At the end of Chapter 6, a shaded man set the building on fire where the two fellow police investigators were looking for the kidnappers of children. Throughout this chapter, Liang and Qiuyu are trying to escape the burning building. In the first segment, you are in the role of Qiuyu, the only way that she can escape is upstairs but the stairs are gated up and to unlock it the gate needs power.

Enter the role of Liang and from his perspective pick up the dirty rag in the center of the room. To the left of the rag, there is a half-destroyed closet.

The closest compartment is locked with a number puzzle, on top of the numbers a clue is written “different”.

To the left of the locked compartment there is a book inside there are numbers written in bubbles.

In this puzzle, there is very little information and it should probably be called “The Same” since the only numbers that function as the combination are 17 and 44. And the only thing they share is that their additions are equal to eight, or maybe I guess they are different from all other numbers.

Inside the closet, there is a screwdriver head, pick it up.

Now go to the second section of this floor and go to the doors on the left.

On the doors, there is a simple puzzle in which you only need to move the upper three numbers by exchanging the places between two and one and the place where two is in the beginning with a three.

Inside this room, there is a clay pot containing a bag of laundry detergent to the right of the clay pot inside the same room there is a board with clues to a later puzzle.

In the same section opposite to the doors you just unlocked there is a second room. This room on the right is the laundry room.

To the left there is a set of faucets that are stuck in place, pay attention to the position of each faucet because they are a solution to a floor safe of the previous section.

Underneath the faucets there is a screwdriver handle, pick it up and combine it with a screwdriver head.

Go back into the previous section and tap on the floor safe and solve the Christmas tree puzzle by moving them in the positions of the faucets, take the tape that is located inside, go back to the laundry room.

To the right zoom in on the washing machines.

Repair the electric cable to the one on the left with the red tape that you just acquired. Put the dirty rag and the detergent into the same washing machine, this will reveal a clean shirt with a solution to a later puzzle.

Inside the washing machine to the right, there is a handbag with a marble puzzle.

In the marble puzzle, you need to place all the blue marbles inside the triangle while all the green ones should be on the outside.

Once you solve the marble puzzle take the tablet from the handbag and solve the equation as you see it on the screen.

This type of equation might seem strange to a western eye because of the placement of numbers. The number on top, 147 is the solution to the division of 3675 by 25 so in a western equation it would look like this: 3675 / 25 = 147.

All these numbers can help you solve a puzzle in the begging section of Liang’s part. Go to the untouched closet, the one next to the ruined closet.

Zoom in on the lock with several colored fields and solve the number combination. Use the numbers from the tablet; the combination is 472653.

Inside the closet, there are two objects hidden: a cross button and a manhole cover hook.

Now return to the laundry room and open the manhole cover with the hook and take out the brake knife.

In the section where you enter the laundry room right next to the laundry room doors there is an electric fuse box, unscrew it and place the brake knife.

This will activate the stairway doors on the Qiuyu side. To solve her puzzle you will need to connect all the dots and drag the lines through purple tunnels.

Once you solve the gate puzzle go to the next floor. In this section, you will see a safe in the middle of the room and a glass closet in front of a wall.

To open the closet the word English is a clue to the solution of the puzzle, but to get the combination you need to return to Liang’s perspective and go to the children’s drawings that were painted on the wall next to the doors that lead to a huge clay pot. The word English on the closet has a red E on it meaning that every first letter on Liang’s wall is a piece of the solution and the combination for the closet is: LJRELY.

Inside the closet, there are tweezers and a box with a grid puzzle.

The fields on the box are colored yellow, green, and red. A clue to the solution of this puzzle is located in the room with a large clay pot on Liang’s side.

To get the solution you need to count all the fields to the left of the red square. On the yellow rows, count all the squares on the right of the red square in green rows. In one of the yellow rows the red square is placed on the far left, this equals zero. The solution is 345103.

Inside the small box, there is the key to the safe that is in the middle of the room. Unlock the safe and take the red handle.

To the right of the closet, there is a yellow control console. Clean up the console with tweezers and place the red handle on it. The solution is shown by the turning sailor wheel. The solution is: down, up, right, left, up, down, left.

