In the fourth chapter of our Park Escape Walkthrough, protagonists, Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu managed to survive the encounter with the Clown and a Sniper. As they escape the Amusement Park they come to the place where the sniper rifle is located. In the first segment with the sniper rifle, the only thing you can do is pick up several acorns from a hole in a tree underneath the acorns there is a key with a yellow star on it, pick it up.

Go to the branch with a squirrel that holds tape in its paws and give her an acorn, the squirrel will drop the tape, pick up the tape.

Go through the opening in the guardrail to the next section.

You can open the briefcase with the key that has a star symbol on it. Inside the briefcase, there is a brush with powder, pick them up, and combine the two.

There is still a key inside the motorcycle ignition take the ultraviolet lamp that is strapped to the key as a keychain.

To open the large case underneath the motorcycle you will need to find the number combination with a fingerprint.

The number combination is located on a pipe stuck on a branch, once you zoom in on the pipe there is a piece of paper that has 4901 written on it.

The fingerprint is located on the gunstock of the sniper rifle, you will find it with the ultraviolet lamp and you can pick it up by applying powder on the fingerprint and take it off with the tape.

Now go to the large case and type in 4901 and apply the fingerprint from the tape. Inside the case, there is a CD.

Bowen and Qiuyu will go to the police station and place the CD inside a computer, this is where the second part of the fourth chapter begins. You enter a mini computer game and play as one of the kidnapped students. The goal of this section is to get out of the room through the doors that you came in.

Go to the box closest to the entrance and pick up the red gem.

Since you can’t pass the laser to pick up the key, go up the ladder and press the red button to open the door that leads to the large aquarium.

There is a piece of a blue gem inside the aquarium that is impossible to get to, for now. After the aquarium, you will pass various things near the wall but most of those are unusable for now. Cross the spiked floor once all the spikes are down, be fast, and pick up the green gem.

Go to the TV and play another game inside this game, go through the labyrinth as it is shown in the picture, be careful of the blue ghosts.

Once you solve the labyrinth game a platform with the Virgin Mary Statue will rise. Put the green gem in the green slot and the wall underneath the statue will open to reveal a red button and a water pump, take the water pump, and push the button.

By pushing the button a ladder will appear to the left of the TV.

Climb up the ladder and place the red gem inside the red slot.

This will drop a walking plank that will allow you to get to the statue, but before that, you need to get the baby statue that is placed on a raised Ionic column.

Go back to the part of the level that has a plant, to the right of the plant there is a switch, tap on it, this will lower the baby column and raise the one to the right side of the plant platform, on this column, there is a solution to the puzzle placed on the first box that you interacted with.

Pick up the baby statue and return to the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Once you place the baby in the arms a huge boulder will start dropping from the ceiling, unless you have godlike reflexes I recommend you go down the ladder and study the timing of the dropping boulders and pick up the watering can.

Go back to the aquarium and place the water pump next to it, the pump will suck in the gem piece, pick it up from the pump and gather some water. Water the plant and climb it up, once you activate the light the left column will rise again.

Go back to the left of the aquarium and down the ladder pick up the key that is located on the right side of the ladders.

Go back up to the column and unlock it, inside there is the second part of the blue gem.

Go back to the door from where you entered this game and solve the fan looking puzzle on the wooden box, once you open it take the last piece of the blue gem.

Combine all of them on the door.

Once finished a clown will appear and convince the kid to go with him. When the game ends the real-life Clown will appear on a video recording and taunt the investigators to come find the children at the address that he has sent to them at that moment. The apartment is the same as the one where the clown appears and calls on the investigators.

In the first segment of the apartment underneath the red phone, there is a fruit knife.

Next to the phone there is a sofa and on the sofa, there is a folded quilt, unfold it and cut into the red x that is painted on top. Take the part of the blue gem.

On the wall opposite the sofa, there is a TV with an unsolved puzzle and can be solved later in the level.

