Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Precious Friend Stage 1-5 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage Gabrielle, Dianne, and Jules went to the ball at the royal palace. However, before they reached the palace, Dianne noticed the low-quality fabric of Gabrielle’s dress and criticized her and Jules because of it. Once they reached the palace, Dianne instructed them about the proper ways of behaving at the royal palace and how they should address the Queen. After waiting in a huge queue for hours, they finally got the chance to meet the Queen. Gabrielle raised her head up and looked the Queen in the eye, even though Dianne instructed them not to do so. However, this intrigued the Queen and prompted her to have a private conversation with Gabrielle. During the conversation, the two of them bonded after Gabrielle honestly explained that she doesn’t have enough money to visit the palace often. Honest answers aren’t common amongst nobles in the Versailles, and Gabrielle’s truthfulness intrigued Queen Marie. After the conversation, Marie invited Gabrielle to dance with her, and this event marked the beginning of their friendship. Our story continues after some time has passed since the ball in the Versailles.  

The stage window will display all the important information. Hit Start once you are ready to begin.

After the ball, Queen Marie and Gabrielle started writing to each other, and Gabrielle even visited the palace and spent some time alone with the Queen. Of course, Marie was very happy about having at least one person that she could talk to openly and write to about the gossip and the life at the palace. The story continues after Gabrielle received another letter from the Queen, and this time Marie would like to come and visit Gabrielle at the Clay Manor.

Gabrielle rushes to her husband and informs him about the content of the letter, and looks for advice about the answer to this proposition. Upon hearing the news, Jules is very surprised, because he never expected that the Queen would visit a mansion of a minor noble family such as Polignac. With a very satisfied look on his face, Jules declares that they should definitely invite Queen Marie. However, Gabrielle realized that this visit could be quite costly, and their financial situation didn’t improve.

Gabrielle is still worried about the money because hosting a reception for the Queen can be quite costly and she isn’t sure if they have repaid all the debts. On the other hand, Jules is enthusiastic about the visit and says that he will take care of all the financial aspects of the reception, Gabrielle should just make sure that the Queen enjoys her stay at their Manor. Gabrielle, satisfied with the answer, goes off to write to the Queen and confirm the visit.

A few days later, Queen Marie writes to Gabrielle confirming the visit, and the Polignac family starts the preparations immediately. The story continues on the day of the visit, with both Jules and Gabrielle awaiting the Queen’s arrival with excitement and anticipation. The carriage finally arrives, and even before it stopped Queen Marie started to wave to Gabrielle. Once the carriage arrived, Gabrielle officially greeted the Queen referring to her as “your Majesty”, but Queen Marie quickly explains that there’s no need for formalities since the two of them have become very close friends during the previous period. Queen Marie winks at Gabrielle playfully, just like she did at the ball, and it looks like she is quite happy to leave the formal etiquette of palace behavior, during her stay at the Clay Manor.

Jules respectfully and politely greets the Queen, explaining that they prepared everything for her arrival, and will do everything to make her feel as comfortable as possible during her stay. Queen Marie, probably tired from people addressing her in the same manner as Jules, politely sends him away, saying that she just wants to spend some time alone with her good friend, Gabrielle. Jules, tries one more time to strike up a conversation, trying to offer his “services” if the Queen finds that something is lacking during her talk with Gabrielle, but before he can finish the sentence the Queen, as politely as she can, waves off Jules.

As the two friends walk through the gardens of Clay Manor, Queen Marie starts complaining how boring and tiresome the courtly etiquette can sometimes be. She explains how she hates being corrected all time, and how she has no privacy at all. Even when she’s eating there are at least several people observing her every move, and just looking for even the slightest mistake. Well, with Gabrielle she can feel much more relaxed, and during her stay at the Clay Manor, she can finally behave naturally, without worrying about every move and every word she says. That’s why she was so eager to send Jules away and spend some time alone with Gabrielle. Gabrielle imagined that Marie since she is the Queen of France, could do whatever she wanted, and this comes as a big surprise to her.     

