The last Chapter of Park Escape begins with Liang waking up from his unconsciousness.

In his stupor, he asks Qiuyu where they are, in that moment Chairman Ma intercedes on behalf of Qiuyu and tells them that they are in his home and that he has set up a bomb that will kill them before they have the opportunity to prove any kind of crime against him.

For the first time, we are introduced to a new timer mechanic. Timing in this segment is crucial. On the table, there is a photograph of Mr. Ma with his daughter.

On the photograph, there is a paper clip.

Take it with you, go to the power box, and release the power button.

Once the power is on, the screen will show you two squares intersected.

You need to transfer all the red dots to the red square and all the blue dots to the blue square. Whenever you transfer any of the dots try to place them to the furthest part of their square so that the first transferred blue dots are the furthest from the red square and vice versa. Keep in mind that the dots can skip over each other if there is an empty field to jump to.

The doors to the next doors will open.

Enter inside and tap on the box in the middle of the room.

On it, there is a dial puzzle. Move the circles with lines on them and place them in such a way so that they align and complete the symbol.

On the inside, there is the bomb, now you need a pair of pliers to cut the wires.

Go to the closet, take a piece of pliers and a coat hanger.

Return to the first section and take out the second part of the pliers from the crack in the floor with the coat hanger.

Combine the two parts of the pliers and return to the bomb.

On the bomb, the solution is written out and the key to it is “seven = 5”. There are five letters in the word seven. Now count how many letters there are in each color of the wire, red has three letters, blue has four letters, green has five letters, yellow has six letters. Thus, cut the wires in the order of 5364 = green, red, yellow, blue.

Once the bomb has been defused the doors will open.

Once Liang goes through the doors a lattice will drop and separate Liang and Qiuyu once again.

As Qiuyu you will still be in the room with the bomb. A screen on the wall to the right a screen will turn on.

Go to the screen and tap on it three times so that the puzzle screen will turn on.

The clue to solving the triangle puzzle is hung on the left wall. The addition of two numbers on the bottom of the triangle and the multiplication with the top number is the solution.

So the solution to the yellow triangle is (4+3)*7=49, the solution to the blue triangle is (7+2)*3=27 and the solution to the purple triangle is (3+5)*2=16, so the whole password is 492716.

This will open the second door that was hidden behind the closet.

In this section, you will be free to transfer to Bowen any time you want, but for now, there are a lot of puzzles to solve in Qiuyu’s role.

On the floor, there is a newspaper dating from 2016 it’s the news of Mr. Ma’s daughter’s death in a car accident. The number two with red arrows is a clue to a puzzle of a small safe on the shelf.

Go up to the shelf and pick up a half of an apple token, a piece of tape, and one of the lollipops.

Zoom in on the small safe and look at how the arrows are placed, use the newspaper clue to get to the solution of each one.

The first row spells out 5, the second row is 2, the third row is 0 and the fourth row is 6, the password is 5206.

Inside the safe, there is a gold coin.

Go to the claw machine, place the lollipop as a handle, and insert the gold coin.

Push the lever so the claw goes away from you and place the claw above the box with the apple sticker. Be precise and place the claw in the middle of the box, if you’re off-center too much the box will fall away from the claw.

Pick up the second piece of the apple token and combine the two parts.

Go to the door and place the apple token in the apple-shaped hole.

Open the doors and enter the lab.

It’s dark inside the lab, go to the light switch and pick up the card with a flashlight card, flicking the switch will ignite sparks on the other side of the room.

Go back to the claw machine and place the flashlight card in the machine.

This will drop another box with a flashlight sticker, pick up the box, and take the flashlight with you.

In the lab light the right side of the room from where the spark came. This will light up the fuse box. Open the fuse box and turn on the fuse that turned off. The lights will turn on. And you will see the lab.

The window in the claw machine room is rusted shut to open it you will need to find some acid that will eat through the rust.

The acid is located in the lab on the table.

Place the acid on the window and open it.

Go to the lab again and on the black canister in the background, there is a honeycomb pattern.

Zoom in on the honeycomb and solve it.

