Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-6 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Rohan came to visit Jeanne at her home. He brought her expensive jewelry as a gift for her mediation between him and the Queen, and she gladly accepted. After that Jeanne mentioned that the Queen is hosting a charity event, and Rohan immediately offered a donation, which he gave directly to Jeanne. Their conversation continued and Jeanne presented Rohan with another gift, Queen Marie’s reply to his letter (a letter which was actually forged by Jeanne). Overjoyed by the development of the situation, Rohan pulls out an envelope full of money and hands it over to our character. Jeanne promised to give both the envelope and Cardinal’s donation to the Queen, but in reality, she intends to keep the money for herself. With Rohan giving her jewelry and throwing money left and right, Jeanne is of course very pleased with her plan, since it worked flawlessly, so far. But, Nicholas warns her that Rohan will find out that she is playing him, sooner or later. And that almost happened. Some time has passed and in one of her forged letters to Rohan, our character made a mistake and wrote that the Queen would like to meet him. After thinking about it for some time, Rohan decided to go and meet with the Queen, without consulting with Jeanne. He ran into the King and Queen in the garden, but the Queen at first ignored him, and when she finally spoke her tone seemed very cold. Realizing that something was wrong, Rohan decided not to push his luck. He apologized for the disturbance, and left, intending to write to Jeanne about his meeting as soon as possible. Upon receiving his letter Jeanne was furious, but she quickly came up with another plan, unwilling to let all of the work that she has done so far go to waste.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Jeanne hiring a commoner named Nicole, to impersonate the Queen, since the girl looks almost exactly like Marie Antoinette, and meets with Rohan. Jeanne instructs Nicole on how she should behave during the meeting, trying to quickly imprint the manners of the noble into the peasant girl. Fortunately for our character, it seems that she has done a good job, and the girl has learned the basics. However, Jeanne warns her not to tell anyone about her meeting with Rohan, unless she wants to face dire consequences. But the girl assures her that she won’t tell anyone, and Jeanne seems pleased with her answer.

Nicole thanks Jeanne for helping her out with her problems (probably financially). But our character replies that the only reason why she helped her was because Nicole looks almost exactly the same as the Queen. Jeanne is a bit impatient and instructs Nicole to change into the dress that she already prepared because they should leave soon to meet with Rohan. Our character noticed that the girl didn’t smell like nobility, and at this moment she realized that she should have reminded her to also take a shower. Well, hopefully, she will, otherwise Jeanne’s scheme will fail. Our character also has trouble remembering the girl’s name.

The story continues with Jeanne and Nicole in the carriage, traveling towards the palace to meet with Rohan. Jeanne still can’t remember what was the girl’s name, and at this point, the girl says her full name. Nicole Leguay d’Olivia. But, Jeanne says that it doesn’t matter anymore, because, during the next few hours, the girl should pretend to be Queen Marie. With that said, Jeanne criticizes her posture, and constantly reminds her not to bow, because the Queen doesn’t bow to anyone. Nicole, visibly scared promised that she will pay attention to her manners, but Jeanne isn’t satisfied. She realizes that the common girl couldn’t possibly start acting and talking like a member of the nobility after just a few days. But, Jeanne has no other choice, so she will have to go through with her plan.

Jeanne tries to calm both herself and Nicole down by saying she looks just like the Queen, and that their plan will work unless Nicole does something irrational or out of the character. The poor peasant girl is scared, but Jeanne reminds her that she will have to do her part if she wants to receive the money that Jeanne promised her. Our character also threatens to throw Nicole out of the carriage if she wants to back down from the plan. Terrified, the poor peasant girl apologizes to Jeanne, who doesn’t seem very pleased with her employee.

Jeanne explains that she was only bluffing and she wasn’t really going to throw the girl out of the moving carriage. She also points out that Nicole could earn enough money to last her for a lifetime if she plays her part well tonight. With that said, Nicole promises to do her best, and Jeanne informs her that they have arrived at the destination. Before Nicole left the carriage, Jeanne said that she expects good news upon her return.

It is now nighttime, and Cardinal Rohan is waiting for “Queen Marie” inside the palace garden. He is acting like one of the members of the nobility, standing tall and proud amongst the trees, but his trembling hands give away just how much nervous he is. Rohan thinks that he is very fortunate since the Queen agreed to meet with him, but he thinks that it is a strange thing that she wanted to meet him in the garden at nighttime. He was also instructed to wait for her with a white rose in hand. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait too long, and soon enough he sees someone walking towards him.

The garden was completely dark, and only the moonlight was illuminating the figure that approached the Cardinal. However, he saw that the woman in front of him was holding a white rose and concluded that this must be Marie. When she confirmed that she is indeed Marie, Rohan immediately recognized her voice (at least he thought he did), and thought that only the Queen has such a sweet voice. With that said, he offered her a rose, praising Marie by saying that she is the most noblewoman in the entire world. But, the fake Marie didn’t know how a Queen should respond to such a compliment.

