Hello everyone, and welcome to our Walkthrough for the Fourth Stage of Chapter 2 for the Frankenstein Room ESC adventure game. Our story continues in a forest close to the Sachsen police station. In this stage we will be playing as chief investigator Schmitz once more, this time directing the search for Elizabeth Lavenza.

Tap on “Command the Search”.

Schmitz orders her officers to fire blanks if they spot Elizabeth, and that brings us to our first task.

The detective has a limited time to reach a search certain spot in the maze, where the blank was fired. This task is almost identical to the following Henry task that we did in one of the previous stages.

In order to find the correct spot, pay attention to the minimap, and try to find similar landmarks while navigating through the maze.

The first spot is located to the North (up) of the starting location, in the north-west (upper left) corner of the maze. Just above the starting location.

The second spot is located in the south-west (lower left) corner of the maze. Next to the starting location.

The third spot is located in the south-east (upper right) corner of the maze.

The fourth spot is located in the south (lower middle) part of the maze and can be a bit tricky to find since there are a few other locations on the map that look very similar.

The police officers see Elizabeth running into a dense forest, and fire, but miss their shots. The chief investigator Schmitz commands everyone to reload and commands them to shoot a volley at Elizabeth, but fortunately, it seems that all shots miss.

She then orders the blockade of the entire area, since there’s a cliff on the other side of the forest, and Elizabeth will have nowhere left to run…

The pair of police officers are terrified after seeing some kind of creature lurking through the forest. At first, they thought it was an animal, but then they realize that the creature runs on two legs, not four, and it doesn’t seem to be a primate…

Just as Schmitz predicted, Elizabeth reaches the cliff and she has nowhere else to run. Shortly after that, the detective appears behind her, pointing the gun in her direction. It looks like the chase is over, and Elizabeth surrenders, saying that she will go back to her cell…

But, Schmitz has other plans and cocks her gun while still aiming at the surprised Elizabeth. It looks like she is going to kill her…

The story stops here, and we go back to the Sachsen Police Station, living through Schmitz’s memories from hours ago. In order for her plan to work, we just know she will need ammo. So, finding some ammo is our first task. Well, that was a major cliffhanger. Anyway, back to the task at hand.

Sweep and to the left and tap on the second door to open it, and tap once again to enter.

After you enter into the room, sweep all the way to the left and you’ll notice that there’s a bag on the desk. Tap on it, and a “Rectangular Key” will be added to your inventory.

Select the “Rectangular Key” that you just obtained from the inventory and tap on the large metal locker.

Tap on the small bags inside the locker and the gunpowder will be added to your inventory.

We’re finished here. Turn all the way to the right and tap on the door to exit into the hallway.

When you get into the hallway, turn all the way to the left, and tap twice on the door to enter.

Turn slightly to the left and tap on the first cabinet to open it.

Tap on the bottle half-filled with yellow fluid to pick it up, and Oil will be added to your inventory.

Turn to the left until you see a bench, located in front of the fireplace. There is a screwdriver on the bench, tap on it to pick it up, and it will be added to the inventory.

Turn a bit to the right until you see a large bookshelf, on the wall opposite the front door. Tap on it twice. The first tap will throw down the books, and you will move aside the bookshelf with the second tap.

This will uncover the metal gate that leads into the torture chamber, and only a few even amongst the police officers are aware that it still exists. However, the door is locked and we will first have to find a key before we can go in.

Tap on the two books on top of the book pile in front of you to move them aside.

We can now see the key, but still can’t pick it up. Tap on the brown book that is now at the top of the pile to move it out of the way.

Finally, tap on the key to pick it up, and a “Rusty Key” will be added to your inventory.

Select the “Rusty Key” from the inventory and tap on the metal gate to unlock it. Damn, the key won’t turn. Well, we could try greasing the lock by applying some oil before trying again. Maybe that will work.

Select the “Oil” from the inventory and tap on the lock.

Looks like this will work. Select the “Rusty Key” from the inventory once more and tap on the metal gate to unlock it.

Great! Tap again to enter.

