Hello everyone, and welcome to our Walkthrough for the Second Stage of Chapter 0 for the Frankenstein Room ESC adventure game. This stage of the game begins with the University President visiting Frankenstein’s mansion and warning Caroline (Alphonse’s wife) that the previous public demonstration of Alphonse’s experiment will have dire consequences. The Head of the University supported Alphonse (although he warned him what will happen in case of the failed experiment) and is still willing to help, but there is nothing he can do anymore.

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

In this stage, you will be playing as Alphonse’s son Victor. His mother nearly collapsed after hearing that her husband is going to get fired (most likely) and it is up to you to help her get to bed and rest.

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Tap on stairs to go up, once there, go to the right – Caroline’s room is the last one in the right hallway. Tap on the door to open it and enter the room with another tap.

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

Oddly enough, you can find Caroline in your inventory. Select her first and tap on the chair after that. Caroline will sit down and rest, while we can continue with our mission.

Now, head to the opposite side of the hallway. Here, you’ll find Justine the maid, who is in a bit of distress.

Apparently, she likes working for your family but she was threatened by the local people, and they said that they will burn down her house if she continues working for the Devil – that’ how they named Alphonse for trying to revive that animal. Anyway, she will ask if you could serve the meal to your father instead of her. And the meal will be added to your inventory.

Logically, the next step is to knock on the door of the father’s study room.

The door will open, and Victor will find his father lying on the bed after entering the room – he hasn’t been feeling well since the experiment debacle. Select the food from the inventory and give it to your father.

It seems he feels a bit better and is interested in what’s been going on in the world after his failed experiment. He would like to read a newspaper and will ask you to bring him one, and that’s our next task. Exit the room, go back to the hallway, and proceed to the right in order to get to your mother’s room and ask her about the newspaper.

But, she complains about the headache and would like some coffee before she reveals the location of the newspaper. And guess who’s going to bring her the coffee? Yeah, another chore for Victor, our protagonist.

You can find a cup of coffee inside the room service cart located in front of your father’s room. Pick it up and bring it back to your mother.

Go back to Caroline, open the inventory, and select the coffee to give it to her, and start the interaction.

Caroline will tell you that you can find the newspapers in the storage room, and she will also give you a key to unlock it. On the other hand, she wants you to come to her first, before giving newspapers to Alphonse.

After leaving the room, go to the first room to your left, this is the storage room. Select the key from your inventory and tap on the door to unlock it.

Open the door, and enter.

As you enter the room, you can clearly see the newspaper standing at the shelf slightly to the left of you – pick it up.

After picking up the newspaper, you will read two interesting headlines: The beheading of Marie Antoinette in Paris (that actually happened in 1793.) and something about a utopian group in Bayern which is observed by the Vatican. However, there’s also an article in which the Vatican severely criticizes the experiment conducted by Alphonse. Oh boy, the father won’t be happy to see that. 

In this room, you will also find the drawer locked with the numerical code. It seems that the right combination represents the anniversary of your parents – something that we will probably find out later.

Exit the room and get back to Caroline – remember she told you to first come to her, before giving the newspapers to your father.

To start the interaction with Caroline, first, select the newspapers from your inventory, and then tap on her.

She wants to cut out the part about the father’s experiment, so he doesn’t stress out about it – probably a good idea, considering his condition. That means you have to bring her the scissors from the storage.

This part is a bit tricky. The scissors are locked inside the previously mentioned drawer in the storage room – so you will need the date of the anniversary to open it. (BTW, why would anyone keep the scissors under key?).

You can find the date, by looking in the room on the far left of the hallway.

Once you get there, look inside the bottom drawer of the small cabinet.

Here, you’ll find the letter in which Alphonse apologizes for missing out on the anniversary because he was conducting experiments (Caution: doing something like this in real life, can lead to serious conflict, and potentially physical injuries, as well as a lot of broken dishes). Anyway, the anniversary is on October the 28th, so that’s our password – 1028.

Go back to the storage room.

Tap on the locked drawer.

Set the numbers on the numerical lock (by using up/down arrows) to 1028, and tap OK.

After unlocking, open the drawer and pick up scissors.

Now go back to Caroline.

Select the scissors from the inventory, and tap on her to start the interaction. As we could expect, she cuts out anything related to the experiment from the newspapers and before handing it over to you. 

Now, you should get back to Alphonse and give him the “censored” newspapers. As with Catherine, you will first need to select the newspapers from the inventory, in order to start the interaction with the father.

Cutting out the articles that write unfavorably about his experiment really pissed him off, and he accuses you of ‘slicing’ the newspapers.

Next order of business, find your father’s book and bring it back to him.

Left of your father’s bed you will notice a drawer. Open the top shelf and take the Library Key.

 Exit into the hallway.

Go to the first room to the right of the stairs (study) and unlock it with the previously obtained key (select it from the inventory and tap on the door). Well, after unlocking, you should obviously open the door and enter.

After entering the room you will find a note near the table lamp in which your father asks a friend to help him find a job in a small town school. He seems eager to move away from here.

More importantly, you can find Alphonse’s notes below the books on the table, and here you will find out that he created the correct reagent, on his 999th attempt – a simple, easy to memorize number.

However, by tapping the handwritten note just below this table, you will also find out that that he performed 800 controlled experiments for the synthetase reagent and 300 experiments for oxygen bonding reagent. Memorize these two numbers, as well.

With that done, look to your right and you will see a small cabinet with drawers locked behind a numerical lock. By tapping on the drawer itself (not the numerical lock) Victor (your character) will say that he saw his father adding a number each time he conducted the experiment.

So, it’s a four-digit code and the correct number is the total number of experiments, which we will get by adding together the previous three numbers. 999 + 800 + 300 = 2099. Enter this number on the numerical lock by using up/down arrows, and tap “OK” to unlock the drawer.

Open the bottom drawer and pick up the book. It says the book contains everything your father has been studying his entire life… Well, I expected a very weighty tome, not such a small book. Strange…

Anyway, after we found the book, it’s time to get back to the father and hand it over. Maybe that will calm him down. Exit into the hallway and go to the second room to the left.

Sadly Alphonse didn’t calm down, in fact, he became even more upset and wanted to tear up the book containing his entire life’s work – luckily Caroline showed up and stopped him. However, after the brief argument, Victor’s father started coughing blood… And he died shortly after that…

The story continues at Alphonse’s funeral. Victor vowed on his father’s grave that he will finish his work and show the whole world that his father wasn’t the charlatan, but a true scientist!

Frankenstein 0-2 In The Heavy Atmosphere

In the next stage, we will take again the play as Victor, with the story continuing about a decade later. Victor has grown up and he is now trying to finish his father’s life work, just like he promised. Join us in the next stage of the Walkthrough for Frankenstein Room ESC to see what the future holds for our young protagonist, Victor.