Hello everyone, and welcome to our Walkthrough for the Third Stage of Chapter 8 for the Frankenstein Room ESC adventure game. This is the final stage, and at last, we are going to see how this epic story ends.

Our story continues at Babel, right after Huxley MK II entered the machine which should unlock Victor’s memories.

Tap on the Babel to proceed.

Before the story continues, we will have to solve several puzzles, which probably represent unlocking of the Victor’s memory cells.

In the first puzzle, our task is to assemble the image of a buck. Here is how it works.

By rotating the longer handle we can rotate one portion of the buck’s head

By rotating the shorter handle we can increase/decrease the size of the other portion of the buck’s head (almost like zoom in/zoom out)

Below the ring, with the image of a buck, we can see the red arrow and horizontal scale. We can move horizontal scale left and right, and this action will move the buck’s body in the same direction

Ok, let’s begin.

Rotate the longer handle between 9 o’clock and 8 o’clock position.

Rotate the smaller handle between 3 o’clock and 2 o’clock position

Move the horizontal scale to the left and align the left line of the buck’s body with its neck

You can also find the solution in the image below. Tap on the “OK” button once you’re done.

In this puzzle, the goal is to turn on the lights in all shapes. Shapes have 1 to 4 dots that represent the number of lights, and all shapes are connected by lines. Tapping on the shape will lead the light to it, and the lines will transfer the light to the neighboring shapes that are connected with lines to it.

Step 1

Tap on the middle left shape with four dots.

Step 2

Tap on the shape on the right with four dots.

Step 3

Tap on the upper shape with two dots.

Step 4

Tap on the bottom shape with four dots.

Step 5

Tap on the shape on the right with two dots.

Step 6

Tap on the shape in the bottom right with a single dot.

Step 7

Tap on the shape in the bottom left with two dots.

Step 8

Finally, tap on the shape on the left with a single dot to solve this puzzle.

In this puzzle, we can see a grid with a single “lit up” square and the number 15 above it. By tapping on the squares on the grid we will light up another square, and it will bounce the ray off the neighboring lit-up squares, lighting up additional squares. I know this sounds confusing but it will be much clearer once we start.

The number 15 represents the number of turns (tapping on the squares) that we have in order to light up the entire grid. Let’s start.

Step 1

Tap on the fourth (left to right) square in the third row (top to bottom).

Step 2

Tap on the sixth square in the third row.

Step 3

Tap on the second square in the third row.

Step 4

Tap on the eighth square in the third row.

Step 5

Tap on the fifth square in the second row.

Step 6

Tap on the fifth square in the fourth row.

Step 7

Tap on the fourth square in the second row.

Step 8

Tap on the sixth square in the second row.

Step  9

Tap on the fourth square in the fourth row.

Step 10

Tap on the sixth square in the fourth row.

Step 11

Tap on the second square in the second row.

Step 12

Tap on the second square in the fourth row.

Step 13

Tap on the eighth square in the second row.

Step 14

Tap on the eighth square in the fourth row to solve the puzzle.

In the following scene, we can see Elizabeth approaching Huxley who just got out of the machine. However, the creature that came out of the machine is Victor, not Huxley. After looking at his surroundings Victor knows that his plan succeeded, but he also realizes that he lost Henry, his right-hand man.

When the creature bursts into laughter Elizabeth realizes that something is wrong and starts suspecting that creature in front of her isn’t Huxley. Victor congratulates Huxley and Elizabeth on overcoming all obstacles and reaching Babel, enabling him to finally accomplish his life-long goal, by completing the experiment and achieving immortality.

He proudly states that almost the entire world was against him and his father, but he achieved victory, in the end.

Elizabeth is now certain that the creature in front of her is Victor Frankenstein, but still can’t fully believe it. Before she is able to overcome the shock, Victor announces that he is going to take her as his bride and that the two of them will together rule over the world, for a whole eternity.

Finally, he explains that he will give her immortality, by killing her and reviving her during the next “Sunspot Explosion”.

