Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-1 of Dress up Time Princess. During this side story, we will take on the role of Jeanne de Valois, an impoverished noblewoman, who tried to “acquire” the famous diamond necklace during the events in Queen Marie storybook. This Affair of the Necklace will present us the events concerning the diamond necklace in detail, from Jeanne’s point of view. 

NOTE: This is a side story that explores the events connected to the “Queen Marie” main story. There will be no outfit requirements and no dialogue options that can increase the Goodwill of your companions, just like with most of the other side stories. However, there is a 20 hour wait time before unlocking the next stage in the story.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story begins with a peasant girl bumping into Jeanne de Valois, while she was walking down the street. This event shouldn’t cause too much trouble normally, but the girl spilled the juice that she was carrying all over Jeanne’s new dress. Jeanne demands compensation from the peasant girls, but this girl has a bit different view of the incident and actually thinks that Jeanne was the one that caused it.

Jeanne is furious since she didn’t expect that the peasant girl would blame her for the incident. After all, Jeanne is a part of the nobility and a mere peasant girl shouldn’t even dare to talk back to her. However, their argument caused a lot of commotion and other peasants start gathering around them. A woman that was nearby blamed our character for the incident and claiming that Jeanne bumped into the peasant girl. Several other people start nodding in the agreement with this lady, but Jeanne, thinking to herself, dismisses their accusations, thinking that they are only supporting the girl’s side of the story because they are peasants, just like her.

As expected, Jeanne won’t back down. Now she claims that the peasant girl has ruined her expensive dress when she spilled the juice all over it. The poor peasant girl realizes that she will be in huge trouble if she continues to argue with the noble, even though she was right since Jeanne was the one that bumped into her. With that said, the peasant girl tries to get out of the trouble by offering to wash the dress as best as she can and return it to Jeanne once it dries up. It is a logical solution, and this unfortunate incident should have ended at this point. But Jeanne had something else in mind. She is already thinking ahead, trying to find a way to profit from this situation. But, before that, she insults the girl one more time by saying that she won’t carry a dress that was touched by the filthy hands of a peasant. The peasant girl realizes that she won’t get out of this trouble as easily as she presumed, but she knows that her situation will only get worse if she continues to argue with one of the nobles. So, she asks Jeanne what else can she do to compensate her for the dress.

Arrogant Jeanne says that this was a unique dress, so there’s no way for the peasant girl to acquire one the same as this one, and make her up that way. So, Jeanne proclaims that the only way for a peasant to resolve this incident would be monetary compensation. At this point, Jeanne’s plan to profit from this situation jumps into action. Our character claims that the peasant girl also ruined her good mood and stressed her out, besides ruining the dress. With that said, Jeanne demands the payment equal to three times the price of the dress, 1000 livres to be more precise. The poor peasant girl is shocked because it would take her years to earn, maybe even decades, to pay that outrageously high sum of money.

The same woman from the crowd that spoke on behalf of the peasant girl earlier, now comes forward again, screaming at Jeanne that the price of her dress could easily cover up the expenses of an entire family for a decade. The woman is clearly enraged after finding out how much nobles spend on clothing, and she dared to yell at Jeanne, even though she knew that this could lead to serious punishment. Jeanne, realizing that the woman isn’t thinking clearly, warns her not to go against the authority of the noble. However, the woman is completely blinded by rage and injustice between the classes. She moves even closer to Jeanne and shouts that all nobles will be punished one day. Well, she was right because the French revolution will happen in a few years, probably because of the events such as this one.

Well, now Jeanne loses her temper because she can no longer tolerate the peasant woman who spoke against the nobles. Jeanne threatens the woman from the crowd by saying that her husband will arrest her for disobedience. At this moment, Comte de la Motte, Jeanne’s husband who is also an officer of the gendarmes shows up, yelling his wife’s name. Jeanne is very happy to see him because she hopes that her husband will punish the peasants that were rude to her. Moreover, with his help, she might be able to realize her plan and make the poor peasant girl that ruined her dress pay an outrageous sum of money. With that in mind, she immediately grabs her husband’s arm, acting like a lady in distress. However, Comte de la Motte pushes her hand away from him. He has a very displeased look on his face.