Upon entering the room, Schmitz proclaims that known will come down here. She also wants to set up a device that will activate after a certain time. Wait! That means that Schmitz was the one that started a fire. Oh, I get it now. She made Elizabeth’s escape possible by starting the fire, just so she can later hunt her down and kill her. A very deviant plan. But I have to admit this was actually a smart move.

Back to the task at hand. Open the middle cabinet on the right by tapping on it.

Tap on the object inside to pick it up and a “Match on Fire” will be added to your inventory. Interestingly, it seems that matches in this game can burn indefinitely. Oh, right, now I see it. It’s actually a box of matches (item description), and Schmitz just used one. Ok, that makes sense.

Turn to the left and you’ll see a tong hanging from the wooden board. Tap on it to pick it up.

Turn slightly to the left and you’ll see a wooden chair with nails sticking out of it (I presume it was used to torture prisoners). Tap on the rope on the rope on the right side of the chair (your left), and it will be added to the inventory.

Select the screwdriver from the inventory and tap twice on the bag on the left. The detective will drill two holes in it and the key will drop on the metal furnace.

Tap on the key to pick it up.

Select the key from the inventory and tap on the padlock to unlock it. Tap on the lid to remove it.

Tap on the furnace, and Schmitz will move it to the left, also saying that we know have to find a way to start a fire. Remember that there was a fireplace in the previous room? Let’s go back and look for wood inside the fireplace.

Turn around and tap on the gate to exit.

Tap on the wooden bench to move it out of the way.

Select the tong from your inventory and tap on the fireplace. “Burnt Firewood” will be added to the inventory. The description says that it’s only partially burnt, so it should be good enough to start a fire.

Tap on the gate to go back to the torture room.

Select the wood from the inventory and tap on the furnace to place the firewood.

We will have to set up the device first, before we can start a fire, so let’s do that.

Tap on the sack that we previously stabbed with the screwdriver.

After removing the sack, select the rope from the bag and on the chain (the one from which the sack was hanging).

After tying the rope, select the gunpowder bag from the inventory and tap on the rope to hang it.

Finally, select the “Match on Fire” from the inventory and tap on the wood to start a fire.

Now, select a screwdriver from the inventory and tap on the other sack to drill a hole in it. This way the sand will slowly pour out of the sack, reducing its weight. Eventually, the sack will be almost empty, the gunpowder bag will become heavier and it will descend into the fire, starting an explosion… And that’s how the fire at the police station started.

The story continues with Schmitz proclaiming that it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes now. However, before she climbed into the carriage, the detective throws a key into Elizabeth’s cell. And this diversion and the key made Elizabeth’s escape possible… Well done, Schmitz. Even though she’s a villain, this was a very smart move on the detective’s behalf. The detective reasoned that after Elizabeth escapes either she or the police officers would kill the escaped prisoner while chasing after her. Either way, this would solve all Schmitz’s problems…

We go back to where we left off. The scene on the cliff, the true cliffhanger in every way imaginable.

Elizabeth is a smart girl and she quickly connects the dots and realizes that Schmitz was the one who has thrown her the key and started the fire. She also realizes that detective wants to kill her in order to shut her up. But she still doesn’t know why…

But just as Schmitz was readying to pull the figure, a huge hooded figure jumps in front of Elizabeth. It looks like Schmitz can recognize this character, but can believe her own eyes.

The creature grabs Elizabeth and makes a huge jump, leaving the cliff. Schmitz orders police officers to open fire, but it looks all of them miss.

Could it be that my crazy theory was on point? Way back while we were investigating Neumann’s (the lawyer) murder I had a theory that Victor Frankenstein could break into the morgue and using his knowledge reanimate Huxley. In that scenario, Huxley would be the one that broke into the new Neumann’s office and demolished the place.

This creature definitely has the size and strength to do it. And a creature like this could certainly terrify the lawyer, so much so that he jumps through the closed window and commits suicide rather than face it. Wielding the heavy axe, and breaking down even the toughest door shouldn’t be a problem for a creature of such immense strength…

But, we still do not know if this creature is actually, Huxley. So this is still just a theory, and my theories weren’t always on point… So, take this with a grain of salt. However, it seems that I was right about this one.      

Join us in the next chapter, so we can together discover the identity of the unknown creature.

Thank you for reading.