In front of the sofa there is a table, go close to the table and cut the apple in half with your knife and pick up the rolled-up paper, on it, there is a clue to the solving of the puzzle of the machine. To solve it you will need to count all the circles in numbers on the paper that you found inside the apple. The solution is 3426.

Inside the box, there are two keys.

The one on the left is used for opening the glass cabinet in the garden.

The cabinet has clues on its side that cannot be easily seen and on the front, underneath the glass doors, there is a puzzle with a missing stone piece.

Once you open it pick up the green bottle with plant nutrition.

Put the nutrition on the closed yellow flower that is located opposite the cabinet. Inside the flower, there is a one half of a star-shaped chip, pick it up. To the right of the flower pots, there is a broom, pick that up as well.

Return the key to the key puzzle and pick up the key on the right. From the main segment go upstairs and pick up a piece of a green gem from the trash bin.

To the right side, there is a yellow backpack, inside the yellow backpack there is a pencil box in one of the partitions there is a letter that explains how the children are fine and do like that they are with friends but they do miss their parents and the Clown said that he would go out of his way to call and talk to their parents.

The key that you picked up on the first floor will open the doors to the left.

Inside this room, there are several puzzles that you cannot solve right now because you don’t have any solutions for now. But the one that you can solve is the marble puzzle inside the closet.

The Solution is underneath:

Once solved the marble puzzle will reveal the other half of the star-shaped chip.

Combine the two parts of the star chip and put it into the game console that is located underneath the TV inside this room.

The TV will show the solution to the TV puzzle of the room in the first room.

Once you solve the TV puzzle from the first floor a drawer underneath will open to reveal the second part of the green gem.

Combine the two parts of the green gem and take it upstairs to unlock the door on the right.

Inside this room go to the mirror, underneath the mirror in the drawer there is a one half of a red crystal, on top of the vanity drawer there is makeup, take the powder and spread it on the mirror.

This will reveal a string of numbers 29467. This is the combination of the footrest of the room to the left. Inside, there is a second part of the red crystal.

Combine the two and create a whole red crystal.

Put the red crystal on the pencil case and take out the pencil.

While you’re in the room to the right you can pick up a crumpled piece of paper that is underneath the bed.

The footrest next to the bed has a splinter on its leg, cut it up with your fruit knife, and take the second part of the blue gem.

On the sheets of both beds, there is a string of symbols if you combine them they will spell out “ALIC”, this is the solution to the cabinet that is placed next to the bed of the room on the left. Inside there is a hexagonal metal block with a three-sided groove.

Go to the garden up to the side of the cabinet and place the paper with the pencil on the side, this will make a paper rub of the solution to the closet puzzle of the room to the right.

On this closet puzzle, the uppermost boy should be placed underneath the hamburger, the girls should be placed underneath French fries and the boy on the bottom should be placed underneath the apple.

Once open, take the lightbulb and the round stone.

Go to the bedroom on the left and place the lightbulb inside. This will give you the solution to the last puzzle of the garden cabinet.

Go to the garden cabinet and place the round stone on the door puzzle this is how you’ll solve the puzzle:

Inside the cabinet, there is a chained up and locked lunchbox.

The solution to the lunchbox lock is the number of petals on the flowers the number being 476.

Inside the lunchbox, there is the last piece of the blue crystal.

Combine all the pieces of the blue crystal and place them on the hexagonal metal block.

Go with the hexagram metal key block and unlock the cabinet that is placed on the second floor to the right. Once you open the cabinet inside you will find a fairly simple fish picture puzzle the solution is underneath:

Inside the cabinet there is the dairy of the clown or someone that is involved with him, this will give further clues as to where the children are hidden. At one point the children were moved from this apartment to the ninth floor of the Feiyun building. The end of Chapter 4.

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Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu managed to survive the encounter with the Clown and a Sniper and a really interesting small mechanic is introduced in a form of a side-scroller game and not losing any of the puzzle game mechanics.

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