Hello everyone, and welcome to our Walkthrough for the First Stage of Chapter 8 for the Frankenstein Room ESC adventure game. In this stage, we will be playing as Victor Frankenstein, discovering more about his past. I am very curious to find out what is going to happen with Elizabeth and Huxley, but I guess that we will have to wait until the last stage (stage 3) of this chapter to find out.

In the introduction to this stage, Victor claims that his greatest enemy was time and the fact that he will inevitably run out of it, at some point. Victor’s story continues in front of his lab in Bayern, exactly where we left off when we previously played as this character, all the way back in chapter 0 stage 4. Upon returning to Bayern a stranger approaches our protagonist, asking if his name is Victor Frankenstein. The Stranger doesn’t reveal his name right away. Instead, he says that he is very happy because Victor decided to continue his research. It seems that the Stranger was waiting in front of the lab for weeks, hoping to see Victor.

Finally, the Stranger introduces himself. Saying that he is Adam Klein, the founder of the Aegyptus. Well, that’s another mystery resolved. Adam was the man that financed Victor’s research, and he was the founder and the first president of the Aegyptus. I guess that Victor, under the alias Samuel, took over the organization after Adam’s death.

Victor seems to recognize the name and asks if this person is the same Adam Klein that was expelled because he was teaching radical ideas. Adam confirms, concluding that the University of Ingolstadt didn’t really have much choice in the matter, since Victor’s father was expelled from Helvetia, which was a much more open-minded university.

Victor would like to know did Adam knew his father. Adam replies that he was at the demonstration conducted by Alphonse Frankenstein. It looks like he had a very high opinion of Victor’s father, saying that he was the last rationalist and that he was ruined because the church was against his research.

With that said, Adam offers to finance Victor’s research. Victor can’t believe his good fortune, but he is still cautious and wants to know why would Adam do this. Adam explains that if Victor’s research succeeds, mankind will be able to overcome the death itself, so the church and religion won’t be able to hold back the progress, and the church as the organization would become almost meaningless. He continues, saying that the human race could finally become the undisputed ruler of this world, without the fear of death, or God.

The only condition that Victor had to fulfill was to join the Aegyptus, which he accepted. With the financial backing from Aegyptus Victor’s research quickly started to make progress. Unsurprisingly, since he did ran out of money exactly at the moment when he made his first breakthrough by reanimating a human being. Although it exploded a few seconds later, this was still an enormous achievement.

Victor says that he realizes how his theory at the time was far from perfect, but he didn’t see it at that point in time, because he was blinded by the desire for success. He also mentions how he wanted to achieve the ultimate goal of his father Alphonse, and find a way to make human life eternal.

With that said, Victor remembers (or is this actually Huxley reliving Victor’s memories?) how he reanimated Schneider and had to kill him a few moments later.

Victor remembers how he was frustrated because the creature couldn’t remember anything from his previous life.

In the next scene, we can see the young scientist (still in his twenties), staring through the window, while thinking about his failed attempt to get revenge on Schneider. At this moment Victor realizes that he should look at the bigger picture. Even though Schneider didn’t have any memory, the young scientist still managed to do the impossible and bring the dead human being back to life.

With that realization, he decides to follow a much more optimistic goal from now on. He decides to continue the research and shatter the foundation that the world’s religion is built on, by completing the research started by his father. Victor realizes that he already made huge progress since Schneider didn’t spontaneously implode like his previous test subject, due to the better equipment and the funding provided by the Aegyptus.

So, his new goal is to resurrect the human being that will retain memory from its previous life, so humans wouldn’t have to be afraid of death, anymore. However, he realizes that this is going to be a very difficult task to achieve. On the bright, he is still a young scientist and he’s certain that there’s plenty of time to achieve this goal, even if the research took several years of his left… Well, it turned out that there wasn’t enough time, and that he grossly underestimated the problem that he was now facing. So, he was wrong on this one.

In the next scene, we will be replaying the most important memories from Victor’s life. Tap on the red curtain.

In the first memory, we can see Victor aiming at reanimated Schneider. Aim for the head and the gun will automatically fire.

In the second memory, we can see two groups of men shooting at each other, with the group on the right slowly retreating. The group on the left (red hats) are probably Schneider’s disciples that attacked Victor after he dug up and reanimate their former master.

Tap anywhere on the image, several times, until the group on the right retreats out of the frame.

In the next scene, we can see one of the men from the group on the right reaching down to his comrades from the very high wall.

Drag all 7 of his comrades to his hand, and he will help them to climb up and escape. Just in time to avoid the pursuers.

In the third memory, we can see Victor on our right, his mother, Caroline, and Adam Kleist on the left.

Drag Caroline to Victor, and she will hug him, overjoyed to see her son again.

In the next scene, we can see Adam Kleist and Caroline, laughing and talking. It looks like they have started dating.

Turn the wheel below the image clockwise (left to right) and we can see that the time is passing since the Sun will rise up and it will move from left to the right side of the image until it eventually goes down below the mountains on the horizon.

