After Liang finds out that Qiuyu is trapped somewhere inside the large house. He waits until 3 AM and returns to the mansion. In front of the front gates, there is a guardian dog and you cannot get close to the gates.

In the patch of grass to the far right, there is a mouse hole.

Go to the left underneath the tree and pick up the mousetrap.

On the tree, there is a wine with the gate password puzzle from the previous Chapter. On the wine there is red fruit, take it and combine it with the mousetrap.

Go to the mouse hole and place the mousetrap.

Once a mouse is caught take it with you and throw it in front of the dog. The dog will chase after the mouse and leave the gate unguarded.

Type in the gate password that you found in the last chapter 1217.

Inside the foyer take the robot vacuum cleaner, it’s battery is depleted.

You will notice that the doors to the guest room and the dining room are closed and locked with electronic locks.

The locks require cards to unlock them. In the middle of the foyer, there is a safe box that cannot be opened for now.

Between the doors to other rooms, there is a cabinet that you unlocked in the last chapter.

Open both of the compartments, take the box with a puzzle lock on it, and a one half of a four-leaf clover key.

You can climb up the stairs now. In the anteroom to the right underneath the deer head, there is a shelf.

In the shelf, there is a doll leg.

On the shelf, there is a blue bead on top of a candle holder.

Underneath there is a drawer filled with lemons, pick one of the lemons.

Right across on the wall there is a picture of flowers, tap on the flower and the picture will lift up and behind it, in a square hole in the wall, there is a locked red box.

On top of the red box, there is a letter and the message on the inside is: See the light of the secret.

This means that you need to find an ultraviolet light source to read this letter. The solution to the box lock is placed on the wall at the bottom of the anteroom next to the door on the right.

There is a pentagon with colored triangles in it. Each color corresponds with a colored field on the red box.

The password to the red box is 42422. Inside the red box, there is a door key.

Unlock the doors on the left that are closer to you.

Inside the bedroom, there is a bed, on top of the bed there is a locked suitcase with two arrows as a clue to the solution of the suitcase password.

To the right of the bed, there is a drawer, next to the drawer there is a closet. Go to the drawer to the right of the bed.

Open the drawer and take the power cord with you, combine it with the vacuum cleaner, and plug it in the anteroom right on the shelf.

Once the vacuum cleaner is turned on a display on it will turn on and show arrows placed in various ways.

This is the solution to the suitcase on the bed. Look at how the arrows are framed on the suitcase and place those frames on the arrows.

With this, you will see that the password is 4053. Inside the suitcase, there is a flashlight and a closet key.

Unlock the closet and take the smile tile.

Place the smile tile on the box that you found in the foyer. The solution is placed on the floor in the anteroom:

Inside the box, there is a huge battery with a blue card key.

Place the battery inside the flashlight.

Open the second part of the closet to find a locked safe inside. You will need to find a clue to open the safe.

Go to the foyer and open the doors to the guest room.

Right in front of the armchair, there is a piece of a walking stick.

To the left, on the pillar, there is a strangely shaped power button, press it.

Inside the pillar, there is a yellow bead and a red round box.

The solution to the puzzle is written on the letter that you found upstairs. Use the flashlight on the letter, in the bottom left corner there is the solution written in red ink, the solution is vugt.

The letter itself is attributed to Mister Ma. And it was probably written by a scientist that is researching the medication for a sick person that Mr. Ma is taking care of. The person who had written this letter requires more test subjects for their experiments. Now return to the pillar and the round red box and type in vugt.

Inside the box, there is a round button.

On the table of the guest room there is a piece of cake on it there is a red bead.

Underneath the table, there is a box with a bead puzzle. Place the blue, yellow, and red beads on the box.

For this puzzle, I would suggest you watch four commercials since it is rather tedious to solve. But if you want you can follow along with the video. Inside the box, there is a wireless electronic key for the safe on the wall that has a large power symbol on it.

Inside there is the puzzle from the previous chapter and the solution is 196.

Inside there is a scroll and a box.