Well, it turns out that Comte de la Mote wasn’t merely displeased, he was very angry because Jeanne purchased a lot of expensive jewelry, and instructed the merchant to send the bill to her husband. Jeanne tries to soften him up, claiming that they share everything, including all of their money, so the name on the bill is completely irrelevant. Well, this plan backfired, because Comte de la Motte becomes even more enraged. He yells at Jeanne, saying that she owes a very large sum to the shop owner and that the shop owner has been sending bills to the Comte’s military camp, demanding payment, and embarrassing him in front of the soldiers. Jeanne tries to turn things around by saying that every man should buy his wife jewelry, claiming that his soldiers will respect him even more because of it.

However, Comte de la Motte has an entirely different view of this situation, and he accuses his wife of spending more money than they can afford. Jeanne was worried that her husband will publicly embarrass both of them in front of the crowd of peasants. With that in mind, she suggested to her husband that it would be a good idea to continue this conversation in private. Her plan could work but, at this moment, the Comte noticed that his wife bought a new dress and a gem, and this pushed Comte completely over the edge. He starts yelling at his wife, enraged because she keeps spending more money than they can earn, and he can no longer take it.

Well, in Jeanne’s opinion, her husband overreacted, and she sees no other choice other than to start arguing with him in the middle of the street. More and more peasants start gathering around them, with the desire to see the two nobles publicly arguing with each other, because that’s not something that you could often see on the street of Paris. Well, Jeanne shoots back, accusing her husband of spending even more than she does. Apparently, Comte buys and collects antique items. At his moment, Nicholas (Comte de la Mote) gets even closer to Jeanne, and tugs at one of the ribbon’s on Jeanne’s waist while claiming that all of her jewelry and clothing is actually of mediocre quality. Of course, this statement both insulted and enraged Jeanne at the same time, and she pushes Nicholas away from her, calling him an oaf that can’t understand the latest work of Austrian designers.

Well, all the peasants that gathered around them are very entertained by their argument, and the entire crowd starts laughing after Jeanne’s last statement. Well, after seeing that the crowd of peasants is laughing at them, Nicholas finally realized that they shouldn’t be arguing in public. Without saying another word he turns around and starts walking away.  As soon as he starts walking away, Jeanne is yanked back because one of the ribbons on her dress were caught by Nicholas’ belt buckle. Jeanne immediately realized what’s going on, and she starts yelling at him to stop. However, Nicholas is extremely angry at his wife. He completely ignores her pleas and starts walking away from her even faster, wishing to get away from both her and the peasants as quickly as he can. The poor Jeanne realized that her dress will follow apart and she tries to follow her husband, but she can’t keep up with his pace because she is wearing heels. Now, she has to make a choice on how to deal with his situation.

Your choice won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Catch up with Comte de la Motte”, the first option.

Catch up with Comte de la Motte

Rip off ribbons and stop

If you choose the first option, Jeanne will immediately start running, trying to catch up to Nicholas. The peasant woman will yell to her that it was Nicholas who ruined her dress, so our character should demand compensation from the peasant girl. Jeanne doesn’t agree with this statement, but she can’t turn around and argue, because she has to keep chasing after Nicholas. If she would stop to argue her entire dress would break apart, and she would be left standing in the street dressed only in her underwear. Of course, peasants keep laughing at Jeanne while she stumbles after her husband, trying to catch up to him.

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If you choose the second option, Jeanne will rip off the ribbons from her dress, and start yelling while looking for the peasant girl who spilled the juice on her dress. However, the woman from the crowd who argued with Jeanne earlier will yell that everyone saw that Comte de la Motte ruined the dress. So, Jeanne has no right to ask for compensation from the peasant girl.