Elizabeth threatens to shoot him if he makes one more step towards her, but Victor was and snatched the rifle out of her hands before she could pull the trigger. He mocks saying that she had stood no chance against him, the future ruler of the entire world, armed with just her “crappy gun”.

As we predicted, it was a bad idea for Elizabeth alone to face Victor in Huxley’s body, even though she’s armed.

He goes on saying that she is going to become his bride and rule together with him, whether she likes it or not.

Elizabeth is furious saying that she won’t be his wife, nor does she want to become a monster like Victor.

But Victor grabs her wrist, saying that her will won’t last long when faced with a strong electric shock. Elizabeth tries to pull herself free, but it is hopeless, since Victor is much stronger. Victor laughs at her feeble attempts to get away from him.

Suddenly, Huxley’s voice echoes in the room, yelling “Let go of that hand”.

Confused, Victor releases Elizabeth’s hand. He has no idea what is going on with him.

Suddenly, Victor feels a sharp pain in his head and screams in agony. He can hear Huxley’s voice calling him “stupid, hot-headed old man” because Victor didn’t predict that Huxley’s identity could remain inside the body, even after Victor’s memory cells have been unsealed.

Horrified, Victor realizes that there are two identities inside his body.

Huxley continues to taunt him, saying that he woke up just to punish Victor and spoil his plans.

Victor replies that Huxley MK II doesn’t have a personality, Victor just made him think that he is Huxley. Finally, Victor says that this “thing” inside him is just a part of his own identity.

Huxley isn’t delusional, saying that he is well aware that he isn’t Huxley, but he is also certain that he isn’t a part of Victor’s personality.

This “person” (Huxley MK II) that Victor created when he reanimated the giant body with Huxley’s head has a single goal. To destroy Victor, because of what he did to Elizabeth and Huxley! Victor tries to resist, but in vain, and it looks like Huxley has taken over the control.

On a side note, when you think about it, this creature (Huxley MK II) is just following the same pattern of behavior as all other creatures reanimated by Victor. Each and every one of them instinctively wanted to kill Victor, and although Huxley actually has motives for this kind of behavior, the end result is the same.

After a few moments, Huxley speaks to Elizabeth, saying that he is now in control, and thanking her for giving him the identity and purpose. His time with Elizabeth was short, but he enjoyed every minute of it, and since he was her lover, a very powerful bond was created between the two of them.

With that said, he picks up the rifle and hands it over to Elizabeth. He says that Victor will take over the control of the body soon enough, so she must shoot him before that happens. 

Elizabeth rejects, and we can see Victor’s personality trying to stop Huxley…

But, Huxley raises the barrel to his forehead and orders Elizabeth to shoot.

Elizabeth refuses to shoot, but Huxley explains that Victor will take over the control soon, so Elizabeth has to shoot now. Besides that, Huxley says that his personality would be absorbed by Victor, eventually, so he has nothing to lose.

Victor tries to stop Elizabeth from shooting, but Huxley’s will is still stronger.

In the next mini-game, we should tap where the hand is pointing, with the goal to point the rifle at Huxley’s head.

So, tap on the opposite side from where the rifle is currently pointed to draw it closer to Huxley’s head (center) and watch the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Eventually, Elizabeth will aim straight at Huxley’s forehead.

Huxley shouts at Elizabeth saying that she has to pull the trigger now before it is too late.

All the memories of her and this strange creature who she believed to be Huxley, are racing through Elizabeth’s mind. She’s struggling but finally gathers enough strength and determination to pull the trigger, knowing that is the only reasonable thing she could do.

And she blows Victor’s brains out killing both him and Huxley…

But this reanimate body is strong, and Victor, who has taken over control, calls for his father while crawling toward the machine. He announces that he finally completed the experiment, and steps into the machine.

The energy starts building up in the machine and it causes a huge explosion, that shakes the very foundation of the Aegyptus.

In the next scene, we can see the building collapsing and our task is to get Elizabeth outside.