Inside you will find a box with a pulley.

Close to the fuse box, there is a flowerpot with cacti, next to them there is one-half of pliers.

The cacti are a solution to a later puzzle, keep them in mind.

Now, enter Liang’s role, go to the picture on the far left wall.

Tap on the glass several times and take half of the pineapple badge.

And take a piece of glass from the floor.

Go to a box in the middle of the floor and cut up the rope, pick up the rope, and open the box.

Inside the box there is a second half of the pineapple badge, combine the two parts of the pineapple badge.

On the slot machine there is a screwdriver, take it with you.

Open the doors to the next room with the pineapple badge.

Inside the second room pick up the kid’s t-shirt from the small Ferris wheel and take the bucket from the floor.

Go to the rocking horse and unscrew the saddle, inside you will find a key.

Go to the table, open the drawer, and pick up the second half of the black and yellow pliers.

The showcase has a password and it involves cacti, as Qiuyu go to the lab and see how tall each of the four cacti is, that is the solution to the showcase lock.

Inside the showcase, there is an air pistol, take it with you. Underneath the table, there is a solution to the slot machine puzzle.

The doors require a number password and the solution is located behind the dirty spyglass.

Go to the window of the previous room and unlock the padlock.

Take the gear with you to the room with the rocking horse and place the gear in the small Ferris wheel.

This will activate it and you will be able to reach the grappling hook.

Combine the air pistol with the rope and the grappling hook.

Go to the open window and connect your window with Qiuyus window via rope, keep in mind her window must be open as well.

In Qiuyu’s role, go into the claw machine room and go to the window.

Place the pulley on the rope and place the tape inside, send it over to Liang.

As Liang take the tape and place the one-half of pliers along with the plastic bucket in the pulley, push it over to Qiuyu.

Take the one half of the pliers and the bucket, combine the two parts of the pliers, and with the complete pliers go to the lab.

Inside the lab go to the table and cut off the plug from the heating pad and send it to Liang.

As Liang repair the electrical cord of the slot machine with tape and a new plug.

The clues as to what you will get from the slot machine are placed in the room with the rocking horse.

On the slot machine, the skill stop button placed underneath the dials will help you stop the dials when needed.

The combination you need to get the cleaning liquid are detergent, water, and cleaning liquid. In this instance, the dials are rather slow so tap the skill stop button on the symbol before the one you need goes through the middle. So once the water symbol is in the middle tap the skills stop button and it will stop on the detergent. Tap the glass lens to get the water symbol, tap the detergent to get the cleaning liquid. Once done, the slot machine will open and give you the cleaning liquid.

Go with the liquid to the room with the rocking horse. Zoom in on the doors and clean the spying glass, wipe the dirt off with the clothes that you found in this room.

This will reveal to you a collection of white red and blue masks. There are seven red masks, three blue masks, and six white masks.

This is the solution to the password of the doors 736.

In the next room, there is a table to the far left and on it, there is a collection of solved Rubik’s cubes and a toy crocodile.

On the toy crocodile you need to solve the teeth puzzle, but it’s random and there are no similarities in the order of how it is solved across each playthrough, it is different every time.

We will place our solution but remember it will be different in your try.

This will open a section of the table and give you the crescent moon key.

Place the key in the doors, but the doors require a second key.

Underneath the red rug, there is a floor safe the dials are of different colors and they correspond to the colors of cube drawings on the lab pods.

As Qiuyu zoom in on each of the pods and count how many cubes are stacked on each of the drawings.

The password to the safe is 556.

Inside the safe, there is an X button that you can pick up and a DNA button, by pressing it you will open the doors inside the lab and Qiuyu can go further.

Inside the next room, a young woman is sleeping in the bed and she may be Boss Ma’s daughter.

On the bed right next to her there is a red yarn ball, take it.

Next to the bed, there is a huge aquarium, take the bucket and pick up some water with it.

Next to the aquarium, there is a safe with a color puzzle, the solution to it is located on the table with the crocodile toy where Liang is located.

The solution is red, blue, yellow, white.

