In the sixth Chapter, police investigators question rescued kids, and with that information get closer to find out who is the boss of the Clown, the one who was the true mastermind behind the kidnapping of children. In the first part of this chapter, Qiuyu is talking to children that explain to you where they were located. In this puzzle you need to connect all the parts of a large picture that will show you the Tongzilou building.

In the first section smash the flower pot that is located to the far left corner right next to you. Pick up a key from the dirt.

Right above the pot, there is a pile of boxes, on top of one of the boxes there is a knob, take it.

With the key, you can open the doors to the right that is closest to you.

Inside this apartment, there is a table next to a bed.

On the table, there is a cup next to a strange console/computer.

To the right of the table uncover the sheet from the bed. Solve the bed puzzle as it’s displayed:

Inside the bed, there is a teapot next to a locked box. Take the teapot.

To the right of the bed, there is a kitchen, go inside.

Fill up the teapot with water and go to the stove, place the knob in the stove and place the teapot on the stove, boil the water.

Open the refrigerator and take out a metal box and solve the puzzle, take out the pliers and extract a metal wire from the box.

Go back to the room with the bed and use the wire on the lock of the metal box.

On the table next to the bed there is a solution to the metal box puzzle, use it, and open the metal box.

Move the jeans and take out the black handle.

Go to the table and pour the boiling water inside the cup, this will give you a reference to how to solve future puzzles.

Underneath the clock arms that show 11:05, there is 11 and underneath 2:00 there is 24. Look carefully what numbers the clock arms are pointing at, and multiply them. For example on top of the number 11 clock arms are showing 11 and a 1, multiplying those two gives you an 11. On top of 24, the arms are showing 12 and a 2 multiplying them equals to 24. Now go to the doors of the apartment that is left of the apartment where you have just been.

The clock arms on the lock are showing 12 and a 5, 8, and a 4. The solution to this lock is 6032.

In the second room, there is a pile of trash, a desk, and a shelf. In front of the pile of trash, there is a flask with a green liquid.

On the desk, there is a suction cup and a toolbox. Take the suction cup and leave the box for later until there is a clue to the solution of the password.

Combine the black handle and the suction cup.

Go to the shelf use the suction cup on the creepy cat doll and remove a red component.

Go to the steel gate that is barring off the stairs to the second floor. Place the red component on the puzzle, this will activate it. Place all the components of this electric labyrinth just like in the picture beneath:

On the second floor, there is a Camera, underneath it a sticky red liquid has been smeared all over the wall in it there is a piece of paper that has Adventure Land written on it and a string of numbers underneath those words, every letter is corresponding to a number underneath it, this will give you the password for the toolbox lock.

In the middle of the hallway on the second floor, there is a metal cart. The clue to the cart puzzle is on the wall and the solution is pictured underneath.

Inside the cart, there are two vials one is filled with a yellow fluid the second one is filled with red fluid and a paper with a solution to the refrigerator puzzle.

You cannot open any of the doors on the second floor for now. Keeping in mind the Adventure Land clue you can solve the toolbox puzzle on the first floor. The password to the toolbox is “ETERNAL”.

Inside the toolbox, there is a glass cutter without a blade and a crowbar.

Use the crowbar to open one of the boxes in the hallway of the first floor and take the frying pan.

Return to the refrigerator and solve the password according to the paper that you got from the metal cart.

Take the ice block and place it on the stove inside the frying pan. Take the diamond blade and combine it with a glass cutter.

Climb up to the second floor and go to the latticed window that is next to the brown door.

Cut open the window and enter the room. Inside the room, there is a lab where you can mix up the various colored fluids that you carry with yourself in the vials.

On the first floor inside the apartment with the toolbox, there is a box with clues as to how to get different concoctions of fluids.

To the right of the doors, there is a metal closet where both higher and lower compartments are locked.

To the right of the closet, there is a metal table and on the table, there is a machine that mixes the various liquids that you have with you. Next to it, there is a bottle filled with gray liquid and a cell phone. Call the number that is displayed on the window: 97722652547. This will open the locked box on the far right of the table and reveal a key.

And to the far right of the room, there is a huge blue screen. On it, there is a screen that confirms the old system of clock arms multiplying each other so the clock arms on the upper symbol point to 12 and 3 their multiplication equals 36. The lower symbol clock arms point to 6 and 9 multiplying those two equates 54.

So on the upper part of the metal closet of this room has a symbol that points to nine and 12, multiplying those two will give you the password to this door and the password is 108.

Inside the closet, there is a vial with a blue liquid.

That’s all the liquids you need to solve all the chemical puzzles. To get the P chemical that is needed to open the lower part of the metal closet you need to combine blue and red liquid in the machine.

Pour the P liquid in the chemical lock, once the lower part of the closet is open take the small key with you.

In the hallway of the second floor open the gray doors with the large key that you got from the cell phone box.

Inside the other room, it looks like a doctor’s office.

Inside the doctor’s office, there is a bed with wheels, a metal briefcase, a table, and a locked door that is locked with a chemical lock. On the table, there is a book with a chemical lock. To unlock the clue of the book you need the N concoction.

The N concoction is made through mixing green, blue, and red fluids.

Once mixed use this concoction to get the clue for the metal briefcase password.

The clue will reveal how the circle to the right should be placed. Once solved with the clue you will be able to solve the briefcase password.

The password to the briefcase is 7094.

In the briefcase, there is a golden battery and that is what is needed to open the console in the first room of the first floor.

With the small key, you can open the drawer of the table.

Take out the screwdriver and use it to unscrew a wheel from the bed.

Go back to the first floor and insert the golden battery into the console.

Solve the Breakout game and take the brown paper with an SD card.

Return to the lab and mix up the W concoction with a green and yellow fluid.

Pour the W fluid in the door lock of the doctor’s office.

This door will lead you to a computer room.

Inside the room, there is a skinless anatomy statue. To the left of the statue on the desk, there are a couple of cables right underneath a paper that has a series of numbered colored H letters. The brown paper and these colored H letters are clues to solving the cable puzzle on the video recording machine.

On the recording machine, each S corresponds to the colored H of the paper above the table and each letter next to the S corresponds to a number. C is the third letter of the alphabet so it’s a 3, D is the fourth letter of the alphabet, etc. Each cable is colored and looking at the H paper connects the cables on the video recorder. Connect the purple cable to the DS hole, HS is red, GS is green, ES is yellow, CS is gray.

This will turn on the camera screen but it will be at a wrong angle to see the complete solution of a puzzle that is located on the first floor. The remote control is located behind the anatomy mannequin, currently, it is unmovable. To move the mannequin you need to replace a missing wheel underneath. Now when you move it there is a remote control for the camera taped to the wall.

Go with the remote to the hallway of the second floor and use it on the camera. Take the green button that falls into the red sticky liquid. Return to the camera room and look at the screen, this will show you the solution to the bed puzzle that is located in the first room of the first floor.

Once solved a compartment will open on the inside of the bed to reveal scissors and behind the scissors, there is a morse code solution to a later puzzle.

Use the scissors to cut open the drain pipe underneath the sink in the kitchen and take the USB drive.

Combine the USB drive with the SD card and go back to the video recording room, and place the USB in the laptop.

The laptop requires a password and the answer is located inside the bed on the first floor, the password is 37239.

Once the laptop is activated a shadowed person comes into the building and sets the whole building on fire, the end of Chapter 6.

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In this Chapter the kids help give you clues to who kidnaped them and why. The chapter ends dramatically with the building burning down where police investigators were located.

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