Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Gabrielle and Jules attended the royal wedding and the ball that followed. Before the ball started, two noblewomen mocked Gabrielle’s appearance, gossiping about her cheap dress. Gabrielle expected that something like this could happen, but she really didn’t expect that somebody could mock her ruby necklace. Fortunately, Gabrielle and Jules managed to forget this incident and enjoyed the rest of the evening. A few days after the ball Dianne, Jules’ sister, came to visit and immediately started to criticize Gabrielle, claiming that she should dress more appropriately at such an important event, even if they have financial problems. However, Gabrielle managed to quickly change the subject, and Dianne talked about the most recent gossip at the royal palace during the rest of her visit. At the end of their conversation, Dianne promised that she will take Gabrielle to the palace, sometimes in the future. Our story continues after some time had passed, with Dianne coming to visit her brother and sister-in-law.

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

Since Dianne’s previous visit a lot of important events took place, most importantly the old king died and Louis XVI ascended to the throne becoming the new king of France, and his wife, Marie Antoinette became the Queen. Dianne suddenly showed up at Jules and Gabrielle’s home, after a long time, dressed in exquisite clothing as always, and in seemingly a very good mood.

Jules is wondering what’s the reason behind the sudden visit since he knows that Dianne is quite busy, and has many obligations at the royal palace. She explains that she indeed has many obligations, most notably she had to help the Comtesse move into the palace. After she finished bragging about her luxurious life at the palace, Dianne asks how things have been at the Clay Manor (Gabrielle’s and Jules’ home), and Gabrielle replies that they’re doing fine.

After the initial politeness, Dianne starts criticizing Gabrielle’s old clothing, but Gabriel responds that she doesn’t go out that much, so it isn’t really important what she wears around the house. Dianne doesn’t stop here. She goes on lecturing Gabrielle, saying that as a part of the nobility, her sister-in-law should pay more attention to her appearance. At this point, Jules becomes irritated and decides to intervene.

After his initial reaction, Jules is curious and wants to know what is the reason for this sudden visit. Dianne was a bit angry after her brother’s initial reaction, but she then explains that she promised to take them to the royal palace a long time ago, and she can now fulfill that promise. Apparently, there is going to be a ball at the palace, and Dianne believes this is a perfect opportunity for her family to rejoin the social circles of the higher class. Gabrielle is overjoyed, but only for a moment because she quickly realizes that she doesn’t have an appropriate gown for such an occasion.        

Dianne is shocked after finding out that Gabrielle doesn’t have even a single suitable ball gown. Jules knows what’s coming next, and he immediately worried, because ball gowns aren’t cheap, and his financial situation has seen better days. As expected, Dianne immediately starts convincing her brother to buy a new gown, claiming that the reputation of the Polignac family is at stake. Dianne explains that she went through a lot of trouble to get them the invitations to the ball, and Queen Marie herself will be present! With that said, they will have to attend the ball, and missing out on this opportunity is not an option.

Jules realizes that he has no choice and promises to buy a dress. Dianna is still doubtful, but Jules reassures her saying that he will borrow the money to buy a dress if he doesn’t find any other way. Dianna is relieved to hear that, saying that she only wants to present her family in the best light as possible. Dianne doesn’t realize that she put her brother in a difficult position because of his financial situation. She declares that she will visit them again in three days and take them to the ball in the royal palace. So, Jules has three days to figure out the way to find the money for a new dress.

Gabrielle is happy about the opportunity to visit the palace but, on the other hand, she is very worried about their finances. However, Jules thinks that the ball is a great opportunity for them to rejoin the higher social circles, and says that he will take care of everything. He spends a bit more time reassuring Gabrielle and convincing her that they have made the right decision. After that, he goes out trying to figure out the way to find the money for a new ball gown.

Jules managed to quickly solve the money problem and the next day they decide to go to Bohmer’s shop and buy a new dress. Gabrielle is a bit nervous, remembering the last time they were buying a dress, but Jules calms her down, saying that everything will be okay this time, and she just has to pick out the dress that she likes. Jules has found a way to pay for it, this time. Bohmer greets the couple once they reached his shop, and politely asks them if they are looking to buy a new dress.

Gabrielle explains that they are actually looking for a ball gown, this time. Bohmer is overjoyed to hear this and explains that he just received a delivery of the beautiful, luxurious ball gowns, and at least one of them would suit Gabrielle perfectly. Gabrielle is satisfied after hearing this, but she is still a bit worried about the money, and doubts they can afford one of these high-end dresses. However, Jules cuts the discussion short, saying that money won’t be an issue.

Gabrielle is still worried and thinks that spending a huge amount of money on an expensive ball gown, would be a bad move, considering their financial situation. After hearing this, Bohmer suspects that the couple might be going to the palace ball, and they confirm his suspicion. The merchant then informs them that he offers a discount for this ball, and presents them with a solution. He has a beautiful yet relatively cheap dress in stock, and the discount for this one is even higher. The only problem is that dress isn’t made of top-quality fabric. Gabrielle realizes that buying this dress might be a good idea, since she will still look beautiful, and on the other hand, they won’t spend too much money. Besides, she figures that no one will be able to notice the quality of the material without touching it. Jules agrees with the idea, and they decide to buy a cheaper dress.

The story continues on the day of the ball, with Gabrielle, Jules, and Dianne entering the carriage and setting off to Versailles. Gabriel hopped that Dianne would be satisfied with her choice of dress for the ball, but observant Dianne immediately noticed its low quality and starts criticizing Gabrielle. She doesn’t hold back at all, saying that Gabrielle looks disgraceful and that her dress would be better suited for a maid than a woman from the nobility. Jules also got a fair share of scorn from Dianne, because he promised to take care of the money problem, and it was obvious that this dress is cheap. Gabrielle is speechless, and Dianne mentions that she could immediately see that the dress was made from lower quality fabric, without even touching it. So, Gabrielle’s plan didn’t work.

Dianne goes on, complaining that the dress is completely unsuited for the occasion. Most importantly, it looks like Dianne thinks that the appearance of her brother and Gabrielle will reflect badly on her, since she promised to bring prominent members of the nobility. Gabrielle just sits and silently listens to everything that Dianne has to say. After hearing all of it, Gabrielle starts thinking that she might be unworthy of attending the ball at Versailles because she can’t afford an appropriate dress. It also seems that she can no longer stand listening to her sister-in-law. And, finally, Dianne reveals the true reason behind her angry reaction. She is worried about what Comitesse Artois will say after she sees Gabrielle and Jules.

At this moment Jules decides to intervene saying that he has heard enough, and explains that he had to sell his mother’s ruby necklace in order to pay for this dress. With that said, he suggests canceling the trip, but Dianne refuses, saying that not showing up at all would be even worse (probably for her reputation). After she heard that Jules sold a necklace that was a part of the family heirloom to pay for the dress, Dianne calms down, realizing how serious their financial situation must be. Dianne is still displeased with the situation, but she stops complaining, and they travel the rest of the way in silence.  

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen during the ball at the palace? Will the nobles gossip about Gabrielle’s cheap dress, and humiliate her once again? Find out in the next stage.

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