In the fourth memory, we can see that Adam Kleist has passed away and Victor is attending his funeral. I guess at this point in time our protagonist became the leader of the Aegyptus.

Tap on Adam (a dozen or so times) to throw flowers.

In the next scene, we can only read the conversation (no images) between Victor and his mother Caroline. Caroline begs him to give up on the research since he already spent years on it and became an old person. She comforts him saying that he is already a brilliant scientist and that he doesn’t have to fully complete his father’s research (he already reanimated a dead human being).

However, Victor responds that the research is the only thing that he has, and he can’t abandon it. Caroline thinks that she should have stopped him from going down the same path as her husband, Alphonse. But after realizing that the research makes Victor happy, Caroline promised to always support him and told him never to give up on it, until he finally succeeds.

In the fifth memory, we can see that Caroline has passed away, and Victor is crying over her dead body.

Pull the sheet over Caroline’s face… And that’s the end of the memories.

The story continues 20 years after Caroline’s death in the Aegyptus lab, where Huxley MK II opened his eyes for the first time. We can see Henry looking for a president of the Aegyptus, and that should be Victor (Samuel) at this point in time.

After a few moments, Henry hears the gunshots coming from the other side of the door. This was probably Victor, disposing of another “failed” test subject. It seems that Victor has done the same thing a lot of times over the years.

Turn to the right and tap on the small door twice to open it and proceed into the next room.

Tap on the green door on your right to open it and tap once more to enter.

Turn around and tap twice on the door on the other side of the room to proceed.

We are now downstairs, and if you didn’t recognize the previous rooms, you probably remember this one, since we been here twice and solved several puzzles while playing as reanimated Huxley. 

Again, turn around and tap twice on the door to proceed into the next room.

We can see Victor, by now probably in his sixties or seventies, kneeling next to the creature that he just brought back to life, and then killed it. Henry calls him Samuel and tells him to calm down.

Victor is frustrated, saying that he knew that it was impossible to complete the research, but he still “wasted” his entire life trying to complete it. Victor and his father Alphonse spent 60 years on the research (when you add the work that both men had done), and he rather pessimistically says that they didn’t achieve anything.

Henry points out that they managed to bring a dead human being back to life, which is an enormous achievement, although the creatures had no memory.

Victor angrily replies that this isn’t a success, since he isn’t trying to create monsters, but resurrect human beings, that will have memories and personalities that they had in the previous life. Well, his ultimate goal is to create immortality for all of humankind, as he stated earlier in this stage.  

The story continues at the Aegytpus headquarter, where a celebration is hosted in honor of the 28th anniversary of Victor as president of the organization.

Silvia (one of the members) explains that they were worried when Victor took over the organization after Adam’s death, but he has proven that he is a very capable leader, and the organization flourished under his rule. She asks if Victor would like to make a speech.

Instead of the answer, Victor wants to know how is the construction of Babel going. Silvia answers that everything is ready and that the Babel will be activated as soon as they get the specimen. Hmm, I don’t get it. I thought Babel was just a building, how could you activate it?

Silvia explains that they will activate the project on the day of the “Sunspot Explosion” because then there will be enough solar wind in the atmosphere. Since this event will last only a single day, they have to make all the preparations in advance.

Victor is interested to know if there was any word about the research that he requested. Henry explains that their research team from Sachsen University submitted their report today. The team believes that Victor’s idea about preserving and unsealing memory could be accomplished in theory, but they are worried about possible brain damage that could occur if this experiment was concluded without prior testing.

At this moment, Victor falls unconscious, and his subordinates quickly take him to his bed and call for a doctor. They seem very worried about Victor’s health.

In the next scene, we can see Victor opening his eyes and talking to a doctor. Victory says to the doctor that he wants to know the truth without any sugar coating.

The doctor replies that Victor should name his successor, which means he doesn’t have much time left.

With that said Victor wants to know how much time he has before he dies. The doctor says that he only has somewhere around 3 months…

In the next scene, we can see Victor looking at the picture of his mother, and saying how everyone that he loved passed away, including his mother, father, and Adam… He reflects back on his life saying that even his desire for revenge has diminished over the last 40 years…

He concludes that revenge is pointless now since there would be no one besides him to enjoy it. Forty years have passed, and he still didn’t achieve his goal. He realizes that he probably didn’t have a chance of succeeding, since if there was a chance he should have accomplished his goal after 40 years of hard work.

With that said, Victor realizes that it is time to let go and abandon the research. He decides to end both his research and his life, right now…

Well, we know that something is going to interrupt him in his intention to commit suicide since we know that he stored his memories and wanted to take over Huxley’s body…

In the next stage, we will be playing as Samuel (Victor Frankenstein) and see through his eyes the events that played out in Lavenza mansion, and how he met Elizabeth and Huxley for the first time. Join us in the next stage of the Walkthrough for Frankenstein Room ESC, so we can together see these events from Victor’s perspective, and possibly discover the motive for him choosing Elizabeth and Huxley for his experiment, out of all other people in the world. That is the last piece of the puzzle that we are missing.

Thank you for reading.