In the first chapter of Park Escape our two protagonist investigators have gone through the Amusement Park and reached a Circus tent that had further clues as to what happened to the kidnapped children but one of the said investigators Liang Bowen entered alone into the second part of the circus tent and was knocked out by an unknown figure. His partner Han Qiuyu had gotten to the other side of the Park outside of the ruined carnival rides and that’s where chapter 2 begins.

In the first scene in front of the horse carriage to the far right, there is a pitchfork leaning on a bale of hay, take the pitchfork, while equipped, tap on the discolored part of hay, in it there will be a hammer, take it.

Go to the horse carriage you will see that it is locked, smash the door with the hammer and take the half of a crystal that is on the briefcase.

To reveal other secrets of the carriage you will need to find clues elsewhere. The gate in front of the carriage is locked,

the key to the lock can be found in the space to the left of the carriage.

In this section in front of a garage door and an animal cage, there is a utility pole and on it there is a key nailed with a piece of paper on which there is a written number: 2262.

The door on the far right is locked along with the cage in front of it. The garage door is locked and needs a colored liquid to activate the puzzle that opens the garage door. On the far left, there is a metal rim that was used as a circle of fire for training animals. But instead of fire, there is the second piece of the purple hexagonal crystal wrapped in metal wire, to get to that piece of crystal you will need to cut the wires.
Go back to the carriage space and enter the gate in the front with the newly found key in this backyard you will find a box on the left side of the scene with a number dial, enter 2262 in it and this will open it, inside there is a paper cutter, pick it up.

Go back to the garage door part, now you can cut out the crystal with the paper cutter, combine the two halves of the crystal.

Go to the fence where you found the paper cutter and destroy the rest of the damaged fence with the pitchfork and go through,

tap higher up on the scarecrow and place the hexagonal crystal on the badge that it wears, a crow on its shoulder will open its mouth and a test tube with colored liquid will come out. Take the test tube and use it on the garage door puzzle. Immediately you will be shown a pathway where the token with a drawn character should go, tap on the colored squares until you put three or more squares in a row, that would make them disappear and clear the pathway for the token to move across the pathway. Once solved the garage doors will open.

In the garage there is a red sports car in front of it there is a tool wall and to the far right there is a table with a laptop and an encryption machine, underneath the table is a broken electric saw.

In the sports car, there is a saw blade underneath the driver wheel, you can combine the saw blade with the electric saw.

On the passenger seat there is a jacket underneath it there is the car key, use the car key to open the trunk of the car.

Inside the trunk, there is a folding shovel in the middle, and next to it there is a box with a puzzle that requires each button to be placed in its corresponding symbol but it cannot move since it’s missing a button.

Take the wrench from the tool wall.

Now go back to the garage door part and cut open the animal cage with the electric saw. Inside the cage, there is a part of a key and pick up one of the steel pipes that was a part of the cage.

Go to the scarecrow and open the gear wheel with the wrench, the pole that holds the scarecrow will open and reveal a laptop charger within.

Opposite to the scarecrow there is a big pile of dirt dig in it with the folding shovel underneath the dirt there is a spring knob and underneath yet there is a letter written by a victim of its kidnapper, it says that it was caught for the fifth time by the clown.

Go with the spring knob to the carriage and put the spring knob inside the briefcase. On the briefcase, a puzzle of drawn children will appear, count the children, and hit the corresponding number of how many children passed each time. You will find the USB stick inside the briefcase.

Go inside the garage and plug in the laptop and the USB, the screen on the laptop will show a series of numbers that can correspond to a number on a clock “0405 1945 2315 1230. These numbers are the solution to the drawer puzzle underneath the laptop.

Move the clock hands on each dial corresponding to the numbers on the laptop screen, once solved the drawer will open and show a flashlight.

With the flashlight, you can solve the final puzzle of the carriage by lighting the flashlight and showing the writing on the wooden wall: IC ♡ BG.

This is the solution to the lock of the glovebox, but you will notice that the dial is number based not letter-based. But I is a ninth letter of the alphabet, C is a third letter of the alphabet, B the second and G the seventh. So the solution is 93 ♡ 27, once you open the glovebox there will be an insular cloth. Wrap the steel pipe with the insular cloth that you have in your inventory.

Go to the Scarecrow screen and pull out the electric wire from the pond and take out the second part of the broken key. Combine the two parts of the key, the key is used to open the door that is placed next to the animal cage in the garage door scene. Once Han Qiuyu opens the door you will transfer to play as Liang Bowen.

