Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-6 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Queen Marie visited the Clay Manor, for the first time. Gabrielle was worried about the expenses of such a visit, but Jules took care of the financial problem. Jules also wanted to strike up the conversation with the Queen, but Marie wasn’t interested in talking to anyone other than Gabrielle. Marie and Gabrielle talked while walking through the garden, and Marie complained about having no friends at the palace and other nobles watching her every move. Most importantly, she explained that Gabrielle is the only person that she can talk to openly and honestly. That’s probably the main reason why the Queen became interested in her at the ball. After a walk, they sit on the bench, and Marie confides to Gabrielle some of her deepest secrets (the problems concerning her relationship with the king, if you picked the first choice, or that she is worried about Count Fersen going to war if you picked the second choice). After this first visit, Queen Marie started visiting Clay Manor regularly. After one of those visits, Dianne tried to “order” Gabrielle to use the friendship with the Queen in order to improve the financial and social standing of the Polignac family, but Gabriel refused. Jules and Dianne then tried a different approach, and by sweet-talking to Gabrielle and persuading her into doing the same thing. Gabrielle, couldn’t bluntly reject them, so she promised that she’ll reconsider their proposal.

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

In the following days, Queen Marie’s visits to the Clay Manor have become more frequent and longer, and some rumors have appeared, because of this. Our story continues with another of Queen Marie’s visits. However, Gabrielle noticed a worried look on her friend’s face, as soon as she stepped out of the carriage. Marie explained that the King requested from her to tone down on the visits to Gabrielle. She presumes that some of the nobles were probably complaining to the King about Marie leaving the palace more often than what was appropriate. Marie just wants to be left alone, but the pesky nobles are watching her every move, and somehow always find some reason to complain about her.

Gabrielle apologizes, saying that she should be visiting the palace more often. Gabrielle remembers that the only reason why Marie visiting the Clay Manor so often, was because Gabrielle and Polignac family couldn’t financially afford to visit the palace very often. After realizing that she might have unintentionally caused trouble to her friend, Gabrielle starts feeling guilty, but Marie cheers her up, explaining that it wasn’t her fault.

Marie goes on, saying that she has a plan. Obviously, she can’t continue visiting Gabrielle because it would just cause more complaints from the nobles. With that said, she invites Gabrielle to move into Versailles. Marie explains that this way they could still enjoy each other’s company during the afternoon tea, without judgment from the nobles. Happily, the Queen also explains that her own designers could make new, modern dresses for Gabrielle.

Unfortunately, Gabrielle has to decline this proposal, and after pondering for some time about the explanation, she decides to tell Marie the truth. Gabrielle explains that her family simply can’t afford the expenses of leaving in Versailles. Marie was worried initially after her friend rejects the idea because she really didn’t expect that. However, once she heard that the money was the only issue, the Queen’s face brightened, and she started laughing, explaining that the money won’t be an issue. Marie will cover all the expenses of the Polignac family once they move into the palace. Hopeful, and with a big smile on her face Marie invites her friend, once more, to move into Versailles. Gabrielle considers how to respond to the new proposal.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose the “Accept” answer.



Gabrielle, still thinking everything through, assumes that moving to the palace might be the solution to all of her problems. On the one hand, she would satisfy her husband’s wish for one of them to be close to the Queen. Moving into the palace would definitely improve the standing of the Polignac family, without Gabrielle feeling guilty about compromising her friendship with the Queen, so this problem kind of solved itself. On the other hand, she and Marie could continue their friendship and spend more time together than they ever could, without Marie worrying about the nobles gossiping behind her back and complaining to the King. Realizing that this is a win-win situation, Gabrielle informs Marie that she happily accepts her proposal to move to the Versailles.

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If you chose the second option, Gabrielle will decline to move to the palace, saying that she doesn’t want to further damage Marie’s reputation. However, Marie quickly explained that the nobles will gossip even more if Gabrielle doesn’t move to the palace because in that case, Marie will have to keep visiting the Clay Manor. Besides that, Marie mentions that nobles will gossip about her regardless of her actions, and she doesn’t even care anymore about their opinion. On the other hand, Queen Marie has found a true friend in Gabrielle and explains how she felt miserable during her years in France until she met her. After hearing the Queen’s opinion concerning the subject, Gabrielle reconsiders the proposal and decides to accept.

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Marie is very happy after Gabrielle accepted her invitation, and informs her that she already prepared the room in the palace in advance, hoping that Gabrielle will accept. The two of them have tea in the garden, talking about the future lives, and making plans for Gabrielle’s arrival at the palace. After some time, Marie heads back to the Versailles, and Gabrielle rushes to the Manor, eager to tell Jules the good news.

Gabrielle, too excited to think about the etiquette, rushes into her husband’s room, who is very surprised after seeing his wife’s unordinary behavior. Gabrielle quickly apologizes, explaining that she rushed into the room because she has some great news that she wanted to share with him. Happily, she announces that the Queen invited them to move to the Versailles. Jules is overjoyed at first, but he quickly realizes that they can’t afford life at the palace. Gabriel, still excited about recent development, explains that the Queen has offered to pay for all of the expenses during their stay at the palace.

Jules is overjoyed after hearing this, and he praises his wife, claiming that she is an Angel sent by God to save him. Jules thinks that Gabrielle persuaded the Queen to make this decision because that’s what he was asking his wife to do. He has no idea that Gabrielle never intended to use her friendship with the Queen, and that everything concerning this event happened spontaneously.

Gabrielle is a bit worried after seeing the reaction of her husband, since it looks like that he only cares about their financial situation – which was probably far worse than Gabrielle would assume, considering his reaction. However, Gabrielle brushes away the unpleasant thoughts and starts thinking about her new life at the palace, hoping that everything will work out as planned.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-6 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Gabrielle’s moving into Versailles be without problems? How will her life look like once she moves in? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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