Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne decided to go out and buy some jewelry. Fortunately for her, she saw Queen Marie inside Bohmer’s shop, and not wanting to miss a potential opportunity to get close to the most powerful woman in France, Jeanne decided to “accidentally” bump into her. After that, Jeanne tried to initiate the conversation and offered to show Queen Marie and her companion the best shops ins Paris, but the Queen refused, claiming that she is too tired. But, the luck has smiled upon Jeanne, because Queen Marie dropped her locket, which Jeanne found and promptly took it and hid it away. After that, our character still wasn’t sure if that was Queen Marie to who she just spoke to, so she decided to try to persuade Bohmer into revealing the identity of the last two visitors. It took some time, but Bohmer finally revealed that the two women didn’t buy anything. Unfortunately for him, he said that one was them was the richest woman in France, and Jeanne immediately concluded that she was indeed talking to Queen Marie. After a bit more persuasion, Bohmer revealed that he is sad because Queen Marie doesn’t want to buy his diamond necklace, and he is well aware that she is the only woman in France that could afford such an expensive piece of jewelry. After hearing all this, Jeanne started to look for a way to exploit this situation, and her plan finally started to take shape once she opened the locket, and saw the portrait of Queen Marie’s mother inside it. With one Queen’s personal items in her possession, Jeanne believed that she should be able to trick some of the nobles to do something that could benefit her, by masquerading as one of the Queen’s representatives – or personal friends.  

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Jeanne talking to her husband, Comte de la Motte, who seems eager to sell the locket which Jeanne found earlier. However, our character has different ideas and wants to use the locket to get close to the Queen and befriend her. But, Nicholas, correctly, points out that the Queen is very picky about her company, and that she only trusts Duchess Polignac (more familiar to us as simply Gabrielle). Jeanne claims that Nicholas is wrong and that she will become of the Queen’s favorite friends. Her husband wishes her luck in this endeavor, believing that Jeanne’s goal is unachievable. Nicholas doesn’t want to bother himself with some complicated plan which involves using the necklace to influence the other nobles or befriending the Queen, he just wants to sell the necklace and “earn” some money, right away. Jeanne is visibly irritated by her husband’s lack of imagination because he doesn’t see the possibilities that have opened before them because of this necklace.

Realizing that she won’t be able to change the mind of her stubborn husband, Jeanne decides to head for the Palace of Versailles, straight away and prove him wrong. Her plan is to enter the Queen’s estate, and personally give her back the medallion. Jeanne hopes that this way she’ll be in Queen’s favor, and that would open up a lot of opportunities. When she approached the Queen’s estate, Jeanne was mesmerized upon seeing the beautiful garden, but she also realized that this is one of the most heavily guarded places in entire France. By King’s order, the royal guards were present in large numbers, making sure that no harm would come to their Queen.

Our character tries to enter the Queen’s garden, but she is stopped by the guards. She tries to persuade them to let her in by pronouncing her full title, but the guards denied her request, saying that no one is allowed to enter into the Queen’s estate. Jeanne tries to trick the guards by claiming that she is one of the Queen’s closest friends and begging them to let her in because she has to urgently talk to Marie. Again, as expected, this didn’t work. The Royal Guards, whose only task was to protect the Queen, knew very well that Marie has only one close friend, and that is Gabrielle. So, they politely denied Jeanne’s request to enter the estate.

Jeanne claims that she was invited by Queen Marry, but the guards won’t let her through, and demand of her to show them the invitation letter. Jeanne says she doesn’t have one and claims that she was invited by the Queen when the two of them met. Naturally, the guards deny her entrance, once more. Jeanne doesn’t realize that she won’t be able to get past the royal guards by using cheap tricks.

Well, Jeanne is very persistent. Now, she claims that she has something important and she has to hand it over to Queen Marie. But, the guards can’t be tricked that easily. Our character is informed that she can leave any item or a message for the Queen at the gate, and the guards will hand it over to the Queen. At this point, Jeanne starts to lose her nerves, and she begins insulting the royal guards, claiming that they’re unworthy of handling any item that should be passed on to the Queen. But, the guards are also starting to lose their patience, and they, still politely, ask Jeanne to leave. We now have to choices.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Continue arguing”, the first option, since insulting the guard is an even worse idea.


