Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Gabrielle and Jules moved into the palace and were visited by Dianne, shortly after they settled in. Dianne explained that the palace is filled with envious nobles and that they will try to humiliate and bully Gabrielle unless she reminds them that she has the Queen’s favor. On the other hand, Gabrielle is reluctant to use her friendship with the Queen for personal gain and wants to try a different approach. Her idea is to avoid any conflict. However, she starts noticing that her requests for supplies and repairs are being ignored by the servants. At one point, the weather turns cold and she tries to acquire warm blankets, but the servant quickly dismisses her, claiming the palace is left without the supplies. The same servant a few moments later informs the Duchess, which was passing by, that the warm blankets will be delivered to her quarters during the day. In short, Gabrielle would be freezing the following nights, if it wasn’t for Dianne who suddenly appeared and reminded both the servant and the Duchess that Marie has Queen’s favor. Both of them quickly changed their tune, and the servant promised to bring warm blankets to Gabrielle’s quarters. Dianne, once again, tried to explain to Gabrielle that she will have to invoke Queen’s favor from time to time, or else she is going to be ignored and bullied even by the lowly palace servants, but to no avail. Gabrielle firmly decided that she will try to avoid all conflict and that she won’t use her friendship with the Queen, even if she’s being bullied by the other palace residents. As Dianne pointed out, Versailles is the place when only power is respected, but Gabrielle just can’t accept the reality.

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

After this event, Gabrielle’s life at the palace became a bit better, but not because she learned to stand up to the bullies, but because of Dianne and her willingness to use Gabrielle’s friendship with the Queen, when necessary. Our story continues with Queen Marie organizing the ball, as a welcoming party for Gabrielle. Marie presented to Gabrielle a ball gown, specially designed and made for her, to wear during this occasion. Gabrielle put on the beautiful gown, and couldn’t recognize herself when she looked in the mirror. Needless to say, the ball gown is gorgeous, like something that the highest members of nobility would wear.

Gabrielle is thrilled and wants to know if there’s any way to thank Marie, but the Queen says that she doesn’t require anything else, except Gabrielle’s friendship. Marie reminds Gabrielle that this event was hosted in her honor, so she should enjoy it, and forget about the previous unpleasant experiences. With that said, the two friends head off to the ballroom.

When they reached the ballroom Gabrielle noticed that the royal family didn’t hold back, and the tables are filled with delicious meals, and exquisite wine. When the two of them entered the ballroom, it seemed as if everyone turned around, and started looking in their direction. Gabrielle suddenly became nervous, but the Queen calmed her down by taking her hand, and together they walked toward the center of the ballroom. Naturally, the nobles started gathering around them, wishing to greet the Queen.

One of the noblewomen that approached them was Duchess Andre, the same woman that was rude to Gabrielle before when she wanted to acquire the warm blankets. The Duchess pretended that she never meant Gabrielle before, and was very polite when the Queen introduced her to Gabrielle. A few moments later, they are approached by the noblewomen that mocked Gabrielle’s dress during the wedding ceremony and even made fun of her ruby necklace. This time around, they are very pleasant and polite. Comtesse Riosa, the same woman that looked down upon her during the royal wedding, is now throwing compliments about Gabrielle’s dress, and appearance.

Gabrielle concludes that the nobles have probably forgotten about seeing her during the royal wedding. Everyone is very pleasant and nice to her, unlike earlier, and she suddenly feels confident and enthusiastic about her future in the palace. While Gabrielle is thinking about the sudden change, Marie informs her that she has to speak privately with one of the noblewomen, and leaves. After Marie left, Gabrielle decides to make the most out of this night and starts looking for other nobles to socialize with.

Gabrielle approaches the two women from the back. Apparently, they seem very happy, talking and laughing from time to time, but when Gabrielle realized that these two are Comitesse Riosa and Duchess Charles (they were mocking her in the past), she decides to look for somebody else to talk to. However, before she left she overheard the conversation between the two women. She heard them insulting her behind her back, and claiming that she is just a peasant girl, and she now became the Queen’s pet. They go on, claiming that the entire Polignac family is nothing but a pack of hungry hyenas – which is kind of true when we look at Dianne, and to some extent Jules. Gabrielle realizes that all the pleasantries were only a charade, and she is now certain that nothing has changed about how the other nobles look at her. She suddenly becomes very anxious, after finding out the truth.

Before she could recover from the shock, Gabrielle notices the crowd gathering at the other side of the ballroom and sees Princess Adelaide, known for her mean demeanor, walking straight toward her. Princess Adelaide just comments that “anything” can enter the palace these days (referring to Gabrielle’s low status), followed by gossip from the noblewomen accompanying her, and leaves. It was fortunate that she left so quickly because Gabrielle was on the brink of bursting into tears.  Gabrielle starts thinking that coming to the palace might have been a wrong decision and remembers the pleasant and carefree times while she lived at the Clay Manor, and how she enjoyed when Marie would come to visit her.

The special ball that was supposed to reintroduce Gabrielle into the higher society had the opposite effect and turned her into the object of mocking and gossip. Marie tried her best to improve Gabrielle’s mood but to no avail.

In the days after the ball, Gabrielle becomes depressed and even turns down the invitations from Marie. Dianne and Jules are displeased with her behavior and decide to confront her. Dianne doesn’t hold back at all, and orders Gabrielle to spend more time with the Queen and gain more of her favor. She finishes off by saying that her behavior is unacceptable and that her “job” is to stay close to the Queen for the sake of family. Jules takes a bit softer approach, saying that Gabrielle should go out more and that hiding won’t solve anything. Gabrielle only that she just needs more time to adjust to the life in the Versailles, when in reality she just wants to avoid conflict with other nobles, since she’s now certain that they have a very low opinion of her… To make matters worse, she is still incapable of confrontation, and can’t stand up for herself.

Dianne tries one more time. This time she mentions how the Queen personally came to inviter Gabrielle for a tea, and she declined. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. However, Gabrielle isn’t moved by her words and just claims that she wasn’t feeling very well. After a few moments, both Dianne and Jules decide to leave the room, realizing that there’s nothing they can do to cheer up Gabrielle. Shortly after they left, Gabrielle hears someone knocking on the door.

Queen Marie enters the room and she immediately noticed Gabrielle is very pale. The Queen explains that she is concerned about Gabrielle, because since she refused all her invitations since the night of the ball. Gabrielle thinks about what to say at first, and after a few moments, decides to tell Marie the truth, without skipping the details.

Marie is sympathetic towards Gabrielle and decides to tell her friend the truth about her own life. She explains that nobles at the palace are always pleasant very directly speaking to her, but almost all of them are gossiping behind her back, and she is aware of it. With that said, she couldn’t find even a single true friend, even though she lived in the Versailles for several years, until she met Gabrielle. Finally, the Queen also mentions that she has been called “an Austrian Village Girl” by some of the nobles.

Gabrielle is shocked after hearing this and feels sorry for her friend. However, Marie explains that she couldn’t care less about the gossip of jealous noblewomen, because she is the Queen of France and there’s nothing strange about the other women being envious. Gabrielle never saw her friend being that mad, but she thinks that even an angry Marie looks somehow cute. Finally, Marie proudly says that she found the true friend in Gabrielle, and nothing else matters.

After hearing out Marie, Gabrielle forgets all her unpleasant experiences. She feels confident once again, and declares that she won’t care about the opinion of the other nobles anymore, the only important thing is her friendship with Marie. With that said, Gabrielle’s anxiety and depression went away, and she can now fully enjoy her friendship with Marie.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will the friendship between Gabrielle and Marie continue without further problems? Find out in the next stage.

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