Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne found a peasant girl, named Nicole, that looks exactly like Queen Marie. Our character employed her to impersonate the Queen, and trick Rohan, into giving the fake Marie a precious diamond necklace. After instructing Nicole, and teaching her how she should behave in order to impersonate the Queen, Jeanne and her employee left to meet Rohan. Nicole was a bit nervous, but Jeanne calmed her down by promising her an enormous amount of money (for a peasant) if she performs this task well. Upon meeting Rohan and talking to him, Nicole made several blunders, that could have easily exposed her as a fake Queen. However, Cardinal was too excited to notice this, since Nicole (fake Marie) almost immediately forgave him everything. Afterward, he offered her a gift, which she accepted, but Cardinal explained that he doesn’t have the gift with him. With that said, Nicole instructed him to hand over the gift to Jeanne, and that’s pretty much the only thing that she has done right during this conversation. She made another major mistake by promising Rohan that they will meet again. Naturally, Rohan was overjoyed, and couldn’t believe his good fortune. Nicole became very nervous, and she was sure that she couldn’t keep pretending to be a Queen for much longer. Fortunately for her, at this moment, they heard a noise from nearby trees, and Nicole decided to flee. She met our character in the carriage, and once they arrived at the mansion she explained what happened during the meeting. After thinking about the meeting between Nicole and Rohan, Jeanne decided that it went rather well, and reassured her husband, claiming that everything is going as planned. She is sure that Rohan will be at her doorstep tomorrow, thanking her, and more importantly, giving her the precious gift intended for the Queen.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The day after the meeting, Jeanne receives the letter from Rohan. The Cardinal is grateful for Jeanne’s help, and he apologizes for doubting her. Our character is very pleased with herself, realizing that her plan will succeed, just as she predicted. At this moment, Nicholas appears, congratulating her, because he also believes that Rohan will keep his promise and give Jeanne a gift intended for the Queen. However, Jeanne notices that her husband is looking at her in a strange way, and presumes that he wants something. She now has to choose how to continue this conversation.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Chat happily”, the first option.

Chat heappily

Mock him
If you pick the first choice, Jeanne will say that she is glad to finally have the support of her husband. However, Nicholas points out that they can’t keep on this charade forever, and that the “small” amounts that they were getting out of Rohan wouldn’t last them very long. With that said, he explains that they could help Rohan choose the appropriate gift for the Queen, as he promised during their last meeting. Nicholas thinks that they should lead Rohan to buy a very expensive gift, and later hand it over to Jeanne – again as he was instructed by Nicole. Jeanne likes this idea, and she already has a perfect gift in mind.

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If you chose the second option, Jeanne will mock her husband by saying that she should have believed in her plan from the start. She will also mention that he was seeing a whore that looked exactly like the Queen. Nicholas remained calm and simply answered that he always believed in her wife’s plan. Concerning the whore, Nicholas says it was actually a good thing because otherwise, they would have a hard time finding a girl that could impersonate the Queen. He goes on saying, that he always wanted Jeanne’s plan to succeed. But, Jeanne is furious. She yells at her husband, saying that he gambled away all the money that she managed to get from Rohan. Nicholas doesn’t seem too upset after wasting her hard earned money. He simply explains that he made a mistake. Well, Jeanne won’t let him off the hook so easily, and she says that she wants him to repay her all the money that he lost, including the interest. Nicholas says that he intends to pay her back everything, but his plan will require assistance from Jeanne. However, he only mentions that his plan involves Rohan who, by now, fully trusts Jeanne. Before he explained his plan, Nicholas wanted to know if Jeanne is willing to forgive him all his mistakes. Curious about this proposal, our character promised to forgive him, and after that sits back and listens to his idea.

Nicholas starts by saying that Rohan fully believes Jeanne, right now. However, he still thinks that it is only a matter of time before Rohan realizes that our character has lied to him in order to get his money. Surprisingly, Jeanne agreed. He husband went on, saying that Rohan intends to buy a gift for the Queen, as he promised during the meeting with Nicole (fake Marie). With that in mind, Nicholas thinks that Jeanne should tell Rohan to buy some very expensive gift for the Queen. Later, Rohan would hand over the gift to Jeanne, as he promised during the meeting with the Queen. If this plan succeeds, Nicholas and Jeanne would have enough money to live their entire life without worrying about money ever again. As it turns out, Jeanne already has a perfect gift in mind.

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Nicholas is surprised how quickly his wife came up with a plan and would like to know what she has in mind. However, she doesn’t want to reveal anything yet, instead, she informs him that she will set up a meeting with Rohan.

Our story continues with Jeanne approaching Rohan at the agreed upon meeting spot. It’s late at night, but Jeanne can clearly see Rohan’s face. The man clearly appreciates everything that she has done for him, and has no idea that Jeanne is about to trick him once more. Jeanne explains that she has something important to say to Rohan, and since they needed privacy, she had to set up a meeting late at night. Rohan says that he would do anything for Jeanne since she helped mend his damaged relationship with the Queen. Our character mockingly says it was her pleasure to mediate between the two of them. Rohan trusts Jeanne completely, and he is now ready to do whatever it takes to repay her “kindness”.

