Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend 1-1 of Dress up Time Princess. During this side story, we will take on the role of Gabrielle, and explore the beginning of a friendship between her and Marie Antoinette.

NOTE: This is a side story that explores the events preceding the “Queen Marie” main story. There will be no outfit requirements and no dialogue options that can increase the Goodwill of your companions, just like with most of the other side stories. However, there is a 20 hour wait time before unlocking the next stage in the story.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The date of the royal wedding of Prince Louis, an heir to the throne, and Marie Antoinette is approaching, and the whole of France seems to be awaiting the event with excitement and anticipation. However, Gabriel is worried because she and her husband will have to attend the wedding even though they are just minor nobles, and their financial situation isn’t that great. On the other hand, attending the wedding can be quite expensive, since every noble in the country will try to present itself in the most grandiose outfit. A knock on the door snaps Gabrielle from her thoughts.

Her husband, Jules, enters the room and immediately notices that his wife is worried about something. Gabrielle explains that she has to buy a new dress for the wedding and that she’s worried about the cost. Unfortunately, Jules confirms that their financial situation is rather bad, and showing up in the old dress during such an important occasion as a royal wedding is out of the question. So, we are in a bit of a pickle.

Just to be sure, Gabrielle reminds her husband that they haven’t attended any social event in years and that their reputation as nobles will take a serious hit if she appears in the old clothes. Now, fully realizing the gravity of the situation, Jules promises that he will find a solution.

Before they come up with a solution, Jules, after noticing the worried look on Gabrielle’s face, asks her a very difficult question.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “A Little Disappointed” answer.

A Little Disappointed

Not at all Dissapointed
Gabrielle is surprised by the question and wants to know why would her husband ask her something like that. Jules explains that it is a reasonable question since they didn’t participate in any social events for years due to their financial situation, which has become so bad that they’re barely able to preserve their status as minor nobles. Before answering, Gabrielle tries to figure out is this really the kind of lifestyle that she wanted to have.

Gabrielle doesn’t want to tell her husband the truth, because he always tried to do the best he could, so she starts thinking of a way to avoid the question. Luckily, Jules dropped the question, before she could answer. Instead, he says that they should go to Bohmer, and buy a new dress for the wedding. Gabrielle is overjoyed, but knows that there’s not much time left before the wedding, and says that they should go as soon as possible. Jules agrees to go to the trader the following morning.


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If you chose the second option, Gabrielle will answer that she is very happy at the Clay Manor and that she doesn’t care about not being able to attend the social events. Jules is very happy with her answer and announces that they should focus on joyful subjects. Like the wedding of Prince Louis and Princess Marie. With that said, they decide to visit Bohmer’s shop the following morning and buy a new dress. 

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Bohmer greets the Polignac couple and after praising Gabrielle’s beauty, inquires about the reason for their visit, already suspecting that they are here because of the royal wedding. Jules confirms, and Gabriel starts questioning the merchant about available ball gowns.

Suddenly, the merchant becomes nervous and tries to dodge the question. Jules becomes irritated and orders him to explain what’s the problem. Bohmer, informs them that the prices are much higher than usual, because of a huge demand for ball gowns with the royal wedding approaching, and the Polignac couple should have come to him a bit earlier. Gabrielle, visibly displeased with the answer, asks the dreaded question.

Upon hearing this, Bohmer’s mood instantly improves, sensing that he might still sell one of the overpriced dresses. He explains that he has an amazing ball gown that would fit Gabrielle perfectly, and it’s only fifty thousand livres… Needless to say, Gabrielle is shocked after hearing the price.

With that said the couple decides to discuss their next step in private, while Bohmer brings some of the gowns from the back room. Both Gabrielle and Jules are aware that the price of the ball gown is outrageously high, and more importantly that they can’t afford it. Jules was probably thinking about taking a huge loan at this point, but just before he spoke the words, his wife interrupted him, saying that they will have to take some of the cheapest clothing. Gabrielle is noticeably worried about the reaction from the other nobles once they see them in subpar clothes. Jules, knowing exactly what’s on his wife’s mind, tries to improve her mood, saying that they do have a secret weapon.  

Gabrielle is confused and has no idea what her husband is referring to. Jules proudly announces, that the secrete weapon is Gabrielle’s natural beauty, and no dress, no matter how beautiful it is, can compete with that. Gabrielle is aware that Jules is just trying to make her feel better about their current situation, but his kind words still touched her heart.

At this moment, Bohmer comes back, and after politely asking if the couple has finished the conversation, presents several dresses that are available for sale. Gabrielle almost immediately picks the most ordinary dress, knowing that’s the only one they can afford. Merchant is very surprised with her choice and tries to convince her to buy one of the more expensive dresses. However, Gabriel quickly shuts him up with the following, unpleasant question.

The merchant, after being put in an awkward position, quickly abandons his initial plan, saying that the dress will suit her perfectly. With the problem of acquiring the dress solved, Gabrielle grabs her husband’s arm and the happy couple heads back home.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-1 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Will the Polignac couple manage to avoid the gossip of the other nobles at the royal wedding? More importantly, will the couple let the opinion of other people affect their relationship? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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