While Liang and Qiuyu were escaping the burning building Qiuyu got captured by a secret organization that is involved in everything tied to this case. Liang somehow found out where their gathering was and went to investigate. Through this chapter, Liang needs to gather all the clues in his notebook to complete this chapter and find out the conspiracy behind children kidnappings and Qiuyu’s location. In the first section of the 8th chapter, Liang is at the front gates of a mansion.

Take the box that is located next to the gates.

Hidden in the grass to the far right there is a piece of a jade disk. To the far left in front of the tree, there is another piece of the jade disk.

The third and final piece of the jade disk is located inside the black box that you found in the beginning.

The solution to the box puzzle is presented on the balloons and the wall, from left to right the solution is. Red<Yellow<Pink<Green

Take the last piece of jade and go to the left of the gates to the round dent in the wall. Place all the jade parts in the dent and activate the gate.

To open the gates you need a number password. The solution is located on the vine that surrounds the tree on the left. Zoom in on the vine leaves. On each leaf, there is a number except for the brown and yellow leaves. You will see that leaves are connected with a spider web. Adding every number horizontally will give you the solution to the left leaf underneath that is connected by a spider web.

On the uppermost leaves, there are 27 and 45 they are connected to 18. To get to 18 you need to add all the numbers individually 2+7+4+5=18. So the solution to the red leaf is derived from 21 and 36, 2+1+3+6=12 the solution to the yellow leaf is derived from 7 and 19, 7+1+9=17. The password to the gates is 1217.

This will open the gates.

Inside the house, Liang will be greeted by a maidservant.

Behind the maidservant underneath the stairs, there is a battery and a shoe. Inside the shoe, there is a bone.

Moving on from the foyer and into the guest room to the left where all guests are sitting.

Zoom in on the sitting dog and place a bone in front of it. The dog will drop a piece of a winding key and take the bone. Pick up the one half of a winding key.

Right next to the dog a blond woman is sitting, she promises to give Liang her badge in exchange for a cup of coffee.

On the other side of the table, the bald guy will give Liang a casino chip in exchange for a Cuban cigar that is located inside a small box on the table.

To the left of the guest room, there is a pool section.

Between two sunbeds there is a small table with a strange little device with five covered up fields.

Take off all the covering chips and take one half of a casino chip with you, the rest reveals numbers relevant to a later puzzle.

On the sunbed to the right there is a console controller, take it with you.

Close to the water, there is a duffle bag, open it and take the piano toy.

Inside the pool on the bottom there are a small screwdriver and a color puzzle with a grid, just follow the instructions below to solve the color puzzle, and pay attention to the air bar.

When solving this puzzle this will open a floor compartment next to the pool.

Take the electric key and the second part of the winding key.

Combine the two parts of the winding key, place the battery in the electronic key and unscrew the joystick from the game controller.

Go back into the guest room and activate the small console that is located on the table by placing the controller on it.

To solve the console puzzle you need to transfer all the angels and devils from one platform to another across a body of water. The maximum amount of people inside the boat is two and someone needs to be inside the boat to steer it across the waters. You should never make the angels a minority next to the devils or they will be killed, so be very careful. This is the solution, step by step:

Once you complete the game take the chip from the console.

Above the blonde lady on the wall, there is a power button.

Click the electronic key and turn on the TV.

This will reveal an equation that needs to be solved but the solution is not obvious.

Go to the foyer and into the dining room that is located to the right. Zoom in on the picture with a cut-up sheep. This will show you a 3 inside a triangle equals a 1 and 8 inside a square equals 2.

This means that each number inside a geometric shape should be divided by the number of angles on the shape. Going back to the guest room puzzle, 96 inside a triangle is 32, 25 inside a pentagon is 5, 18 inside a hexagon is 3, and 48 inside a square is 12. The equation is 32*5+3*12 and this equals 196.

Once solved the small compartment will open to reveal a letter, the first clue to solving the case.

The letter contains information about a patient that is in a coma and is addressed to Mr. Ma.

Go to the dining room. In the dining room, there is a box placed on one of the chairs.

To solve the box puzzle you need to wind up the toy piano with the winding key, this will give you the solution to the box puzzle but in reverse. Follow the numbers from right to left on the picture below and solve the box puzzle.

Inside the box, there is a plastic card without a chip and someone’s diary. Upon reading the diary Liang will now have the second clue to solving the case.

In the diary someone has fallen ill and went unconscious, the writer of the diary is determined to help them.

Take the plastic card and combine it with a chip and use the card to unlock the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there is a suitcase on the floor.

The combination is the number of plates that are located in the dining room table.

The password combination is 426. Inside the suitcase, there is a wax candle in the shape of an apple.

Inside the sink, there is half of a doorknob.

Take the apple-shaped candle and place it inside of a wall oven and turn it on.

Take out the one part of the key from the candle.

On the table next to the clerk there is a box with a grid, pick it up.

On the grid, there is a lightbulb puzzle.

The light of each light bulb shines only horizontally and vertically and the light is blocked by dark gray squares and light from other light streams. You need to shine on each of the dark gray squares with numbers from a certain angle until the number reaches zero. But the puzzle is truly solved when all the light gray squares are illuminated. Place the lightbulbs as you see in the picture and you will solve the puzzle:

Inside the box, there is super glue.

