In this game, you play as two police investigators named Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu. They are researching the disappearance of five schoolchildren inside an abandoned Amusement Park. It is rumored that the children have been taken by an evil spirit, but it’s more likely that there was someone involved that is of this world. In the first chapter, our protagonists start at the front gates of the Amusement Park.

The electricity is cut off and you can’t open the front gates until you turn it on. The fuse box is located on the entrance booth to the far left.

You will need to find a screwdriver to open it. The screwdriver is located inside the booth. To get to the screwdriver you will need to find a way to enter it in some way. To enter it you will need to break the glass of the booth. Zoom in on the manhole cover and pick up the stick, break the glass with the stick.

Enter the booth, take the screwdriver, and open the right drawer. Inside the drawer, there is a block of wax, pick it up.

Go back to the fuse box and unscrew it and reattach the wires so that the red is connected to the red and blue to the blue. The electricity is turned on now.

Go back to the booth and flick the switch, the front door will open. Enter the park.

On the left side of the entrance check out the pile of stuff. Go to the large box that is placed diagonally to the far left, lift it up, and pick up a piece of string.

Go back to the room and open a box on the right side of the entrance right that is placed close to the window with the grating. Zoom in on the box.

On the box, there is a puzzle with a clown tap the middle part once and tap the top once. That will open the box revealing a key, pick up the key.

Right underneath the clown box, there is a trash bin, pick it up.

On the pile there is a big bag, the zipper on it is jammed, to release it, use a block of wax to make it easier to open.

Inside there is one part of pliers that can be used to cut the grate on the window and a large box to open this box you’ll need to enter the precise number combination on it.

Go back to the entrance and back into the booth. Use the small key that you acquired from the clown puzzle to open the drawer on the left, in the drawer there will be the other part of the pliers, above the desk there are two pieces of paper containing the solution to the box puzzle.

Combine the two parts of the pliers and open the box.

In the picture pay attention to the colors of numbers, those are the numbers that you will need to open the box. In it there is a hammer, pick it up.

Go back inside the park and cut the grate on the window with the pliers and go inside.

To the far left underneath the street lamp. And pick up the Iron bar along with the dirt that is right next to it.

Combine the dirt and the trash bin that you already have in your inventory. And throw it at the Lamppost above where you picked up the iron rod and dirt. The broken lamp will drop a knife, pick it up.

Now go to the right on the balloon booth, pick up the tongs

Underneath the balloons tap on the lower part of the booth and open the deformed piece of metal with the metal rod, there will be a box of nails underneath the metal, pick it up.

Go back to the room back and zoom in on the large box that is placed in the pile, the box is on the far left of the screen. Open the box with a knife. Inside there is a laser gun, pick it up.

Go back to the entrance and open the manhole cover with the metal rod.

There is a pack of batteries on the left side of the screen. Pick up the batteries and combine them with the laser gun.

Go back to the balloon booth and solve the balloon puzzle. This takes a little bit of reflex control, pop each balloon that has a key on it until it falls down and you can pick it up. If you miss, reset the whole puzzle since you won’t have enough battery power. Once you solve it, pick up the key. This key will help you open up a locked door in the sewer.

In the sewer, once you open the door there will be a pile of boards underneath a tarp, pick them up. Go back to the booth that controls the entrance gate and open up the trash bin with your knife. Inside it there is a piece of paper submerged inside a brown liquid, take the paper with tongs and dry it, on the light above the table.

The paper contains the solution to the puzzle in the sewer. We flipped it so you could solve it easily.

Once you solve the smile and star puzzle on the box, the box will open to reveal a hook.

Combine the hook with the rope that you have in your inventory and combine the boards with the hammer and nails, with those you will make an improvised bridge.

Go back to the inside of the amusement park. Next to the balloon booth, there is a body of water that you cannot cross, inside the water there is a notebook, pick it up with the hook and the rope.

This will give you more clues about the case and show you how the kids were kidnapped. Now go to the broken bridge and cross over the gap with the improvised bridge you just made. The end of the first section of the first chapter.

In the second section of the first chapter, you will enter into the amusing part of the Amusement Park you will be in front of the scary house that has the shape of the devil. 

You can interact with its eye and doors but you cannot do anything since you don’t have the key to the doors and the eye symbols are tied to a later puzzle. Next to the scary house there is a small ice cream truck inside it there is a rag, pick it up.

To the left of the ice cream truck, there is a metal lattice. On the far right there is a taped up entrance, tap on the tape and enter the partition with the carousel.

To the left of the carousel, there is an iron bar.

On the carousel the horse on the left has a key in his mouth on the far right of the carousel, the horse in the back has a horn on its head, pick it up.

Go back in front of the scary house and unlock the metal lattice. When going through the lattice door you will enter the space in front of the Ferris wheel, there is a door that leads to the power room and to the left of the doors there are the stairs that lead to controls and Ferris wheel cabins.

Upstairs there is a wrench and a can of gasoline pick those up. 

Go to the carousel and splash the gasoline on the stain that is in the center of the carousel. Wipe off the stain with the rag that you collected from the ice cream truck. The wiped stain will reveal the number combination “49172” for the power room underneath the Ferris wheel. 

Enter the power room, pick up the hook that is on the controls and the handle that is underneath the chair on the left, when trying to reach the handle a chair will be moved behind it, there is a compartment with doors and you can open it and take the car jack.

