Harry Potter Wizards Unite Halloween Event

Wizards Unite Halloween event is almost here, so wands at the ready!

Wizards Unite Halloween event will begin next Wednesday, October 30, at 11 a.m. PT and it will last through November 1st, 11 a.m. PT. Something sinister is about to come to our worlds, as this limited-time event will bring Special Assignments, which will naturally yield exclusive rewards, and will pit all wizards and witches against […]

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month

Dark Arts Month has started in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month has begun. Niantic Inc. and WB Games have unveiled the event on October 7 and we have an entire month of in-game events, activities, and rewards to look forward to. The call to arms announcement is ringing and players around the world are being summoned to work together […]

Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier List

Welcome to our Brawl Stars Tier List! Here, we ranked the brawlers presuming that their star powers are unlocked and available. Also, this Tier List focuses on high rank matches, since battles against experienced players are much more different than starting, low rank matches. NOTE: Tap on image for more information. SANDY Sandy’s Sandstorm is […]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Hogwarts Mystery Chapters 11-13 Leaked!

Hello everyone, one quite interesting piece of information has come to our attention recently. Apparently, leaked footage from Chapters 11, 12 and 13 appeared on one of the social networks in the past few days. One of our writers stumbled upon this information while doing some research for the game. As it appears, these chapters […]

harry potter RPG

New Harry Potter RPG Leaked – It Looks Epic!

Recently there’s been an exciting development that just might change your whole perception of the Harry Potter franchise. No – unfortunately J.K. Rowling hasn’t announced the official sequel to her beloved fantasy series – but we just might have a second best thing on our hands. Ready? Drumroll, please! It seems that we’ll finally have […]

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The hype is already through the roof as fans all over the world are waiting for this location-based augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. While very little is actually known about how it will look, or even if it will feature anything from the books and movies, the very idea of making our own […]