Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne visited Rohan, and who gave her the diamond necklace, which she was supposed to deliver to the Queen. But, Jeanne had other plans in mind and, and decided to keep the necklace for herself. She returned home and decided to pack her bags and leave Paris for good. Her plan was to sell the necklace and acquire enough money to last her for a lifetime. Jules joined her (either while she was packing or while traveling) and together they went to London. Once, there they decided that it is time to sell the necklace, but Jeanne first broke it up and sold individual diamonds. This way, she hoped to cover her tracks, since if she sold the necklace in one piece, the shopkeeper could recognize it, and then she and her husband would be in trouble. After selling some of the diamonds, Nicholas and Jeanne started planning their life of luxury in London.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with two commoners in London discussing the latest news from France. The man claims that Queen Marie spent a good portion of the royal treasury to buy the diamond necklace, and angered the common folk. The woman points out that the Queen denied that she purchased the necklace. However, the rumor is that the Cardinal and the merchant (Bohmer) both insist that they were involved in this affair only because the Queen has put them up to it. Well, the man reasons that the merchants will always try to make a profit, whenever they see an opportunity, and it looks like that’s what happened here. But, the man just can’t believe that the Queen would purchase something in installments because the royal family always paid in cash.

At this moment, the woman points out that there are rumors about the Queen having an affair with the Cardinal. After hearing this, the man concludes that the Queen probably put up the Cardinal to purchase the necklace instead of her. However, Cardinal probably refused to pay the rest of the installment, and this forced Bohmer to make the entire matter public. The woman concludes that whether the Queen was innocent or not is irrelevant at this point since her reputation has been permanently damaged. A large portion of the public will still believe that she was involved in this affair, even if the investigations prove that she didn’t purchase the necklace, or put up Rohan to do it instead of her.

Jeanne is very amused by this, and she patiently listens to the entire conversation. It seems that she is very happy about causing the commotion in Paris. However, Nicholas is worried, because he understands what will happen if somebody discovers that two of them were the main culprits. However, Jeanne is confident that nobody will find out what they did because she destroyed all the evidence that could involve her in this matter. She burned all the letters of correspondence between her and Rohan. With that said she believes that nobody can find out the truth, as long as she and her husband keep their mouth shut. However, Nicholas is still worried because Nicole (the fake Marie) could go to the authorities and tell them all about her involvement in this scheme. If that happens, Nicholas and Jeanne would be in huge trouble.      

But, Jeanne explains that she didn’t overlook Nicole and the possibility that she might rat them out. Our character has already hired assassins to eliminate her and dispose of the body. Nicholas is now sure that they are safe, but he can’t believe how cruel and cunning his wife is. Jeanne thinks that her plan worked out perfectly, and all thanks to Rohan. She concludes that he got exactly what he is was looking for. Now, entire France believes that he was having an affair with the Queen. Nicholas concludes that even if Rohan tells the truth, and reveals that Jeanne was behind everything, no one would believe him, because they destroyed all the evidence. So, they conclude that Rohan will be charged and convicted for the crime, and they could peacefully live in luxury for the rest of their lives. Whenever they get low on cash, they could sell some of the remaining diamonds, so no worries. Also, Jeanne seems very pleased with herself because she managed to publicly disgrace the Queen. She was holding the grudge this whole time because she wasn’t allowed to enter the Queen’s private garden.

Happy with their current situation, Jules thinks that they should celebrate since they just purchased another villa. Jeanne agreed and decided that it would be a good idea to organize a banquette in their garden. She also suggested converting the upper floor of their new villa into an opera theater. However, Jules has other ideas. He wants to go to the casino, and spend some of the money that they acquired after selling the diamonds. Jeanne is furious after hearing this because she thinks that her husband is an incompetent fool that has a gambling problem. She yells at him, reminding him how he lost all of the money that she got from Rohan while they were in Paris. She won’t let that happen again.

Nicholas points out that they are now rich, and can afford to lose some money at the casino, just like the other nobles. But, Jeanne replies that the nobles don’t waste their money. Instead, they increase their wealth by investing money in profitable businesses. Our character thinks that she will never be able to change the mind of her husband and teach him how to be responsible for their wealth. However, there are two sides to this story, and Nicholas blames Jeanne for buying a would-be profitable business, which turned out to be a major fail. With that said, he thinks that she doesn’t have the right to preach to him about how he should be more careful with their money.

Jeanne defends her decision to purchase the shop, saying that it was a good investment. She claims that their enterprise failed because her husband hired an incompetent manager. She is now very angry at her husband and demands to know why he didn’t hire any maids to clean their villa. Our character points out that she has no intention of doing house chores. Now, Nicholas loses his temper and decides to leave, because he can no longer stand his wife’s nagging. However, before he left, he promised that he will hire the maids, just as Jeanne wanted.