The handle that you found previously is used to open the fuse box. Inside the fuse box there is a fuse puzzle and the solution is represented underneath, tap the fuse underneath each number:

Once the power is back on you can use the controls that are upstairs to move the Ferris wheel. And here is the solution to the controls puzzle:

Once one of the cabins comes down, open it up with the Iron bar. Inside there is a box with a unicorn carving without the horn. Put the horn that you found on the carving. Inside the box there is a tire, pick it up. 

Go back to the ice cream truck, zoom in on it, and pick up a basket with screws with a hook that you have in your inventory.

You need to put the wheel on the truck, to do that you will need to raise it with the car jack put on the wheel and screw it in with the wrench.

Now push off the ice cream truck from the passageway. 

Behind the ice cream truck next to the passageway there is a kiosk with a box that has a picture puzzle and the solution is underneath:

Within the box, there is a screwdriver. 

Use the screwdriver to detach wings from one of the horses on the carousel.

Entering through the passageway you will get in front of the locked circus tent. There is a tear on it and you will need to find cutting pliers.

In front of the tent, you can find several items, on the curb next to the streetlamp there is a picture of a veiled woman holding a devil baby that is holding a dolls head that is a solution to the puzzle that you will come across.

On the non-working part of the streetlamp, you can take a piece of glass and to the right of the lamp, there is a hole if you tap on it several times it will reveal a handle, pick it up.

To the right next to the tent there is a locked latticed door, 

To the left there is a passageway that leads to the control room of a dysfunctional roller coaster, stairs to the left of the controls are destroyed and impossible to climb.

Right in the center of the room there is a table with a smashed tablet once you put it together it will miss a piece, the last piece is located on the floor to the right of the table next to a chair, when you zoom in underneath the missing piece there is a shovel, pick them up both. Put the missing piece on the table to solve the whole puzzle.

In the controls there are three containing safes and only one of them contains a coin of some kind. You need to input the password in the correct order of symbols, you will find the solution on the devil’s eye that is the entrance to the scary house. The order is from the top to bottom, triangle, circle, square, six-pointed star, pick up the clown badge.

Go back to the circus tent entrance underneath the streetlamp where there is something buried in the dirt and use the shovel to dig it up, it’s a lockpick, pick it up.

The lockpick is needed to open the lattice door on the right and the solution to the lock is presented underneath, tap them in the way they are numbered:

Once you unlock, enter the bumper car section.

Zoom in on the red bumper car and take the key from the doll’s grasp while cutting the string that encompasses the key with a piece of glass that you acquired from the lamp post.

Zoom in on the green car and take the doll’s head.

When you open the bumper car booth a box will fall out.

On the box, there is a number grid puzzle and additional numbers are presented on the table in the roller coaster control room. The puzzle is solved by subtracting the summation of the colored numbers from the numbers outside the colored grid.

Inside the box, there is a light that is a key to the house of horrors.

Go to the roller coaster control room and unlock the closet with the doll key. Inside there is a box with a number puzzle, the solution is on the bumper cars. The solution is “2049”, inside there is a matchbox, pick it up. 

Park Escape

Now go to the Ferris wheel control room. And insert the clown badge on the controls and turn on the power.

Once you exit the control room it will catch fire but on the outside upstairs the Ferris wheel cabins will light up in different colors that is the solution to the house of horrors:

Put the light that you’re carrying into the door of the scary house, and eight surrounding lights will light up. Change them to be exactly like the Ferris wheel lights. Once done the doors to the house of horrors will be open.

Zoom in on the veiled lady and place the dolls head inside the baby devil’s hands just like in the picture. The demons will turn around and three of them will have poses of three wise monkeys from Japanese lore but the fourth one is only laughing.

Put the wings on the left angel with a creepy smile, this will open small doors on both angels, light the candles inside of them. Combine both of the light symbols to reveal a symbol of a clock showing “7:15 AM”.

Once you solve this you will be informed that there is something different with the carousel. Once you return to the carousel there will be a pair of pliers on the ground right in front of it.

Go back to the circus tent and cut open the grid with pliers in the tent grid. Enter inside.

On the far right, there is a wheel, insert a handle into it and pull the ladder down. Climb up the ladder and pick up a small dolly.

On the right there is a round board with a throwing knife, pick it up and climb up the ladder on the left and cut the rope.

This will drop a hammer, pick it up.

Go to the roller coaster control room and look underneath the table. Put the little dolly to the right side of the clown and solve the puzzle by following the directions of the clown. There is no fixed solution to this puzzle, it will be random every time. The easiest solution will be to either write down all the clown’s movements or watch four commercials. The box will open revealing kerosine.

Go to the house of horrors and smash the head of the demon that is laughing, pick up the clock that is inside and move the numbers to show 7:15, this will reveal a password “45076” for the box that is located inside the circus tent on the left post. Once you punch in the numbers the box will open and reveal a lantern.

Combine the lantern with kerosene and matches.

You will need this lantern to go through the dark exit of the tent. In the last puzzle that is on the exit door, you need to place all the colored dots to their corresponding colored fields.

Once the door is open enter with the lantern equipped. The end of chapter 1.

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An interesting intro to this game that keeps you hooked on to what comes next.

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