Jeanne explains that she doesn’t need Rohan’s help, instead, they should help the Queen. Visibly worried, the Cardinal wants to know what’s wrong with the Queen. But, our character explains that the Queen is fine. Jeanne goes on, saying that the Queen has one unfulfilled wish, and maybe, she and Rohan could do something about it. The Cardinal is very interested in this idea, and he immediately wants to know more.

Jeanne gets straight to the point and asks Rohan if he is familiar with the famous diamond necklace. The Cardinal replies that he knows of it, and also mentions that he heard rumors that the Queen wants to acquire the necklace. Jeanne explains that the rumors are true and that every woman wants to have the most beautiful diamond necklace, especially the Queen. Rohan deserves that such a necklace would fit the Queen perfectly. However, Jeanne explains that the royal treasury has seen better days and that the diamond necklace is extremely expensive. Therefore, Queen Marie was unable to purchase it. Rohan acknowledged that he is aware that the necklace is very valuable.

Jeanne explains that the Queen wants to buy the necklace, but she is unable to do so because many nobles in the royal court are opposed to her spending such a huge sum of money. Rohan is shocked and concludes that the Queen shouldn’t deny herself the pleasure of buying it, just because some nobles are against it. At this moment, Jeanne starts putting her plan into action. She explains to Rohan that the Queen wants him to buy the necklace in her name, but he doesn’t have to pay the entire sum, only the first installment. The naïve Rohan gladly accepts and proclaims that he will buy the necklace for the Queen in order to show his appreciation. Thinking to himself, he concludes that he must be very fortunate to have Jeanne as a friend because he had no idea what to buy as a gift for the Queen. Our character just solved this problem for him, and the poor Rohan has no idea that Jeanne plays him like a fiddle. He is completely unaware of just how big trouble he will get himself into.  

Our story continues with Rohan arriving in Bohmer’s shop. After Rohan introduced himself, they went straight on to business. Bohmer offered him a choice of his wide selection of jewelry, but the Cardinal refused, saying that he is looking for one special piece of jewelry and that he is acting on behalf of one noble lady. When Bohmer asked about the identity of the lady in question, Rohan replied that he would rather keep it, and this purchase a secret. The shopkeeper immediately understood and informed him that he will temporarily close the shop, so they can talk in private.

Rohan noticed that the entire shop is sparkling from the glow of the jewelry, and realized that this must truly be the most luxurious shop in Paris. The Cardinal explains that he is interested in the special diamond necklace. Bohmer’s face immediately brightens up, because he was unable to find the buyer for this necklace for years. However, Rohan points out that the price of the necklace is very high, 2,000,000 livres, specifically. But Bohmer, proud of his most valuable work, explains that the necklace is worth even more than that and that the Cardinal will come to the same conclusion once he sees it. Eager to finally sell the necklace that cost him so much to craft, Bohmer, brings out a heavily decorated box and opens it to show the necklace to the Cardinal. Rohan is amazed by the beauty of the necklace and concludes that only the Queen is worthy of wearing such a masterpiece.

Rohan explains that he didn’t come to the Bohmer’s shop with the intention to convince him to lower the price. However, he explains that the sum is very high, and he just can’t afford to spend that much money at once. With that said, he suggests paying for the necklace in installments. He is willing to pay 500,000 livres every month for four months. Bohmer is tempted to accept the offer, but he can’t just trust Rohan on his word that he won’t disappear without a trace after paying the first installment. But, the Cardinal understood his concern and showed him the letter written by the Queen herself (actually a forgery made by Jeanne) in which she guarantees that Rohan is trustworthy. Bohmer is amazed after seeing a letter written by the Queen herself, and he seems willing to close the deal.

Rohan explains that the letter must be genuine since it bears the royal seal. Bohmer doesn’t question the letter, but he remembered that the Queen visit his shop earlier, and declared that she doesn’t intend to purchase the necklace. Cardinal Rohan explains that the Queen couldn’t personally buy the necklace because of the opposition from the nobles, and that’s why she hired him to that instead of her. Of course, Rohan warns Bohmer that they have to keep this transaction secret, and the merchant, so used to dealing with nobles, immediately understood. With that said, Bohmer has no doubt that the Queen will keep her word and pay the entire price of the necklace. With the letter of guarantee in hand, Bohmer declares that Rohan could have the necklace right away if he is ready to pay for the first installment. Naturally, the Cardinal agrees.

Happy that he managed to accomplish the task, Rohan walks back home with the precious diamond necklace in hand. He can’t wait to give this very valuable gift to the Queen.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Will Rohan hand over the necklace to Jeanne as promised? Or will he be tempted to go straight to the Queen and give her the necklace in person? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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