Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Gabrielle attended the ball organized in her honor, and at first, she felt great, because it looked like the nobles changed their attitude toward her. However, soon she overheard several conversations and realized that nothing has changed, and the nobles are still gossiping behind her back. She was sad during the rest of the evening, and during the following several days she remained inside the room. Jules and Dianne tried to snap her out of the depression, but with no success. Later, Marie showed up at the door, because Gabrielle declined several of her invitations, and the Queen was very concerned about her friend’s health and state of mind. Marie explained to Gabrielle that gossip is a part of life at the palace and that even she, the Queen of France, is often insulted behind her back. Marie explains that she doesn’t care about it, and the only important thing is her friendship with Gabrielle. After she heard that, Gabrielle immediately felt better, and decided that she will no longer pay attention to gossip.     

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

After Gabrielle decided to ignore the gossip, she managed to overcome the anxiety, and in the following period, she and Marie spend a lot of time together and became even closer. Our story continues with Gabrielle writing the letter to her family. She is suddenly interrupted when Jules and Dianne rush into the room. Jules is visibly excited and he proudly announces the good news. He is going to be named Duke Polignac. 

While Jules is celebrating, Dianne explains that the Queen pressured the King to grant Jules the title of the Duke. Dianne is convinced that Gabrielle talked Marie into grant her husband a noble title. Being an opportunist her entire life, Dianne immediately sees this as an opportunity to further use Gabrielle and Marie’s friendship to improve the standing of the Polignac family. Gabrielle, on the other hand, realized Dianne’s intentions and told her to back off, for now, and just be happy about the current event. Jules, on the other hand, is overjoyed, and once again says that his wife is an angel sent from Heaven.

Gabrielle doesn’t feel as happy as she did when she heard Jules say that she is an angel for the first time. She realizes that the closer she gets to Marie, the more distant she becomes from her husband. Gabrielle tries to explain that she didn’t influence Marie’s decision and that she played no part in Jules being granted the title of Duke but to no avail. Dianne doesn’t believe it, and she points out that several noblewomen were expelled from the Versailles by the Queen because they were rude to Gabrielle.

Dianne congratulates Gabrielle, saying that she used her friendship with the Queen very well, but reminds her that none of this would be possible without the backing of the entire Polignac family. Jules takes a bit more balanced approach and reminds Dianne that he would never become the Duke without Gabrielle. Dianne congratulates him, once more, and together they start planning their next steps, with the idea of using his newly acquired title to further improve the standing of the Polignac family. Preoccupied with their plans, they completely forget that Gabrielle is in the same room with them…

In the following days, Jules becomes preoccupied with obligations, related to his newly acquired status. With Jules being absent more often, Gabrielle starts spending even more time with Marie, and she wouldn’t be aware of new, nasty rumors if it wasn’t for Dianne. Dianne claims that several nobles have complained to the King, accusing Gabrielle of having an improper relationship with the Queen. She goes on, saying that several witnesses said they saw Gabrielle leaving the Queen’s quarters in the middle of the night. Naturally, Gabrielle is shocked after hearing this.

Gabrielle denies these accusations and her sister-in-law believes her. However, Dianne again explains that several nobles have already complained to the King about this, and if they convince him that the rumors are true, that could have serious consequences for the entire Polignac family, not just Gabrielle. With that out of the way, Dianne warns Gabrielle to distance herself from the rest of the Polignac family, if the King decides to believe in rumors and take action against her. Dianne is so full of herself and claims that Gabrielle brought this trouble on herself by being too greedy, and “demanding” too much from the Queen. Yep, that same Dianne that ordered several times Gabrielle to use her friendship with the Queen. At this point, Dianne is just trying to save her own skin, in case that everything goes south. Gabrielle, still trying to avoid conflict, remains silent. However, she does conclude that, in Dianne’s words, everything that turned out well, happened because of the backing of the Polignac family (which is insignificant, in reality), but she is quick to blame Gabrielle alone, for everything that goes wrong.