Inside the scroll, there is a solution for the closet safe in the bedroom.

Once solved take the red card with you.

Go to the entrance of the dining room.

Inside the dining room, there is a juicer. You need to plug it in and place the lemon inside, turn it on, and take the lemon juice with you.

Pull out the chair on the right from underneath the table and take the hairdryer.

To the left of the table open up the cabinets that you unlocked in the previous chapter. Inside the closer cabinet, there is a small safe.

Inside the one that is located further away from you, there is a green ball and another piece of the four-leaf clover key.

Return upstairs to the anteroom and unlock the door to the left further down the hall.

Place both of the pieces of the four-leaf clover key inside the hole designated for it.

Behind the door, there is a projection room with an old school projector.

Next to it, there is a shelf with a fruit knife, take the fruit knife and cut up the ball that you got from the dining room and take the button.

Place the missing button on the cabinet doors and press the buttons in the right sequence.

Inside the cabinet, there is a shovel and a small clock arm.

Place the clock arm in the clock.

Zoom in on the old projector and take the small tile with a candy illustration.

Go to the bedroom and cut up the pillow with the fruit knife.

Inside the pillow, there is a projector handle and a solution to the foyer safe puzzle.

The clue paper shows that multiple circles inside each other equal four.

In the foyer on the safe itself, there is a rectangle, a triangle, and a hexagon drawn on it just like on the paper.

The number of rectangles is 7, the number of triangles is 24 and the number of hexagons is 5 meaning the complete password is 7245.

Inside there is a doll arm.

In the guest room go to the candy puzzle box and place the candy tile on the puzzle. Place all the candy tiles in their designated places.

Once open inside there is a head of the walking stick. Combine the head of a walking stick with a walking stick.

Go to the entrance to the house and dig on one of the grass patches.

Inside the dirt, there is a film reel.

Return to the projector room. Go to the projector, place the film reel, and the handle on the projector. This will activate the projector.

At the bottom of the room drag down the projector canvas with the walking stick in a different position, the circles will show IV and VII.

Once you completely drag down the canvas there will be a larger clock arm at the top of the canvas.

Place the small clock arm on VII and the large clock arm on IV. The clock will open and give you a card key to open the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, in the bathtub, there is a mangled clown doll, next to it there is a dirty towel.

In the mirror, there is a clue spelling out LIFE.

Underneath the mirror in the sink, there is a small key.

Next to the sink, there is a toilet, flush it, and take out the soaked piece of paper, dry it with the hairdryer.

In this paper, there is a clue to opening the cabinet underneath the sink.

While looking at the paper you can get to the solution and the solution is E² – F².

Take the toothbrush.

Go to the shower and try to open it. The slide of the door is rusted.

To clean it pour some lemon juice and clean it with a toothbrush this will free up the shower doors.

Once you open the shower cabin there is a box that needs a combination written on the dirty wall, you cannot clean up the wall with a dirty towel.

To clean it you need to turn on the water in the sink but the faucet lacks a handle. The handle is located in the floor safe in the bedroom. You have the small key that you found inside the sink.

Take the handle and return to the sink, fill it up, and clean the towel.

Return to the shower cabin and clean the wall.

The solution to the puzzle of the box is AUJIRAK. Solve the puzzle just like in the pictures below:

Inside the box, there is a doll’s eye.

Go into the dining room to the safe in the cabinet.

The password is LIFE, the clue that was written on the mirror in the bathroom.

Inside there is a teddy bear with a large red nose, cut off the nose with the fruit knife.

Return to the clown doll in the bathroom and put it back together.

Once it’s finished the doll’s eyes will flash green and the doll’s mouth will open to reveal a key. This is a key for the last unopened door.

Once Liang opens the door the chapter ends. In the last cutscene of the chapter, Liang sees Qiuyu tied up sitting on the floor and someone knocks him out with a baseball bat.

The end of Chapter 9.

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Saving Han Qiuyu

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After he found the location of Qiuyu, Liang breaks in to the house of Chairman Ma at 3AM to find and free Qiuyu.

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