Inside the safe, there is a button with a one, pick it up, next to it there is a locket with the name Joker inscribed on it.

Inside the locket, there is a picture of the girl that lies on the bed.

We found a corresponding locket earlier in the game with the name Helena inscribed on it and a picture of the Clown without his makeup and on the heart monitor the name Helena confirms that this young woman’s name is Helena.

It seems that this is the Clown’s girlfriend. In front of the bed, there is a leg rest, and it requires a password to be opened.

Above the number dials, there are a square, a triangle, a pentagon, and a circle all this corresponds to a picture on the wall on Liang’s side.

As Liang return to the Slot machine room and look at the picture on the wall. By looking at it you will be able to determine the value of each shape. Looking on the far right of the equation square plus triangle equals square which means that the triangle is 0. If the second number from the left is 0 that means that the first number from the left is most likely 1. All this means that the pentagon is either a 9 or an 8 if there was a transfer from the additions of the previous number. Since the third number in the solution is a 1 then most likely the pentagon is 8. 8 plus 3 is 11 then the square is 3. The square is 3, the triangle is 0, the pentagon is 8 and the circle is 1.

The solution to the leg rest is 3081, inside it, there is a button 7.

Go to the typewriting machine and take the gold-colored key.

As Liang send Qiuyu the X button, as Qiuyu pick up the button and send over the golden-colored key along with the bucket full of water.

The golden-colored key will unlock a compartment with a red button on the slot machine.

Pressing the button will update the Slot machine to include eyeglasses among the symbols on the machine dials.

Look at the solutions guide in the next room if you don’t remember how to get glasses from the slot machine. The solution that you need is glasses and two glass lenses.

This time the dials are a little faster so you will need to press the Skill stop button two symbols earlier. Press on the button when the detergent is in the middle of the dial this will stop the dial on the glasses, to get the glass lens you need to press the button once the cleaning liquid is in the middle of the dial. Once solved the slot machine will give you a pair of glasses.

Go into the mask room and splash the water from the bucket onto the burning flames inside the fireplace, pick up a piece of wood.

Go to the venting shaft place the t-shirt and a piece of wood on it and bend the lattice.

Take the magnet with you to the window and send over to Qiuyu the magnet and glasses.

As Qiuyu combine the ball of yarn with the magnet.

Go to the aquarium and pick up the tweezers from the bottom of it with the magnet.

The typewriter is a type of coding machine. Place all the buttons that you collected. There is a limited amount of buttons.

The puzzle works in such a way that the letter that will be printed on the paper is achieved by adding a certain number of letters underneath the letter that is already on the keyboard. For example, the fourth letter from the letter J is N, the seventh letter from the letter Y is F because there are no letters beyond the letter Z the machine starts counting from the beginning of the alphabet. Place the buttons in this way:

This will give you the solution to the typewriter puzzle and the solution is HELENA.

The typewriter will open and give you the second key to the doors.

In the room, there is a lock for exactly this key but the key cannot be placed inside the lock, because it needs to be cleaned first.

Just trying to clean it with tweezers won’t work, you need to equip the glasses first and extract a piece of metal with tweezers.

Now you can place the key inside, this will open the doors between Liang and Qiuyu.

Afterward, they need to chase after Boss Ma through the neighborhood in a simplified representation of a chase.

This chase can be quite random and there is no sure way that you can capture Boss Ma to the point that you can move in a certain pattern and it will never capture him and sometimes you will capture him on the first try. So we placed our successful run as an example which doesn’t mean that you will capture him in the same way but the basic notion is to corner him and force him to go your way by going in the opposite direction of him and then returning to catch him, never chase after him directly you will never capture him that way.

When you finally capture Chairman Ma, he seems confused and cannot comprehend that the girl in the bed is not his daughter. He seems in denial that his daughter died a couple of years ago.

After Boss Ma gets arrested, The Clown leaves a small clown doll next to his girlfriend, his mystery remains unsolved. The End.

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The final Chapter of Park Escape. After Liang wakes up out of his unconsciousness he and Qiuyu have to escape the mansion and capture Chairman Ma.

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