Once Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu finally get in communication with each other through walkie talkies, the third Chapter begins on the outside of the park for Qiuyu and inside the sewers for Bowen.
Beginning with Qiuyu in the first location the thing that sticks out the most is a doll with binoculars sitting on the swinging bench.

Take the binoculars and look at the lighthouse, it is showing a series of colors that will be significant in solving a puzzle for Bowen in the latter part of this Chapter.

To the right side of the walking street there is a green patch and zooming in on it you will see three holes and a water bottle between them one of the holes has a caterpillar and you will not be able to catch it unless you have something to plug up the other two holes, but you can pick up the water bottle.

To the right of the lighthouse scene you will go to the fountain scene to the right of the fountain there is a swing set and on one of the swings it a bag of baking soda.

In front of the fountain, there is a manhole cover and a locked yellow box.

Inside the fountain, to the left inside of it, there is a box with four arrows and no solution, for now.

To the left of the fountain there is a generator for a welding machine right above the generator there is a lattice, behind it there is a green lighter and on the lattice, there is a sign with hand-painted numbers 4275 which is a solution to a later puzzle.

Going back behind the Lighthouse back to the Garage door of the former Chapter you can pick up the key from the broken steel circle, underneath the circle inside the broken concrete pedestal there is something hidden but you can’t reach it for now.

To the right of the garage door on the electric pole, there is a raven that holds a locket in its beak.

Inside the garage, there is the old setup of the red sports car and to the right of the car, there is the table with the laptop and the encryption machine.

Inside the red car, there is the old puzzle box unsolved from the last Chapter, it is missing a button. Going back with the key to the fountain section you can open the yellow box and take the welding rod.

To progress further you will need to transfer to Bowen’s perspective. Bowen is in the schoolbag room, the one in which the walkie talkie was uncovered. In this first room, there isn’t anything useful for now.

Go to the room on the left and pick up the basket hanging from a red scarf,

on the floor there is a tarpaulin rag and underneath it, there is scotch tape, take them both, to the right above the door on the pipe there is a chisel, the door itself doesn’t have any electricity in it so it’s locked and the lock with digits doesn’t work.

On the opposite side of the door, there is an incomplete puzzle, and symbols on it look like they are from the sewer pipe puzzle of Chapter two.

At the bottom of the room, there is a puzzle with multiple drawings of birds, snakes, caterpillars, and fishes.

Go to the place where you entered the sewers and pick up a long red plastic stick.

Go back to the room with the door and pull down the chisel with the large red stick.

Take the chisel into the hallways where pipe puzzles are located and take the tiles that have symbols that are missing in the door room. Take the horizontally placed dots and three horizontally placed dots underneath which there is a horizontal line.

Once you solve the puzzle behind the tiles there is a ladder.

Take the ladder and place it underneath the pipe hole in the room with the valve.

Inside there is a puzzle with colored buttons and you can solve it through watching the lights on the lighthouse. The light sequence goes like this: three times red, five times green, three times blue, two times yellow, and four times red. The colored panel will rise to reveal a bamboo rake and a gas torch.

Combine the rake with scotch tape and the large stick.

In the schoolbag, room take the toy fishing rod and a glass bottle that is hanging from the ceiling with the elongated rake. Open the glass bottle and take out the paper. Inside the paper, there is a solution to the box with arrows.

Go back to Qiuyu and take the box from the trashed Fountain.

The solution is up, up, down, down, left, right. Inside the arrow box, there is a hook.

Take the hook to open the manhole cover

and go to the garage door section and under the broken hoop there is a welding electrode holder called “welding jig”.

Combine the welding electrode holder with the welding rod and go to the fountain section,

to the left of the fountain there is the generator for welding, connect the welding electrode holder with the generator and use it on the lattice above the generator. Once open take the lighter behind the lattice.

Go to the lighthouse section and burn the bales of hay that block the road.

In the next section there is an ice cream truck to the right side of the ice cream truck there is a blue container with a circular opening containing a rope, take the rope.

Inside the ice cream truck, there are two bottle corks, scissors, and a white paper to the side of the truck.

Combine the water bottle with baking soda and splash on the white paper to reveal the solution to the bird, snake, fish, cat, caterpillar puzzle.

To the left of the ice cream truck, there is the puzzle on the shore, you need to get to a bag with the toy fishing rod.

Go back to the lighthouse section on the grass there is the caterpillar with holes, plug the holes with corks and take the caterpillar.

Take the caterpillar to the garage door and place it on the electric pole to make the raven let go of the locket that he is holding in his beak. Inside the locket on which it’s written “Helena”, there is a picture of a young man, tapping on the edge of the picture a button will be revealed, a missing piece of the box that is inside the trunk of the red sports car.

Place the button on the box and rearrange the buttons so they fit on their designated places, the box will open to reveal an insecticide, pick it up.

Now go back to the fountain next to the manhole. Throw down the manhole binoculars, insecticide, scissors, and rope.

As Bowen pick up the items that Qiuyu had thrown to you.

Combine the tarpaulin and scissors to make a usable piece of tarpaulin.

Combine the rope with the basket, and with the roped basket combine the cut up tarpaulin and the gas torch called “Easy Flamethrower” making a hot air balloon.

Put the toy fishing rod in the air balloon and let it go in the door room so Qiuyu can get it top side next to the fountain.

From the perspective of Bowen look at the picture of a boat behind a lattice in the sewers, look at it with binoculars. The boat has several symbols painted on the side of it, this is the combination that you need to activate the strange encryption machine in the garage.

In the role of Qiuyu, go to the garage and solve the encryption machine puzzle, the code is square, star, circle, rhomboid.

Someone will talk to Qiuyu thinking that they are talking to the Clown but once they find out it’s not the Clown they threaten that they will send someone over to eliminate you, Qiuyu distressed says everything she heard to Bowen. As Qiuyu go to the fountain and pick up the toy fishing rod, with it go to the beach next to the ice cream truck.

On the far right side of the beach on a cliff there is a travel bag, point the hook of the fishing rod to the bag, you will probably pick a crab or a clam, don’t worry as long as you pick up the bag.

It turns out there is a pocket learning machine inside the bag. Type in the machine the numbers that are written on the lattice 4275 to reveal the password for the locked doors in the sewers.

To power up the doors in the sewers you need to solve the bird, snake, cat, fish, caterpillar, solve the puzzle in this direction or just follow the picture below:

Once the doors are powered up type in the password: APXPM on the keyboard next to the doors, the doors will open to a room with huge steel doors that are the large entrance to the sewers.

To the left of the large steel doors on the wall a solution to the yellow school backpack puzzle.

Go to the backpack room of the sewers and this is the solution to the puzzle:

Inside the backpack there is a mold for a key.

Back to the room with the huge doors and look close to the wasp nest, spray the insecticide on them and take the bottle of liquid metal that is placed in the crack of the wall.

Combine the vial of liquid metal with the key mold to create a key.

With the key power up the puzzle to the right of the steel doors and solve the puzzle like in the pictures.

This will open the large steel doors, once Bowen comes outside the Chapter ends.

In the end cut-scene, the clown appears in a dramatic way pointing a gun to Bowen’s head only to explain how he didn’t kidnap the children but that they followed him, he refused to surrender and just goes away, the cut-scene ends with a sniper crosshair aim at Bowen’s head. The end of Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3 takes the mechanics of two playable characters and introduces more complex puzzles. In this chapter we finally meet the notorious clown.

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