Inside there is a domino-like puzzle.

Turn the lights to look like the lines on the shirt that Liang washed a little while ago. Once solved this will turn on the power of the electric lock on Liang’s side.

There are several solutions to the lock puzzle but basically, you need to place all the orange beads in the orange squares and the pink bead inside the pink field. Once you unlock the gates climb up to the next floor as Liang.

Go to the couch and take the nails underneath the couch and an electronic machine.

On the opposite side of the couch there is a heap of trash, pick up a hammer from it.

Go to the next section and pick up a piece of huge scissors.

Pick up the broken ladders and repair them with nails and a hammer.

Between the scissors and ladders, there is a safe that needs a number combination to be unlocked, underneath the number dials there are several shapes. A clue for solving this puzzle is located on the wall next to the couch.

Flip the shapes in your mind or on paper to reveal the solution, and the solution is 3064. Take the water bottle from the safe.

On the sewing machine table, there is a gaming console, the solution is somewhat complicated to explain in words so follow the pictures below:

This will give you a half of a star shape printed on a translucent surface, take it. Go back to the couch section again and place the ladder underneath the Air Conditioner.

Climb up and take the second part of the huge scissors. Combine the two parts of huge scissors and use them to open the round furnace that is located opposite to the sewing machine table and take out the red hot key.

Place the red hot key inside the water bottle to cool it down.

Take the cooled key and unlock the drawer on the sewing machine, there you will find a clue to solving the Qiuyu’s gate puzzle.

Go to the laundry room again and take a round disc with led bulbs behind the radiator.

Now as Qiuyu go to the gates consulting the paper that Liang found in the sewing machine table and place the numbers so that every vertical and horizontal row adds up to 34.

Once you open the gates there will be a battery on the stairs, take it.

After this Qiuyu will disappear and you won’t be able to play as her. Now in Liang’s role go to the couch section and pick up the battery, combine it with the machine that you found on the couch, and combine the one half of a star that you have on the translucent material with the machine as well.

This will reveal a new puzzle and the clues are the gray dots.

To solve it you will need to count in how many shapes each dot is located. The red dot is inside two shapes, the orange dot is located inside four shapes, the blue dot is located inside three shapes and the green dot is placed inside six shapes. So the solution is: Red = 2, Orange = 4, Blue = 3, Green = 6. The machine will open to reveal a key.

Go to the next gated staircase and unlock the gates with the key.

On the last floor, there are several umbrellas on the floor, an electric fan, a wooden desk, and doors that are locked with an electric lock and require a letter combination to open them.

Tap on the yellow umbrella and open a purple stitch on it to reveal a small rectangular piece, take the small piece with you.

Go to the desk, take the corkscrew, take the glass shattering hammer from a shoe, and return to the desk.

Place the disk with led light bulbs on the middle paper fan and activate the fan in the middle of the room.

To activate the electric fan in the middle of the room you will need to tap the right color combination, look at how umbrellas are placed, this is the solution to the fan puzzle. Going from the furthest umbrella to the closest one to you the combination is green, blue, yellow, red.

This will activate the fan and the round disks will start to rotate to show the solution to the electric lock that is next to the doors, the solution is JIARUI.

Go down to the floor beneath, to the section with the sewing machine.

Unscrew the cork with the corkscrew and take out the umbrella shape.

To the right of the sewing machine there is another safe, place the rectangular button and a small umbrella in the missing slots, try out the buttons to see which activates which light and solve it, the solution is the same as the solution to the electric fan: green, blue, yellow, red.

Take the button that is on the inside and return to the uppermost floor.

Go to the door console, smash the glass with the hammer, and type in the password JIARUI.

Place the button that you found in the safe on the floor beneath and activate the next puzzle.

To the arrow puzzle, you will need to transfer all the blue arrows to the squares with blue outlines and all the yellow arrows to the squares with yellow outlines.

Once the doors are open Liang will come to the roof of the building only to see that Qiuyu is being kidnapped by someone with a helicopter, as they leave the chapter ends.

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After the building was set on fire the police investigators in a hurry try to escape it through the roof. Definitely one of the most dramatic chapter of this game.

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