Continue arguing

Verbally abuse the guard
Strangely enough, if you pick the first choice, instead of arguing Jeanne will try to walk by the guards and enter the Queen’s personal estate. Naturally, this didn’t end very well for her, because the royal guards instinctively raised their guns as soon as Jeanne started walking toward them. Surprised and shocked, our character stumbled backward and fell. Guards moved toward her, believing that she represents a threat to the Queen. The reaction of the guards was understandable because Jeanne not only refused to back away but also tried to enter the estate without their permission. Well, our character is good at acting, and that can be very beneficial in some situations. Jeanne burst into tears and starts crying very loudly, shouting that the guards attacked her. The guards backed away, not wanting to cause a scene, and calmly explained that she isn’t acting rationally.

Hearing the commotion, one of the higher ranking servants approached and asked what was going on. Jeanne immediately saw an opportunity and claimed that the guards assaulted her, but they simply explained that she continued walking toward them after they denied her access to the garden, and that’s why they raised the guns. Jeanne was acting suspiciously, and the guards were reacting in accordance with the Queen’s orders.

Jeanne tries to swing the truth, claiming that the nobility never lies, and the word of the noble should be trusted over the word of the peasant. Believing that the guards do not belong to the nobility, Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy proudly says out loud her entire family title. By a stroke of fortune, this worked, because it turns out that the well-dressed servant was looking for her. With that said, he offers to escort her inside.

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If you pick the second choice, Jeanne will stay put, but the guards will still raise their guns and aim at her. After seeing, this our character will start yelling at the guards, saying they must have lost their minds since no sane person will point a gun at Queen’s personal friend. Jeanne will follow up with the series of personal insults, but the guards aren’t responding, which causes Jeanne to completely lose her temper…

Realizing her plan won’t work, Jeanne now proclaims that she will wait for the Queen in front of the gates since the guards won’t let her through. But, one of the royal guards warns her to leave, because they have orders to remove anyone standing in front of the entrance to the Queen’s personal estate. At this point, a high ranking servant appears and demands to know what’s going on.

After the guards explained the situation, the servant tells them to put down their weapons, because they are dealing with a noble lady and not some armed bandit that could pose a threat to the Queen. Jeanne is thankful for the assistance, but the guards advise her not to take the action of the guards personally, since they were just following orders and did what they were trained for. The high ranking servant is very good with words and he quickly defuses the situation. Jeanne explains that she doesn’t want to argue with the guards and even reveals that she only wants to deliver the necklace to the Queen. After Jeanne announces her entire title, the servant offers to escort her into the Queen’s garden, and the guards let them through.

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Jeanne gladly accepted the servant’s offer to escort her inside, realizing that this is the only way for her to gain access to the palace. The servant explains that his house is holding that banquette at the palace, and his master would like Jeanne to join the other guests, implying that she might meet the Queen there. Jeanne, immediately realized that this man serves one of the high ranking nobles and decides to go to the banquet. Jeanne is now curious, and she tries to find out who exactly is noble that the servant is working for. But, the servant doesn’t want to reveal his employer’s identity, saying that he will present himself to Jeanne at the banquette. Even though she doesn’t know the identity of the man that invited her to the banquette, Jeanne is grateful, and she suspects that this might be another opportunity for her to raise her social standing.

Jeanne tries to persuade a servant to discover his master’s identity but to no avail. On the other, the servant reveals that his master heard about Jeanne, and her exploits in Paris, whatever those might be. After hearing that a high ranking noble admires her, our character is overjoyed and quickly forgets the unpleasant experience with the gate guards. After some time, they finally reach the banquet hall, and Jeanne is burning from excitement, realizing that she will finally join the high ranking society that she longed for.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Who is the mysterious noble that invited Jeanne to the banquette? And will she finally meet the Queen? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.  

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