Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we were in the role of Gabrielle. After receiving the invitation to the royal wedding Gabrielle and her husband, Jules, were very worried since they should buy a new ball gown for Gabrielle, and their financial situation wasn’t looking very good. They realized that the other nobles will look down on them if Gabrielle shows up in one of her older dresses. With that in mind, they visited the merchant, Bohmer, the following morning, and realized that the price of dresses has skyrocketed, putting them in an even more awkward position. After some debate, Gabrielle decided to buy one of the cheaper dresses, hoping that no one will notice, and the couple went home. Our story continues on the day of the royal wedding.

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

Gabrielle starts preparing for the wedding as soon as she wakes up. She is a bit worried about her appearance, most notably about her cheap dress. However, just like when they were at Bohmer’s, Jules calms her down, by gently saying that she is one of the most beautiful women in all of France. Gabrielle realized that she should probably wear the ruby necklace for this occasion since it is part of her family heirloom and her most prized possession. She reasons that the beauty of the necklace should be enough to distract the other nobles from the plain-looking dress, and asks her husband to help her put it on.

Jules throws a few more compliments hoping to cheer up his wife, and it works, but just briefly. A few moments later, Gabrielle is concerned once more. While looking at herself in the mirror, she concludes that her dress is very plain, even though it’s new, but once again concludes that her ruby necklace should impress even the most elegant noble. Gabrielle goes over every detail, carefully adjusting the dress, and everything else because she wants everything to be perfect for the royal wedding, but she still isn’t pleased with her appearance. Jules interrupts her, saying that it is time to go.

The carriage takes them through the crowded streets, filled with people that got out of their homes, hoping to see the heir to the throne and his future wife. The crowded streets slow down their journey, and the couple is a bit worried that they might be late for the wedding, but luckily they manage to arrive on time. The banquet hall is overcrowded, but Jules and Gabrielle, as minor nobles, stay near the front door, while more influential nobles pass by them heading for the front rows, and barely pay any attention to them.

Gabrielle overheard the conversation between Comtesse Riosa and Duchess Charles, who were praising each other’s appearance. Comtesse Riosa notices the dress on the other woman and claims that she would buy the same dress from Bohmer if she hadn’t ordered one earlier. Gabrielle also admires the dress, and upon taking a closer look, recognizes that this is the very expensive dress (worth fifty thousand livres) that Bohmer showed them when they were in his store a few days earlier.

Jules becomes irritated after Gabrielle pointed out the fact about the dress, and in an unpleasant voice says the dress is merely a decoration for someone who regularly attends the banquets. Gabrielle notices that her husband is in a bad mood. To make matters worse, Comtesse Riosa and Duchess Charles overheard the conversation between Jules and his wife and they immediately start mocking Gabrielle’s appearance, by saying that she looks like a maid at the grand wedding. The two women also claim that the couple is just jealous of them, and that’s why they were gossiping behind their back. All of this would blow over, but once they start mocking Gabrielle’s necklace, she becomes desperate. The necklace was her most prized possession, and it was supposed to make her appearance at least on par with most other nobles.

Jules starts clenching his fists, visibly angry after hearing those remarks. Gabrielle becomes really worried, thinking that she doesn’t belong here, since the uptight nobles mocked her precious family heirloom, the only truly valuable thing that she has. Gabrielle turns to her husband, wanting to calm him down, but before she could speak, they notice a commotion. At this moment, Prince Louis and Princess Marie appear before the crowd.

Gabrielle ignores the events that just occurred and focuses on Prince Louis and Princess Marie. Gabrielle admires Princess Marie, noticing that her perfect natural beauty is complemented by the most beautiful and most expensive dress and jewelry that Gabrielle ever witnessed. Finally, Gabrielle realizes that the entire cream of French society is admiring the Austrian Princess.

Gabrielle realizes that Princess Marie will soon become the Queen of France. Undeniably, Marie is gorgeous and her beauty overshadows everyone in the hall. King Louis XV speaks, thanking everyone for coming to the celebration and hoping that they will have a good time at the ball.

After the speech, the ball begins. Putting the unpleasant experience from earlier far behind her, Gabrielle decides to have a good time tonight. She looks at her husband but realizes that he is still in the bad mood.

Gabrielle mentions that they didn’t dance for a long time, more specifically since their wedding. Jules sour expression, realizing that his wife has got over the previous event, immediately improves. He apologized for being absent in his thoughts and asks Gabrielle for a dance. Of course, Gabrielle is overjoyed to hear this and to see a happy expression on her husband’s face. The couple enjoys the rest of the evening, dancing and consuming delicious food and extraordinary wine. 

Our story continues after the wedding at Gabrielle’s home with Jule’s sister, Dianna, coming to visit them. Gabrielle remembers that Dianna hasn’t visited them in a long time and starts thinking of a reason for this sudden visit. Well, she didn’t have to think for long, since Dianna starts openly criticizing Gabrielle’s appearance at the wedding. Poor Gabrielle is speechless, while Dianna continues with the criticism.

Dianna continues, saying that Gabrielle is a disgrace for the Polignac family, explaining that she will have to dress more appropriately in the future, even if the money is tight. Realizing that this could go on for a while, Gabrielle decides that the best course of action would be to change the subject and congratulates Dianne on becoming the Comtesse Artois maid. Dianne brags about frequently visiting the Versailles palace, and how she met a lot of important people while working for the Comtesse. Gabrielle decides to go along with the plan and makes further inquires about Dianna’s life at the palace, hoping to completely distract her sister-in-law from the previous subject.

Dianne starts praising Princess Marie, saying that she often sees her in the palace and that the new princess is always dressed in exquisite clothing, and wears the most expensive jewelry. After hearing this, Gabrielle sees an opportunity to get back at Dianne, asking her if she envies the Austrian princess. Dianne replies that the Princess is arrogant and doesn’t get along with Madame du Barry. Gabrielle was probably thinking that her sister-in-law is one of the most arrogant women that she ever saw, but instead of saying this, she bits her tongue and decides to continue the conversation about the Princess.

Dianne goes on, saying that there’s no way for Gabrielle to know this since she has never been in the royal palace. The woman continues, claiming that Princess Marie really dislikes Madame du Barry and that she never showed her proper courtesy. She continues to gossip, claiming that most palace residents dislike Madame du Barry because of her background. Gabrielle thinks about everything that Dianne said and concludes that it makes sense. She praises Dianne, saying that she is very well informed – probably still hoping to distract her from the first subject of their conversation.

Dianne confirms that she is indeed well informed, but also explains that things like the relation between Princess Marie and Madame du Barry aren’t really a secret, and are well known by anyone who spends a lot of time at the royal palace. With that said Dianne promises to take Gabrielle to the palace one day, but only if Gabrielle is properly dressed for the occasion.

Gabrielle is genuinely impressed with Dianne’s stories and insists to know more. However, as she listens to the gossip, she realizes that being surrounded by envious and powerful people at the palace might have its downside and wonders, is anyone there truly happy. Well, most of all Princess Marie, since she just came from Austria, has no friends at the palace, and probably every noblewoman around her is jealous of her stature, wealth, and beauty…

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Dianne take Gabrielle on a tour of the royal palace? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.  

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