Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Gabrielle was invited to move to the Versailles by Queen Marie. Gabrielle was reluctant at first, fearing that her family couldn’t afford the expenses of living in the palace. However, once Marie said that she will cover all their expenses, Gabrielle happily agreed, realizing that this development would also have a side effect of satisfying her husband’s request. Once Marie left, Gabrielle informed Jules, which was overjoyed after hearing the good news.  

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

During the next few days after the events in the previous chapter, Gabrielle and Jules move into the palace, and they spend their first few days unpacking their belongings and settling into their new home. Shortly after they moved in, they’re visited by Dianne. As soon as she entered, Dianne started scanning the room and looking for imperfection. A few moments later, she announces that Queen Marie really cares for Gabrielle since she gave her one of the best rooms. But Dianne, being the way she is, had to point out that the old vase from Clay Manor doesn’t fit into the modern, luxurious décor. Finally, Gabrielle gets the chance to speak and greets her sister-in-law.

When she finished examining the room, Dianne starts the conversation with Gabrielle, asking her opinion about life at the palace. Gabrielle responds that she is happy and satisfied because Marie provided everything that they need. Dianne is shocked after hearing Gabrielle talking about her Majesty the Queen, using only the first name without official titles. Dianne, in her usual theatrical way, explains that is a very serious offense. She finishes with the warning, claiming that if some of the nobles overhear Gabrielle talking to the Queen without using the formal titles, that could have dire consequences for the entire Polignac family. Eventually, Gabrielle explains that the Queen requested her to adress her just Marie.

Dianne explains that regardless of Gabrielle’s relationship with the Queen, she still has to address her formally when they are in public. She also warns Gabrielle that the palace of Versailles is a place overfilled with gossip, so she should be very careful with her words. Dianne goes on explaining that Gabrielle has a bit of Queen’s favor, but she should work on acquiring more favor from Marie. Gabrielle is well aware of the way Dianne “works”, but she doesn’t feel comfortable in using her friendship with Marie to gain something, and she musters the courage to say this to Dianne.

Well, the next part of the conversation doesn’t make much sense. Basically, Dianne claims that Queen Marie doesn’t actually like Gabrielle and that she is only pretending to be her friend in order to become closer with the Polignac family. Since we already know that the Polignac family are just minor nobles, this makes absolutely no sense, and Queen Marie wouldn’t benefit from such a relation. With all that said, Dianne’s tone was so certain that she managed to plant the worm of doubt inside Gabrielle’s mind. 

Gabrielle remembers that the Queen faced a lot of criticism because of her frequent visits to Clay Manor – exactly the reason why she invited her to the palace. But Dianne sheds a bit more light on these events, saying that almost all the nobles in the palace are gossiping about Queen Marie’s trips, and some of them complained to the King about it, claiming that such behavior was inappropriate. Gabrielle now realized that all those visits created a lot of problems for Marie, and the whole situation is even worse because Gabrielle is a member of a minor noble family that holds no titles.

Gabrielle tries to remain calm and points out that she rarely communicates with other people living in the palace. She only socializes with Marie. Dianne warns her that it will be impossible to avoid the other nobles, and gossip can be a very powerful weapon inside the palace walls. Dianne recalls that a lot of noblewomen were forced to leave Versailles because of the rumors that were circulating among the nobles. She also warns Gabrielle that nobles may act friendly and polite when talking to her personally, all the while conspiring behind her back. Gabrielle is very concerned after hearing this and hopes that she will be able to avoid the conflicts as long as she doesn’t offend anyone.

Dianne gives her one final warning, saying that the only reason why she is at the palace is because the Queen likes her. However, if this ever changed, the entire Polignac family would be in huge trouble. Gabrielle is very upset after everything that Dianne has to say, and she is feeling afraid for her future. She concludes that most of the things Dianne said are probably true.

After talking to Dianne, Gabrielle starts noticing that even the palace servants are trying to avoid and ignore her while keeping their pleasant facade. It seems that all of the palace supplies magically run out whenever she needs something, and all her requests for various repairs in her living quarters are outright ignored. Gabrielle slowly starts understanding the palace’s behavior. Our story continues after some time, and Gabrielle is in desperate need of warm blankets, since it has been very cold in their room during the last couple of days, and Jules began coughing. Finally, Gabrielle manages to find one of the household servants, but she gets the same reply as before.

