Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne arranged a meeting with Rohan, with the intention to persuade him to buy a very expensive gift for the Queen. They met late at night, in a dark alley, because Jeanne wanted this meeting to remain a secret. Rohan was very grateful for Jeanne’s help, so when she suggested that he should buy the du Barry necklace, acting as Queen’s representative, he agreed. Of course, Jeanne explained that he should only pay the first installment, the Queen will cover the rest of the cost. With that said, Rohan went to Bohmer’s shop and after a short conversation made a deal with the merchant. However, he had to show Bohmer the letter of guarantee before the merchant agreed to sell him the necklace (the letter was a forgery made by Jeanne, of course). They agreed upon the price of 2,000,000 livres, and Rohan the entire price should be paid for in four installments. Bohmer agreed to hand over the necklace, as soon Rohan pays the first installment, but decided to keep the letter of guarantee. Rohan paid the first installment immediately and went home with the necklace, happy that he was able to help out the Queen.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The story continues with Jeanne visiting Rohan at his home. The Cardinal presented to our character the du Barry necklace, and Jeanne is mesmerized by its beauty. After she regained the composure, she started praising Rohan because he managed to fulfill the Queen’s wish so quickly. Jeanne explains to Rohan that he has finally regained the favor of the Queen. She jokingly says that she will have to visit the Queen more often because she wouldn’t want Rohan to become closer to the Queen than she is. Rohan blushed at this statement, while Jeanne thought to herself how this man is a complete idiot and that she can fiddle him around her finger however she likes. The Cardinal spoke after a few moments, saying that Jeanne will certainly remain the Queen’s closest friend, and announcing that she has also become his closest friend. Jeanne, playing dumb, just said that she was happy to help Rohan repair his relationship with the Queen. 

The Cardinal fully believes in Jeanne’s good intentions, and he replies that he will pray for her well-being. Jeanne acts flattered, but Rohan mentions that he will require her help one more time. Jeanne, of course, knew that he was talking about the necklace, and she informs him that she will deliver the necklace to the Queen, and explain to her all the trouble that Rohan went through in order to acquire it. However, our character informs him that she won’t be able to publicly give the necklace to the Queen, so she will have to wait for the right moment, when she’s alone with Queen, to deliver Rohan’s gift. Rohan agreed.

With that said, Rohan turned over the necklace to Jeanne, saying that he trusts her. Happy that he finally managed to get back in Queen’s favor, Rohan leaves, dreaming about the bright future that awaits him. Jeanne, almost feels sorry for him, because he doesn’t suspect that she intends to keep the necklace for herself. Now, Jeanne has to make the decision about her next step.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Leave alone”, the first option.

Leave alone

Wait for Nicholas
If you choose the first option, Jeanne will destroy all letters, destroying any evidence that could tie her to Rohan. However, when she wanted to start packing, she realized that Nicholas left her inferior suitcases. Annoyed, she decides to only pack the jewelry, rationalizing that she now has more than enough money to buy new clothes. She enters the coach and starts her travel toward London, and a better life. But, the coach suddenly stopped, before they left Paris.

The coach driver apologizes, and at this moment, Nicholas enters the coach. Jenny is in shock after seeing him, but her husband calmly explains that she would be in huge trouble if the Cardinal or Queen Marie found out about her plan. Jeanne, thinking that her husband is threatening her, explains that they’re in this together. However, Jules points out that she took the jewels, and it appears that she intended to leave without him. But, Jeanne explains that the coach was heading to his camp, and she planned to pick him up before she left Paris. Nicholas is still suspicious because he noticed that none of his luggage in on the coach. But Jeanne quickly explained that she also left all of her things because they shouldn’t worry about their old things. Not with the riches that are now in their possession. Nicholas agrees with her reasoning and accepts the explanation.

Jeanne invites Nicholas in and the carriage continues the journey toward London. But, Nicholas warned her wife to share her plans with him in the future. Jeanne wasn’t able to get out of Paris alone, so she will have to bring Nicholas with her to London. Maybe it’s for the best since Nicholas knew everything that she did, and if he stayed behind he might be tempted to accuse his wife, and explain to the Queen how she tricked Rohan, and that would be very bad for Jeanne.

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If you choose the option, Nicholas will return home while Jeanne is still packing. He will mention that he saw Cardinal on his way home, and will presume that Jeanne has the necklace. After she confirmed, he started to flatter her, saying that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. However, he says that he is worried that she might leave him, and threatens her, saying that he would have to tell his entire story to Cardinal if that ever happened. Jeanne is not overly happy to hear this and realizes that she will have to stay by her husband’s side.

Jeanne claims that she had no intention to leave him behind, and Nicholas seems happy with her answer. The couple immediately starts packing, but before they leave, Jeanne destroys all letters that she wrote to Rohan. She thinks that he will be accused for the disappearance of the diamond necklace.

Nicholas is wondering why Jeanne hasn’t brought any of her clothes, but she explains that she won’t need any of her old stuff, since now they have enough money to buy anything they want. Jeanne is looking through the window, realizing that she will never see Paris again. But she isn’t sad. She is looking forward to her new life and position among the nobility in London.

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After a long journey, they finally reach London. Jeanne noticed that this city is very different from Paris, but she thinks that she will get accustomed to living in this city very quickly. After looking around for a bit, the couple decides that they should find a villa to purchase. Nicholas suggests that they should sell the diamond necklace for 2,000,000 livres. Jeanne is disappointed in her husband because he really didn’t think this through. There aren’t many diamond necklaces in the world that are expensive as the one they have. So, if they sell the necklace right away, it could draw the undesired attention. But Jeanne already has a plan which can easily solve their problem.

Jeanne and Jules go to the jewelry store, presenting as merchants. They show their collection of diamonds to the shopkeeper, who is amazed by their diamonds. After a short conversation, he agrees to buy their diamonds for a fair price.

After they left the store, Nicholas admires his wife’s resourcefulness. She picked apart the necklace, selling only the diamonds. Jeanne is sure that this way nobody will be able to track the necklace back to them…

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Jeanne’s plan to sell the necklace without raising suspicion work? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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