Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage Dianne made good on her promise and invited Gabrielle and Jules to the ball in Versailles, but explicitly said that they will have to buy a dress appropriate for this occasion. Jules promised to find the money for the dress before his sister departed. The next day Gabrielle and Jules visited the merchant Bohmer, and decided to buy a well designed dress, but made out of lower quality fabric since it was cheaper. Two days later, while all three of them were traveling to the ball, Dianne notices that the dress was cheap, and unfitting for the nobility. As expected, she immediately started criticizing Gabrielle and Jules, mostly because she was worried about how bringing along guests, that barely looked like nobles, to the royal ball will reflect on her. She only calmed down once Jules explained that he had to sell a necklace, which was part of his family heirloom, to pay for the dress. Our story continues shortly before the carriage reaches Versailles.

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

Gabrielle is a bit anxious, which is quite understandable given her last experience at the ball. She starts wondering if she truly belongs in a place such as the royal ball. With the palace in sight, Dianne breaks the silence, instructing them not to admire the palace too much, and to act naturally, like they have been there before.

Once the carriage stopped, Gabrielle and Jules stayed close to Dianne, while passing through the beautiful gardens in front of the palace. When they reached the front door, Comtesse Ponier greeted Dianne and asked who are the other two people that she brought to the ball. Dianne quickly introduced Gabrielle and Jules to Comtesse Ponier, saying they are a part of the Polignac family.

However, Dianne quickly changes the subject and starts praising the Comitesse’s dress, claiming that the Polish gown suits her perfectly. Dianne and Comitesse start walking into the palace, side by side, with Jules and Gabrielle following close behind them. Gabrielle complains to Jules about being a bit anxious, but Jules reminds her to keep calm and behave according to her status. Unfortunately, this makes Gabrielle even more nervous, since she wasn’t used to such treatment from Jules.

Gabrielle is so nervous while walking toward the banquet hall, that she can’t even admire the beautiful artwork and decorations around them. Once they finally reached the banquet hall, she sees Queen Marie at the far end. The Queen is surrounded by nobles, that are approaching her one by one and introducing other guests to the Queen. Dianne instructs the couple to wait for her, while she finds the Comtesse Artois. She promised that she will come back as soon as she can to introduce them to the Queen. Seeing the long line of nobles that are already waiting to be introduced, Gabrielle realized they will probably have to wait quite a while for their turn.

Gabrielle again starts to worry about her dress, but Jules coldly instructs her to stay calm, and that there’s nothing they can do about it now. Unused to such behavior from her husband, Gabrielle becomes even more nervous. She thinks that Jules is in a bad mood because he had an argument with Dianne. More importantly, he did everything he could to buy Gabrielle a beautiful dress, but it looks like that still wasn’t good enough. So it’s understandable that he is feeling a little frustrated.

The queue moves very slowly, and Gabrielle and Jules are a bit tired. Finally, Dianne appears and informs them that they will soon meet the Queen. With that said, she reminds them there are several things that they should remember, most importantly to never look directly at the Queen. It goes without saying that they shouldn’t choose their words carefully and watch their manners when addressing the Queen. Dianne takes another look at Gabrielle and she looks very displeased. However, there’s nothing that they can do about it now, so they can only hope that the Queen won’t notice the cheap dress.

After some time, it is finally their turn to meet the Queen. Dianne steps forward and after formally greeting the Queen, she introduces Jules and Gabrielle. Gabrielle keeps her head down while greeting the Queen and she can only see her extravagant dress. Queen greets her back, and Gabrielle is surprised after hearing a calm and gentle voice since Dianne described Queen Marie as a very arrogant person. At this point, Gabrielle realizes that, arrogant and envious traits are very fitting when describing Dianne, and that she was probably lying when she was talking about the Queen. Gabrielle is now very curious and decides to look the Queen straight in the eye, even though Dianne warns them not to do that. However, it seems that the Queen wasn’t offended at all by this gesture. She approaches Gabrielle and, much to her surprise pulls her up and takes her aside. Needless to say, Gabrielle is now very confused and nervous.

Queen Marie calms her down, explaining that she would like to chat for a while. Queen Marie says she doesn’t remember seeing Gabrielle at the Versailles, and Gabrielle explains that she hasn’t visited the palace since the royal wedding. The Queen is now curious and wants to know why Gabrielle doesn’t attend the events at the palace more often. Even though it was a simple question, Gabrielle is nervous and doesn’t know what to say. However, the Queen noticed her discomfort and said that Gabrielle can trust her and speak freely.

Gabrielle can’t visit the palace often because of her financial situation, which is directly tied to her family being just a minor noble house. And now she is faced with the dilemma. If she tells Queen Marie the truth, it could be quite embarrassing, and it would go against Dianne’s advice. On the other hand, lying to the Queen could be even worse, since she could easily find out everything about the Polignac family if she wanted to do so. While Gabriell is thinking, the Queen waits patiently, without even a glimpse of frustration, so Dianne was definitely wrong about the Queen’s character, and an arrogant person wouldn’t be so patient with the minor noble. Gabrielle realizes that situation is becoming a bit awkward, because she already waited far too long, and the Queen’s patience has its limits. With that in mind, she decides to tell her the truth.

Queen Marie is a bit surprised after hearing an honest answer, because it was very rare to hear someone speaking so truthfully about unpleasant subjects, around the palace. I guess having a person that is willing to tell you the truth, no matter how unpleasant it might be, was one of the main reasons why the Queen became interested in Gabrielle. Queen Marie’s expression suddenly changes from serious to playful, and she invites Gabrielle to keep her company during the rest of the event. Naturally, Gabrielle is very surprised, since the Queen chose her to keep her company, out of hundreds of other nobles. I guess this is how the friendship between Gabrielle and Marie started.

Before Gabrielle could answer, Marie, takes her hand and leads her toward the center of the dance hall. While Gabrielle is walking next to Marie, she can clearly see that every person in the room is looking at them. She also catches a Dianne looking at her with a displeased, even jealous on her face. Marie noticed a nervous look on Gabrielle’s face, and responds with a playful wink, wanting to ease the tension. She then stops and explains her intentions.

Queen Marie and Gabrielle spent the rest of the night together, and this was the start of their friendship. Gabrielle realized she must be very lucky since Queen Marie chose her out of all the other nobles, and unlike the previous one, this ball was the most pleasant event Gabrielle ever attended.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Will Gabrielle and Marie become best friends immediately after the ball? Will their friendship affect Gabrielle’s relationship with her family? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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