Queen Marie explains that even if she makes the slightest mistake in her behavior, the people around her will immediately report it to her husband, the King. Gabrielle considers everything that she heard so far and concludes that the life of the Queen isn’t as easy as it might appear at first. The Queen is also feeling very lonely at the Versailles, since all of her friends are back in Austria, and she really enjoys the opportunity to act naturally, and relax with Gabrielle during her stay at the Clay Manor. Upon hearing this, Gabrielle immediately extends the invitation, saying that the Queen can come and visit her, whenever she likes. Gabrielle is still a bit nervous after making the proposition, because although the two of them are friends, Marie is still the Queen of France. However, Queen Marie is very lonely as we already concluded, and she really enjoys talking to Gabrielle, so she gladly accepts this proposal.

Marie, sits down on the bench with a troubled look on her face, saying that she found something recently, and it is really bothering her. Understanding very well that it must be difficult for Marie to talk about her problem, Gabrielle decides to try to guess what’s bothering her friend.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose the “Is it about Count Fersen” option.

Is it about His Majesty the King?

Is it about Count Fersen

If you chose the first option, Marie will complain about her relationship with the King. The King is too busy, and they can hardly find the time to enjoy each other’s company, and their relationship has suffered because of that. Of course, after saying this, Marie finally realized that she found a true friend in Gabrielle, and she finally has someone to whom she can tell everything that is bothering her.

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Queen Marie confirms, explaining that she found out that Count Fersen is about to go to war, and she is very concerned because she knows that he might never return. Gabrielle thinks that Count Fersen might have joined the army in order to prove himself to Queen Marie, by returning from the war as a hero. After thinking about it for a bit, Queen Marie realizes that her friend might be right in her assumption. Gabrielle then tries to reassure Marie, saying that Count Fersen is a capable man, and he will surely come back to her, after the war.

Queen Marie is glad to hear that, even more so she is glad to have Gabrielle because she is the only person who she can openly talk to. After finally saying to someone what was bothering her for so long, Queen Marie’s mood immediately improves. The two women spend the rest of the day talking, mostly about Count Fersen and enjoying each other’s company.

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After this event, Queen Marie starts visiting the Clay Manor regularly, often talking to Gabrielle about the latest gossip at the palace, and the two of them become even closer. Our story continues immediately after the latest visit, with Dianne suddenly showing up at the Clay Manor, and praising Gabrielle. Jules ironically mentions how Dianne must be quite busy. His sister replies that’s true, but also points out that she would never neglect the family because of her obligations. Gabrielle remembers that Dianne rarely referred to them as family, let alone visited since she became the first maid for Comtesse. Jules also realized that Dianne is probably up to something, and asks what was the reason behind her visit.

Dianne arrogantly says that since Gabrielle has become such a good friend with the Queen, she should use it to improve the standing of the Polignac family, and also ask for a noble title for Jules. Gabrielle is shocked to hear this, but she is even more surprised with Dianne’s tone which sounds more like an order than a request. Gabriele also realizes that Dianne is probably jealous of her. Naturally, Gabrielle is reluctant and doesn’t want to take advantage of her friendship with the Queen, but Dianne, still using her arrogant voice, says that she has to use this opportunity to improve the welfare of the Polignac family.

After a few moments of thinking about their proposition, Gabrielle concludes that she can’t take advantage of her friendship with Marie, and declines. Naturally, arrogant Dianne, used to being in a much more important position than Gabrielle, becomes furious and starts yelling at her, saying that she can’t even handle such a simple matter. At this point, Jules intervenes trying to calm down his sister.

After that, Jules composes himself and decides to try a different approach. He calmly and gently asks Gabrielle to reconsider Dianne’s idea, since it could be very beneficial to both Gabrielle and her family. Jules further explains that at least one of them (him or Gabrielle) should try to obtain an official position close to the Queen, and by doing so secure the financial stability and the welfare of the Polignac family. Gabrielle thinks for a minute and concludes that she never saw her husband acting like this. She is in a bit of a pickle because she doesn’t know how to reject their proposal, without upsetting them.

Dianne takes the cue and decides to try the same approach as her brother. She claims that there will be no harm done if Gabrielle improves the standing of the Polignac family while socializing with Queen Marie. After all, Queen Marie did chose Gabrielle as her friend, out of all other nobles in France, and it would be fitting if Gabrielle and her family were rewarded with some benefits. In the end, Gabrielle couldn’t reject them, so she promised to think about their proposal. Fortunately, Gabriel and Dianne didn’t want to push the matter further.

This will mark the end of A Precious Friend Stage 1-5 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Gabrielle submit to the pressure from her family, and use the friendship with Marie for material gains? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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