Should I buy the Dress up! Time Princess The Affair of the Necklace story and spend 15 of my reader’s coupons? Well, we played through the entire story and the short answer is yes if you want to discover the event concerning the diamond necklace from Jeanne’s perspective. The story contains a single chapter with 10 stages, and after completing each stage you will gain one reader coupon, plus some additional rewards in the form of clothing items. After acquiring the “bonus” clothing items, you will be able to get a perfect score more easily during the later stages of the Queen Mary storybook. Also, after completing the book, you will gain back 10 out of 15 reader’s coupons invested.  The Affair of the Necklace is a side storybook and it follows Jeanne de Valois, and her scheme to acquire the famous du Barry diamond necklace for herself.


The main character is Jeanne, a character that should already be familiar from Queen Marie main storybook…

the affair of the necklace walkthrough dress up time princess

The Affair of the Necklace is a side story. It has no outfit requirements and no dialogue options that can increase the Goodwill of your companions, just like most other side stories. On the downside, there is a 20 hour wait time period after completing a stage. As we already said, the story has one chapter divided into 10 stages, so it should take you approximately ten days to finish the entire story. Besides that, you will encounter several dialogue choices during the story, but these choices do not have any effect on the outcome of the story. In other words, there’s no branching of the storyline.

The story of this book explores the events that happened during the events of Queen Marie’s main storybook. The story follows Jeanne, an impoverished noble, with the desire to join the high society and live a life of splendor. Jeanne is a master at scheming and manipulating, but she is only able to trick the other nobles for smaller amounts of cash, not nearly enough to support the lifestyle she longs for. However, her fortune will turn after meeting Cardinal Rohan.

The story (Spoiler Free)

The story begins with Jeanne walking down the street and bumping into a peasant girl…

the affair of the necklace walkthrough dress up time princess

In this story, we will be in the role of Jeanne, a character that should already be familiar from Queen Marie main storybook. At the start of the story, Jeanne bumps into the peasant girl who spilled the juice, ruining Jeane’s new dress. Furious, Jeanne demanded an outrageous compensation, an amount of money that would last the entire family of commoners for a decade.

Shocked and afraid, the peasant girl offered to wash Jeanne’s dress, and make up for her mistake that way, but she refused. While their argument was going on, the peasants started to gather around them, and one peasant woman, in particular, yelled at Jeanne claiming that she bumped into the peasant girl and that she was the one that caused the incident. Jeanne was shocked after hearing the peasants talking back to a noble, and even yelling at her. Fortunately, she spots her husband coming to her rescue, and she immediately starts acting like a lady in distress. However, Nicholas, her husband, didn’t even pay attention to the gathering mob and Jeanne’s problem. Instead, she starts blaming her for spending his money on jewelry. After the short argument, Nicholas finally realized that they shouldn’t be arguing in public, in front of the crowd of peasants. He turns to leave but the buckle on his belt has caught on one of the ribbons on Jeanne’s dress, and the further he moved away, the more of Jeanne’s dress was falling apart. Jeanne, publicly embarrassed, ran back home. This entire situation was very entertaining for the crowd of the gathered peasants, who kept laughing at Jeanne as she left. Needless to say, the dress was ruined by Nicholas so the peasant girl no longer had to compensate Jeanne for the dress. Once furious Jeanne came back home, she continued to argue with Nicholas. During their argument, we will find out that they are out of money and in huge debt since both of them kept spending money that they do not have.

This was the short summary of the first stage of the book. Check our detailed walkthrough if you would like to know the entire story.

Requirements and difficulty

There was no download so this book shouldn’t take additional storage space…

the affair of the necklace walkthrough dress up time princess

Dress up! Time Princess The Affair of the Necklace side story didn’t require downloading additional files, so it shouldn’t take any storage space. It is very easy to finish the entire story, since it has no outfit score requirements, and the difficulty is marked with a single butterfly. On the other hand, you will have to wait 20 hours before unlocking the next stage, so expect to finish the entire story in approximately ten days. Playing through a stage for the first time requires 5 stamina, but replaying the stage (and trying out the other dialogue option) doesn’t require any stamina.

In order to unlock The Affair of the Necklace storybook, you will first have to complete stages 1-7 of Queen Marie’s main storybook.


How well was it done?

the affair of the necklace walkthrough dress up time princess

The story depicts Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy and the series of schemes that she came up with, with the final goal of acquiring enormous wealth and joining the higher society. After meeting Cardinal Rohan, Jeanne successfully manipulated him. By posing as a very good friend of Queen Marie, she pretended to mediate between Rohan and the Queen, helping him to repair his damaged relationship with the Queen. Of course, Jeanne was well compensated for her efforts but, in truth, Rohan was getting what he was paying for since Jeanne forged the letters and handed them over to the Cardinal claiming that they were written by Marie. The climax of the story comes when Jeanne hired a prostitute, Nicole, who closely resembled the Queen, and set up the meeting between Rohan and her. While impersonating the Queen, Nicole convinced Rohan that she will forgive him everything, if he buys her a valuable gift and hands it over to Jeanne. Sensing a great opportunity Jeanne implied that Rohan should purchase the extremely valuable du Barry necklace, in Queen’s name. Jeanne forged the letter of guarantee and handed it over to Rohan, who purchased the necklace as instructed.

In short, the story follows very accurately the historical events surrounding the affair of the du Barry necklace. This event had serious consequences, and further damaged Queen Marie’s reputation, although, in the end, it was discovered that she didn’t purchase the necklace. I found this story interesting, since it follows the actual historical events (and characters), unlike most other side stories. Also, all the characters in the story are very well represented, and it was interesting to find out more about the affair surrounding the famous Diamond Necklace from Jeanne’s perspective.


The Affair of the Necklace storybook is definitely worth spending 15 reader’s coupons…

the affair of the necklace walkthrough dress up time princess

The Affair of the Necklace storybook costs only 15 reader’s coupons, and we recommend purchasing it since you’ll get back 10 reader coupons after completing all stages. The story itself is interesting and depicts the events that enabled Jeanne to acquire the diamond necklace. This affair was one of the events that possibly lead to the French revolution, and it was very intriguing to see the events true Jeanne’s eyes. In the end, I came to the conclusion that Jeanne, although she is a negative character, was a very resourceful person, able to pull out a wide variety of schemes. Also, a very calm and calculated character, willing to take risks.

The Affair of the Necklace



The Affair of the Necklace storybook costs only 15 reader's coupons, and we recommend purchasing it since you'll get back 10 reader coupons after completing all stages.

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