroko Sato. Madam Masako Miyagawa slowly walks into the hall. She will address a group of people at the banquet. Her unruffled aura seems to soothe the atmosphere, and people start to calm down.

Over the following days, Madam Masako Miyagawa will apologize personally to everyone on behalf of the Miyagawa family. As for the succession banquet, it shall be held at a later date. People at the banquet will wait for the Miyagawa family to announce the date once it is confirmed.

At this point and with this statement, stage 2-9 end. It takes a lot of things to happen for everything to normalize. Semi Suwa is a beast released from the chain. It’s something you didn’t need at this point. Despite all the doubts and your intentions to find out who your biological parents are, Semi Suwa has managed to change your mood and security status. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.