Rohan tries to speak about the last time they met, but the Queen interrupts him, apologizing for her behavior and lowering her head in disgrace. But, luckily for Jeanne and Nicole, Rohan didn’t suspect anything after witnessing the Queen acting so out of her character. He says that she doesn’t have to apologize to him because he was the one that made a mistake that day. He tries to justify his actions by explaining that he approached the Queen that day because he wanted to ask for her forgiveness – Rohan was spreading rumors about Queen Marie’s mother years ago, and Marie was hostile toward him, ever since that day. But the fake Marie wasn’t very well prepared for this conversation, and she just replies that she understands.

Rohan is overjoyed after hearing this. Even in his wildest dreams, he didn’t expect this meeting to go so well. Hopeful, he asks if this means that the Queen is ready to forgive him, and in his excitement, he takes a step toward her. Startled, the fake Marie takes a step back. Afraid of Rohan’s intentions, the poor Nicole (fake Marie) shouts that she forgives him. Again, a behavior that is so unfitting to true Marie.

Rohan doesn’t find the Queen’s behavior odd, since he is too excited upon hearing that she forgives him. However, he realized that he might have scared but suddenly taking a step towards her and apologizes. Rohan is overjoyed, and he wants to express his gratitude to the Queen. With that, he offers her a gift that he prepared for her. The fake Marie is visibly anxious, and not completely realizing what is going on she accepts Rohan’s gift.   

But, there’s a catch. Rohan explains that he doesn’t have the gift here. The fake Marie finally does something right, and she instructs Rohan to hand over his gift to the Comtesse de la Motte (Jeanne). Rohan proclaims that his gift is something that the Queen has wanted for a very long time, and he believes that she is the only woman worthy of very such a precious gift. Nicole thanks him, not knowing what else to say.

However, that’s when fake Marie made another mistake, by saying to Rohan that she can’t wait for their next meeting. Even Rohan was shocked to hear that, but he didn’t notice anything suspicious, since he was too blinded by his good fortune. Or so he believed. Nicole failed several times at impersonating Queen Marie, but luckily for her, Rohan didn’t notice anything because he was too focused on achieving his own goal. Realizing that she made several major mistakes, Nicole starts to tremble, anxious to get away from Rohan, before he suspects that something is wrong with her behavior. A sudden noise behind the nearby trees provided her with the perfect excuse, and Nicole announces that she must leave at once.

Upon Nicole’s return to the carriage, Jeanne immediately realized that something went wrong because the girl was visibly shaking. However, Jeanne composed herself and patiently waited until they reached her residence. Once they got there she thoroughly examined Nicole about everything that happened at the meeting. Needless to say, she wasn’t very pleased with Nicole’s recount of the events. Now, Jeanne has two choices.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “It was most likely nothing”, the second option, since Nicole did manage to “convince” Rohan to give the mysterious, valuable gift to Jeanne, and that was the point of their entire plan.

Reprimand her

It was most likely nothing
If you chose the first option, Jeanne will yell at the poor Nicole, blaming her for leaving Rohan so suddenly. Jeanne is furious because the noise that Nicole heard in the nearby trees could be caused by the falling branches or a squirrel. She explains that if somebody discovered that Nicole was impersonating the Queen, the palace guards certainly wouldn’t have let her escape. With all that said, Jeanne hands her over the promised amount of money and warns her not to tell anyone about their arrangement, especially about the events that transpired tonight.

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If you chose the second option, Jeanne will calm down Nicole, explaining that most likely nobody saw her talking to Rohan. But, Jeanne reasons, that even if somebody did saw her, there’s no way for that person to discover Nicole’s true identity. However, Jeanne does mention that she made a huge mistake by promising Rohan another meeting. But, always opportunistic, Jeanne says that she might require Nicole’s services again and that she might set up another meeting with Rohan, in order to manipulate him, once more. With all that said, Jeanne pays Nicole a promised sum of money and warns her not to talk to anyone about their arrangement.

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After Nicole left, Nicholas shows up, saying that his wife’s plan has failed. But Jeanne thinks that everything went rather well. She explains that, most likely, no one saw Nicole talking to Rohan, and even if somebody was in the bushes, she concludes that it was probably one of the drunk guests from the banquette, looking to take a leak. Nicholas finally congratulates his wife, saying that she is really a cunning and calculated person. But he is worried about what Rohan might think since Nicole ran away while talking to him. But, Jeanne says that Nicole’s behavior was actually natural. She explains that the Queen would also run away since the meeting was a secret. Jeanne believes that Nicole’s reaction would only further convince Rohan that the meeting was genuine. Jeanne is certain that Rohan will come to her tomorrow, thanking her and offering the most precious gift for the Queen, as he promised.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-6 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

We already know that it was the real Queen Marie who saw Nicole talking to Rohan while impersonating her. But will Rohan suspect something? Or will he show up at her home with the most valuable gift, just like she predicted? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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