Gabrielle didn’t pay much attention to these rumors and continued living her life as before, but she was still a bit worried about what would happen to her if the King believed in these outrageous accusations. Her worst fears become true one day when she receives a request from King to show up in his quarters. Gabrielle becomes very anxious but still heads immediately to see the King, planning to try to save Marie, if it comes to the worst possible scenario. Trembling, she enters the King’s quarters and greets him, unsure what to expect next…

Much to Gabrielle’s surprise, King Louis starts speaking in a very gentle tone and says that he wants to thank her for spending time with the Queen and keeping her happy. Gabrielle is very confused after hearing this because she expected to be accused based on complaints from the nobles. Stuttering, Gabrielle thanks the King. Even in her wildest dreams, she didn’t expect that this will turn into a pleasant conversation. She also thought that Marie and King Louis were distant, but she starts doubting this after she was asked to continue her friendship with Marie.

Gabrielle is very surprised because she thought that no one else was aware of just how lonely Marie felt. Of course, she informs the King that she would be honored to continue being Marie’s most trusted friend. The King smiles, before turning his attention to the unpleasant rumors that have been circling around the palace.

Gabrielle becomes anxious again, but the King quickly explains that he doesn’t believe in any of those rumors, so Gabrielle can be at ease. Furthermore, he will send some of his agents to find the source of these rumors and stop them, once and for all. Naturally, Gabrielle feels like the weight of the world has fallen from her shoulders after hearing this.

The King noticed that Gabrielle has been interested in Austrian cuisine, and offers her assistance from the royal chefs. Gabrielle wanted to keep this a secret and has no idea how the King found out about it. Regardless, she accepts the offer, saying that she noticed that Marie was feeling a bit nostalgic about Austria, and decided to surprise her by preparing an Austrian dish. She just pleads with his Majesty to keep this a secret, otherwise, it won’t really be a surprise. He agreed, and that was the end of their conversation. In the following days, all the gossip and accusation about Marie and having an inappropriate relationship with Gabrielle ceased.

After the conversation with the King, Gabrielle and Marie started spending even more time together, now convinced that nothing can ruin their friendship. On the other hand, after the storm blew over, Jules and Dianne crawled out of their hiding places and again started to make demands. However, Gabrielle finally gathered enough courage to openly say no, and she swiftly turned them down. Our story continues with Marie acquiring a new necklace, and wanting to hear Gabrielle’s opinion about it.

After taking a closer look, Gabrielle honestly says that the necklace is beautiful and it perfectly matches the Queen’s dress. Marie, was very surprised when she noticed some elements of Austrian craftsmanship on the necklace. Gabrielle knew for a long time that Marie is feeling nostalgic about Austria, and she wanted to surprise her by making an Austrian dish. After working with the royal chefs for several weeks, Gabrielle felt confident enough to try to make the dish on her own, and now she decides to present it to Marie.

Marie is very happy and surprised once Gabrielle presented the dish. She was even more surprised when she took a closer look and concluded that the dish was perfectly made, just like the way they do it in Austria. Gabrielle explains that she was a bit worried at first because she never tasted a real brioche. However, she admitted that some of the royal chefs taught her how to make it during the past several weeks. However, she finally admits that she would never be able to do it without assistance from his Majesty, King Louis XVI. Marie was a bit surprised after she found out that the King helped out Gabrielle because the relation between them was rather cold. Now, she started to suspect that the King might care for her more than he shows publicly.

After tasting the dessert a wide smile appears across Marie’s face. At this moment Gabrielle realized that she will forever stay by her friend’s side and that their friendship can overcome all difficulties. With that, we have come to the end of this stage, and the end of “A Precious Friend” storybook.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Well, in this storybook complementary to the Queen Marie Main storybook, we discovered how Gabrielle and Marie met, and all the hardships that they had to go through in order to preserve their friendship. We also discovered that Gabrielle was the only person who was completely honest to Marie, and this was the main reason why they bonded so quickly. With time, their friendship grew, and they quickly became best friends. Gabrielle had to overcome a lot of difficult situations once she moved into the palace, but she managed to endure all the hardships, both from the envious nobles, and her own family members who always wanted to take advantage of her friendship with Marie. Finally, she learned how to ignore the nobles, and managed to muster enough courage to turn down numerous requests from her own family.

Thank you for reading.

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