In the foyer, there is a cabinet that has a number puzzle. Above the number dials, there is a hexagon with two eyes in it and that equals 4.

That means that you need to subtract the number of eyes from the number of angles on the geometric shape. Underneath each of the number dial of the puzzle, there is a roman numeral. On every picture that presents a clue to this puzzle, there is a roman numeral. The clue to the first roman numeral is placed in the dining room, the two eyes within a square meaning the solution is 2.

The second is placed in the foyer. Two eyes are placed inside a shape with 7 angles meaning that the solution is 5.

The third picture is located inside the guest room to the far right wall. Inside a shape with five angles there is one eye, the solution is 4.

The solution to the fourth and final numeral is located in the kitchen to the wall on the right inside a nine angled shape there are two eyes, the solution is 7.

Type in the solution 2547, this will reveal a knife on the inside, take the knife with you and go to the kitchen.

Cut the fish on the table in half and take a part of the key and combine it with the piece you already have.

This key can be used to open the storage cabinet in the dining room.

Inside the cabinet, there is the second part of the broken doorknob.

Glue the two pieces of the doorknob and go into the kitchen, use it to open the door to the right, and enter the gambling room.

Left of the drinking bar on the wall there is a small picture, tap on it and take the magnet with you.

A Mahjong table is located to the right close to the entrance.

To the left, there is a Black Jack table and above this table, there is a dartboard.

Take the white dart from the center.

On the bar, there is a coffee machine but it lacks coffee and milk.

You can get the milk from the clerk in the kitchen in exchange for an electric mixer which he calls a whisk.

Go to the dining room and open the other part of the cabinet with the white dart and take out the electric mixer and the second part of the casino chip.

Glue the two parts of the casino chip. Give the mixer/whisk to the clerk and he will give you a bottle of milk.

Go to the foyer and take the Mahjong piece with the magnet that you acquired through a glass hole.

In the foyer, there is a second cabinet that is unopened.

The clue on the cabinet looks like a dartboard, that will come into play in a bit but first, you need to solve the three numbers that are marked with colored question marks.

Look at each of the triangle fields that the question marks are placed. Especially the triangles placed on the opposite of them.

Add all the numbers of the opposite triangles. Each of the additions is the same as the triangles with question marks. So the addition of the triangle with an orange question mark is 13 and the orange number is 4. Keeping all of that in mind the solutions to the turquoise number is 9 and the yellow is 2.

The solution to the rest of the puzzle is located on the dartboard of the gambling room. Look at the color of each dart and compare that to the dartboard illustration in the foyer.

The purple is 6, the pink is 1 and the green is 3, all this gives the final solution to the cabinet puzzle 629413.

Inside the cabinet, there is a power button and the chandelier remote control.

In the guest room on the pillar left to the guests, there is a strange shaped hole where the power button fits.

Inside the pillar, there is a safe in the shape of a book and another Mahjong piece.

Inside the book safe, there is a number puzzle and the immediate clue to the solution of it is in the book itself showing that the addition of all four numbers equals the fifth number in the center.

Each of the three combinations on the right of the book has a connection to a clue that is represented in various rooms. The first clue is in the chandelier, the second is located on a board on the sunbed next to the pool, and the third is in the gambling room on the wall.

From the top to bottom numbers are 6, 7, 8.

Inside the book, there is the third clue to the solution of the case.

The Joker cheated the writer of this paper in some way, and it seems that the children are called samples and despite the Jokers con there are more “samples”, which means that the cops haven’t saved all the kidnapped children.

In the gambling room put the missing Mahjong pieces on the table and move them so that the pieces count in order from 1 to 9.

Inside the Mahjong table, there is a sack of coffee beans and a piece of wood with a strange shaped hole where a badge should be placed.

Go to the coffee making machine and make coffee.

Bring the cup of coffee to the blonde lady in the guest room and in exchange she will give you a badge.

Go back to the gambling room and place the badge in the Mahjong table and take the small key with you.

Return to the guest room and open the white box on the table that contains Cuban cigars.

Take a cigar and give it to the bald man in exchange he will give you a casino chip.

Now go to the gambling room again and go to the Black Jack table.

Put the two casino chips in the table. This will activate the machine but you still need the solution, with the card that you found on the table go to the dining room to the window.

With the help of the card and the window writing, you will determine that the solution to the puzzle is Red = VI(6), Orange = VII(7), Green = IV(4). When you tap on each dial on the machine of the Black Jack table the other two dials move so pay attention to how you move them, here is the solution below:

Once you solve the Black Jack table puzzle it will give you a smartphone with a plethora of text messages. The messages come from people who kidnapped Qiuyu, they also think that Liang died in the fire, the receiver of the messages says to lock up Qiuyu in the mansion where Liang currently is until it’s confirmed that Liang is dead. This confirms that the mastermind behind the whole kidnapping operation is Chairman Ma the owner of the mansion.

The end of chapter 8.

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After Liang manages to escape the burning building from the previous chapter he investigates the house of Chairman Ma to look for clues of Qiuyu's location.

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