Our story continues sometime later at the de la Motte villa, with Nicholas complaining about the terrible weather in England, and how he can’t stand the rain. But Jeanne calmly states the Nicholas can leave at any time if he doesn’t like the weather in London. At this point, he calls his wife “Eve”, which enrages our character, and she starts yelling and hitting him with a pillow. At first, Nicholas is confused and doesn’t understand why his wife reacted so violently all of a sudden. But, after a few moments, he realized that he mixed up his wife’s name with the name of the maids, and apologizes, trying to quickly get out of trouble. But, won’t get out of trouble that easy, because Jeanne points out that he hired more than twenty young maids, which is way more than they needed. With that said, she probably suspects that Nicholas is having an affair with at least one of them.

Nicholas tries to justify his decision, by claiming that he hired so many in order to please Jeanne. But, our character ironically replies that she is very grateful to him. Before Nicholas could speak, she continues saying that she wasn’t pleased with the maid that he hired, and she decided to send them all to work at the farm. At first, Nicholas tries to argue with his wife about the maids and his decision to hire them, but then he realized that Jeanne probably bought another farm, and he doesn’t seem pleased about it. Jeanne ironically says that he should go and tend to the vineyard with the ex-maids, implying that her husband wants to be around the beautiful young women that he hand-picked to be their maids. However, before Nicholas could reply to these accusations, a voice from the hallway draws their attention, temporarily ending the argument.  

Hearing a female voice, Jeanne immediately accused her husband of hiring another maid. But, Nicholas quickly replied that he had no reason to hire another maid since he didn’t know that Jeanne has sent to the farm the maids that he hired previously. Jeanne is now confused about the identity of the stranger in their house and, at this moment, she realized that the person in the hallway spoke in French, which is very unusual. Nicholas was always slow to catch on, and he replies that the two of them are also speaking in the French language. Well, Jeanne thinks that her husband is an idiot because they haven’t met even a single person that spoke French since they arrived in England. At this moment, they hear the voice of the strangers again, who claims to be seeking shelter from the rain.  

Jeanne is furious because this strange woman (she heard a female voice) came into their home uninvited and instructs her husband to throw her out. However, Nicholas is mad at Jeanne for buying another farm and firing the maids, so he refused. Our character, seeing that she won’t get any help from Nicholas, decides to take the matter into her own hands and personally throw out the stranger. She finds the stranger in one of the rooms and starts cursing after she saw that her Austrian carpet has been ruined by the stranger who stomped all over it in the filthy shoes, that were still wet from the rain that is falling outside. But the stranger doesn’t react to Jeanne’s yelling. Instead, this person calmly turns around and greets Jeanne, and now we can see that the “stranger” is actually d’Eon, a character that should be familiar from the Queen Mary storybook.

Jeanne is even more furious after seeing that the stranger doesn’t react to her demands to step off the carpet and get out. She yells once more, ordering the stranger to get out. But, d’Eon pretends that he doesn’t understand Jeanne’s rage. Instead, he claims that he is just a traveler seeking shelter from the rain. Speaking calmly and softly, without even a single hint of anger in his voice, d’Eon is slowly approaching our character, asking her to help out a fellow Frenchman. But, his calm behavior had the opposite effect on Jeanne, who commands him to shut up, claiming that his accent is getting on her nerves. But, d’Eon continues to slowly walk toward Jeanne, saying that her rude behavior is unfitting to a noble. Realizing that there’s something strange about this person, Jeanne backs off, trying to create some space between her and the intruder.

However, a few moments later, Jeanne composes herself and explains that the stranger is out of line and that he should talk to her with respect because he came uninvited into her house. She also tries to intimidate d’Eon by implying that she is a very important person and that d’Eon should know this. However, d’Eon explains that our character isn’t a celebrity so he doesn’t have to know her identity. But, he also says that our character is just one of the nobles that became rich overnight, which should trigger an alarm in Jeanne’s head because this statement clearly proves that the stranger knows something about her. However, Jeanne is too mad to notice this. Instead, she starts yelling at d’Eon saying that she is Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy and that he, a mere peasant, should watch his mouth when talking to her.

The stranger says that he has indeed heard of our character and that she is the celebrity. Jeanne, emboldened after hearing this, says that the stranger should beg for her forgiveness. But, the stranger calmly replies that she should be the one apologizing. At this moment, our character realized that something is very wrong with this person, and the entire situation. She became even more suspicious once d’Eon dropped the act and started talking in his normal voice. Jeanne is terrified, but she musters the courage to ask a stranger who he really is. The stranger seems amused and says that it took Jeanne long enough to inquire about his identity. With that, d’Eon approached Jeanne, who only managed to let out a scream before he incapacitated her.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-9 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Nicholas try to rescue his wife and stand up to d’Eon, or will he run away? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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