Drag down on the screen to move forward until you reach the first obstacle.

Once there, you will have to drag on the screen diagonally (at ~45-degree angle) left to right in order to bypass the obstacle in front of you.

Keep moving forward until you reach the blocked door.

Tap on the ice block in front of you to move it aside and keep moving forward.

When you reach the other end of the hallway, tap on the ice block to move it aside, and then tap on the fallen door to turn them over, clearing the path.

Elizabeth will keep walking forward by herself (no input from the player), but unfortunately, it seems that she didn’t manage to leave the building fast enough…

In the next scene, we can see Babel collapsing…

In the next scene we can see that Elizabeth is injured and bleeding, but still alive. However, she is pinned below the rubble, and can’t get out…

Her legs are broken, and she thinks that this is how her life will end…

She realizes that she at least managed to avenge her parents before she dies, and this brings her some comfort and satisfaction…

Her head falls to the cold snow… It looks, all three main characters are dead…

Tap anywhere on the image to zoom out and eventually proceed.

But this is NOT THE END. After the end credits (wait a few minutes) new events will occur.

It looks like Stoneboy and part of his crew left the ship and decided to go after Elizabeth and Huxley. They find Elizabeth pinned down below the ruins of Babel, and Stoneboy immediately orders the crew to clean the rubble and save Elizabeth…

So, it looks like at least Elizabeth managed to survive… Great!

Before he left the site that was once Babel, Stoneboy was wondering who made such a huge building in the middle of Arctic wasteland. And how did it collapsed?

In the next scene, we can see Victor in front of his (former) family mansion.

Upon entering the mansion we can see Victor in his younger days, but it seems that there’s no one else at home…

Tap on the stairs to go to the second floor.

Once you get there, visit all the rooms before going back downstairs. Once you’re done, tap on the stairs to go back to the first floor.

In the next scene, we can see Victor Frankenstein as a boy, standing downstairs and calling his parents and Justine, the maid. He yells again, saying that he finally completed the experiment.

I guess this is Victor in the afterlife.

He screams, afraid that he will stay alone inside forever. He wonders why everyone abandoned him, and bursts into tears…

But a few moments later he hears the voice calling his name, from the outside.

Tap on the yellow arrow to go outside.

Victor rushes outside and he was overjoyed when he saw his family. Caroline, his mother, says that it must have been terrible for Victor to be alone for so long.

His father announces that he should have never started the experiment because it only brought misery upon his family. With that said, he calls Victor to go on a journey with them, and abandon the research.

The boy Victor enthusiastically agrees and runs toward his parents and Justine.

In the next scene, we can finally see the boy, Victor, reunited with his family, crying while hugging his mother…

And let’s end this epic story on a funny note. It seems that the maid, Justine, had some really bad luck since she will have to serve the Frankenstein family even in the afterlife…

Well, jokes aside, this epic story has a very sad ending. I guess Victor is finally going to be happy in the afterlife.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, lost his beloved Huxley and his reanimated giant counterpart, but at least she got revenge for the death of her parents, and it looks like she was saved by Stoneboy, in the end.

Both original Huxley and Huxley MK II suffered terrible faiths, and loving Elizabeth was their only sin… Well, Huxley MK II did kill a game poacher, and Neumann, but that’s not really a big deal, since in the first case it was self-defense, and the corrupt lawyer really deserved to be thrown out of the window.

When I think about it out of all the major and side characters in this story only a few were alive at the end. Elizabeth, junior detective Erich, and Stoneboy. Everyone else died or was killed if I’m not mistaken.

However, I have to say that I really enjoy movies, books, and video games with an unpredictable and sometimes sad ending. It just feels more realistic, and having a classic happy ending, and a story in which the main character(s) have very thick plot armor, can be a bit boring since you already know that the hero/heroine is going to survive in the end, while the bad guys will be punished for their sins. Well, that’s my two cents, and I have to say I really enjoyed this game.

Thank you for reading.