Gabrielle is becoming desperate and has no idea concerning her next move. She is interrupted from her thoughts by the approaching Duchess Andre. The servant immediately greets the Duchess and informs her that he will deliver the warm clothing and blankets during the day. After she got a satisfactory answer from the servant, the Duchess turns to regard Gabrielle, and the servant introduces her as Madame Polignac.

Duchess Andre just comments that she recognized Gabrielle as the woman that the Queen invited to the palace, and without even a simple greeting turns around and starts walking away, completely ignoring Gabrielle. For comparison’s sake, she was acting in a more pleasant manner towards the servant. Before the Duchess left, she turned around ordering the servant to bring her high-quality, warm blankets later during the day. Gabrielle finally musters enough courage to speak and boldly announces that she also needs the blankets.  

Both the servant and the Duchess explain that all the blankets are already reserved. Duchess Andre even tried to play on the card of compassion and advised Gabrielle not to be harsh toward the poor servant who is only doing his job. Gabrielle’s suspicions are finally confirmed and she finally realizes that everyone in the palace, including the servants, are trying to ignore her and make her life miserable, but can’t take any direct action against her because they fear Queen Marie. However, Gabrielle still hopes that she could get on the good side of the other palace residents if she avoids conflicts. The poor girl doesn’t understand that kind of behavior will just encourage everyone to be even more rude to her, and that she will become the main object of mocking and gossip among the palace residents, including the servants.

Gabrielle is ready to drop the issue and leave, but at this moment Dianne comes up behind her. She reminds both the Duchess and the servant that Gabrielle is the Queen’s most trusted friend and that she deserves their respect. She proceeds by openly accusing the servant of neglecting her duties and ignoring Gabrielle. It becomes obvious that the servant is afraid, and she tries to explain herself, holding on to the story that the supplies are lacking, stuttering from fear while saying the words. She realized that there’s no fooling around with Dianne, and fearful of the consequences, quickly changes the story claiming that she will find the items that Gabrielle requested even though there’s a shortage of supplies. Well, even the lowly servant ignored Gabrielle, and if it wasn’t for Dianne, she would still have to endure the cold, for days maybe even weeks. During that time the servants would be joking around behind her back and talking about Madame Polignac which has no authority.

NOTE: Even though the servant is represented as a male in the images, the in-game text clearly states she, several times.

Needless to say, Duchess Andre isn’t pleased with this turn of events. The Duchess and Dianne exchange greetings, but Dianne immediately gets to the point explaining that Gabrielle is married to her brother, Jules. She goes on, reminding the Duchess again that Gabrielle is one of Queen’s most trusted friends, and warning her to treat Gabrielle appropriately in the future. The Duchess has no intention to stand up to Dianne (she could invoke Queen’s favor through Gabrielle) and says that she will be more careful in the future. After that, the Duchess quickly departs, wanting to put some distance between herself and Dianne.

Our story continues inside Gabrielle’s room, with Dianne criticizing her soft attitude. Dianne is frustrated, and explains, once again, that Gabrielle has to use her friendship with the Queen when dealing with palace residents. She also honestly explains that Gabrielle being bullied by low-ranking nobles, and even the servants, will damage both her own and Queen’s reputation. Gabrielle, who was sheltered from conflict her entire life, has a hard time understanding Dianne’s advice, and the nature of life in the palace.

Gabrielle becomes very sad, and she would like to forget the incident and this entire conversation, but Dianne is relentless. She explains, once more, that it will be necessary for Gabrielle to remind other palace residents of her relationship with the Queen, otherwise she will be bullied by everyone. Dianne also concludes, that if it wasn’t for her, Gabrielle would be freezing tonight, since she wouldn’t be able to acquire the warm blankets. Being a close friend with a Queen grants Gabrielle certain power, and she will have to exercise it if she intends to stay in Versaille, the place well power is everything.

Gabrielle, so used to avoiding conflicts, pretends to be in agreement with Dianne, just to avoid yet another conflict… She doesn’t realize that by avoiding the conflict she’s just making things worse for herself. She concludes that invoking Queen’s favor if she’s being bullied or threatened by some of the palace residents would somehow betray her friendship with Marie. With that said, she decides to continue being a punching bag for everyone else, and endure the humiliation and mocking, disregarding Dianne’s advice.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Gabrielle finally muster enough courage to stand up for herself? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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