Liang wakes up alone in a tiled room right in front of him in the front wall there are two crosses and between them, there is a small X.

On one of the crosses there are four bananas

to the right of the right cross there are a bunch of planks, pick them up, next to the planks there is a sink with a faucet, put the planks inside the stove.

Inside the sink, there are two iron rods used for branding cattle.

On the far left inside a wooden box, there are a bunch of children’s clothes and inside the pile, there are small scissors take them.

To get out of the locked door you need to break the glass on the top, you can break it with one of the branding irons in inventory called “red hot iron”.

Liang will get out of the room into a hallway. In the hallway take the Y shaped iron right underneath the entrance to the room. On the left side right underneath the turned over armchair there is a “Magcard” an electronic key.

To the right side of the exit door there are a bunch of boxes inside there’s more children’s clothing, hidden inside the pile is a card with a solution to a future puzzle.

You can zoom in on the bottom of the armchair, to open it use the Y shaped iron inside you can find a magnesium alloy stick with which you can light a fire go back to the stove and light up the planks that you placed there, place the iron rod inside the fire and heat it until it turns orange.

Place the hot iron on the X between crosses in the stove room. Once you place the hot iron to the X it will reveal a honeycomb pattern, this is a puzzle, to solve it you need to tap on the empty fields and complete the order of numbers from 1 to 18, once you complete it the hexagon in the middle will open and reveal a key.

With this key, you can open the exit doors in the hallway. Once you exit the hallway Liang will notice that he is stuck in the abandoned wastewater plant that is located next to the Amusement park. This is the outside space with a motor.

On the right side of the screen on the floor, there is a music box, wind it and the pins will go underneath letters spelling “CANALIS” this is the solution to the box that is located underneath the sink in the first room of this second part of chapter 2.

Inside this box, there is a roll of elastic rope. On the part with the motor in front of the music box there is a door inside it there is a conveyor belt and a small rock.

To the right of this door, there is the smile puzzle blocking the doors to the fire hose.

The solution to the smiling puzzle is underneath:

This will give you an iron bar.

To the left of those doors, there is a box with four colored number dials, the solution to the puzzle can be seen on the drawn fruit all over this section. The four bananas on the cross in the sink room, seven cherries on the picture frame, three eggplants on the bucket in the hallway, and five green apples on the box that is tied to the motor.

So the solution to the box number puzzle is: “3754”. Inside the box, there is a canister of gasoline.

Put the conveyor belt on the motor and gasoline inside the motor and it will turn on pulling the large box off of a manhole, but the manhole is locked. To find the key you will need to break the glass bottle hanging from the ceiling in the motor section. To break the glass bottle you will need a slingshot, take the elastic rope and combine it with scissors, this will cut the elastic rope.

Combine the cut elastic rope with the Y shaped iron and rock.

Break open the bottle and take the key.

Open the manhole and go down to the sewers.

Pick up the screwdriver on the floor and open the small safe doors on the wall with the magcard and this will reveal an electric switch without the electric brake.

You will find the electric brake back in the hallway in the frame of the picture where five cherries were drawn, unscrew the frame with the screwdriver, inside the frame, there is an electric brake.

Now back in the sewers put the electric brake in the switch.

This will turn the lights on in the sewers. Go to the next part of the sewers to an open pipe through which water is pouring.

To pass through the sewer hallway you need to close the valve. You can close it by taking the red scarf from the floor close by and put it on the valve, additionally put an iron bar through the scarf and close the pipe.

To get to the next section of the sewers you will need to solve two puzzles that are on the pipes. Solve them according to the paper you found inside a box that was full of children’s clothing back in the hallway section.

When you solve the pipe puzzles a door will open in the chamber where you closed the valve.

Inside the next chamber, there is a children’s backpack, inside the backpack, there is a super excavator with a letter written by kidnapped children explaining how there are other children stuck in the wastewater treatment plant. The letter warns about the clown that chases down his victims and he knows where everyone is.

A white round box next to the school backpack has four fields and the solution is an addition of all dots on the different floor sections of the sewers.

The solution is:

Inside the round box, there is an intercom without an antenna.

The antenna is in the valve section and you can only reach it through the bars with the super extender.

Combine the intercom with the antenna and you will get in contact with Han Qiuyu. The end of the second chapter.

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Separate Two

Level Design


In this chapter we get introduced to the new mechanic where we play as two separate characters and it works quite well.

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