Jeanne is furious, and she insults the woman by calling her a “filthy peasant”. But the woman points out that even though they are poor, none of the people in the crowd would show up in public inappropriately dressed, unlike our character. At this moment Jeanne realized that her dress started to fall apart, and realized that she will be left in nothing else but her underwear if she continued to argue with the peasants. Trying to keep her dignity, our character grabs the dress with her hands, trying to keep it from falling apart, and heads home, while the peasants burst into laughter behind her.

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Upon arriving home, Jeanne finds her husband in the living room. Nicholas has completely calmed down, and he gently polishes one of his ancient clocks. Jeanne became furious when she saw that her husband is completely calm after the incident, and she felt publicly humiliated by her husband, and in front of the crowd of peasants no less. With said, she starts raging and yelling at Nicholas, because in her opinion, her husband cares more about his antique items than his wife’s honor. She claims that a few pieces of jewelry that she bought aren’t overly expensive and that Nicholas shouldn’t make such a big drama over it. But, Nicholas has a different view and says that Jeanne has a “trashy taste”, and keeps spending a lot of money on jewelry and clothing. He also points out that his antique items are a true work of art, unlike Jeanne’s jewelry. Finally, irritated Nicholas threatens that he will divorce Jeanne if she continues to insult him or his hobby.

Jeanne shoots back, warning her husband to watch his language and reminding him that he publicly humiliated her in front of a crowd of peasants. But, Nicholas responds by saying that Jeanne’s dress was of poor quality and that it wasn’t his fault that she bought a cheap imitation. Jeanne is now really furious. In anger, she picks up one of the vases and smashes it against her husband’s precious clock. This was a very mean act, and it almost pushed Nicholas over the edge. He is barely able to stay even remotely calm and warns Jeanne that he won’t tolerate her behavior forever.

Jeanne immediately points out her heritage, explaining that she is a descendant from the noble Valois family, while her husband is nothing more than a nameless, minor noble. With that said, she warns him that she will not tolerate his behavior and that her husband should choose his words more carefully in the future. But, Nicholas points out that Jeanne’s family doesn’t really belong to a higher noble class as she claims, which is evident by her monthly income. However, she tries to degrade her husband once more, by claiming that the monthly amount granted to her is still greater than the amount that Comte de la Motte receives.

However, Nicholas correctly points out that Jeanne keeps spending his money on jewelry and that the only dress that she paid for herself was a cheap imitation that fell apart a few minutes after purchase. But, Jeanne has a different view of the situation. She blames her husband for being too cheap, and unable to provide for her a lifestyle fitting to a noble of her class (which includes spending an enormous amount of money on daily basis). At this point, Nicholas becomes really angry and explains that Jeanne won’t ever be able to live a life of luxury that she envisioned. Instead, he states that his wife should face a reality, and spend only as much as they can afford. But there are two sides to every story. Jeanne blames Nicholas for their financial troubles, claiming that he spends his entire wage while socializing with the soldiers, leaving their home budget with zero income. With that said, Jeanne thinks that her husband is the one who should face reality and reduce his spending. 

Nicholas, now claims that he has to socialize with soldiers at work, and claims that they could save a lot of money if Jeanne stayed at home. But, our character shoots back by implying that the real reason why Nicholas wants her to stay at home is because he wants to see other women, without Jeanne finding out about it. Of course, Nicholas denies this accusation, but Jeanne claims that she is already aware that Nicholas “socialized” with some of the higher-ranking noblewomen, with the intent to use them to improve his social status. Unfortunately, his effort didn’t bring any results yet (maybe they were not satisfied with his services?). Nicholas was about to lose his temper after hearing this but, luckily, at this moment the maid interrupts their conversation announcing that they have a visitor.

Well, our couple temporarily stops arguing, realizing that their visitor is a Duke to whom they own some money. Nicholas tries to get back at our character by saying that this Duke invited Jeanne to dance once, but that obviously wasn’t enough for him to write off their debt. Jeanne instantly shoots back by saying that Nicholas didn’t fare any better, as she already explained. With that said, Jeanne decides to live in the living room, but her husband mockingly says that her royal blood could prove useful and that she could maybe convince the Duke to delay his request for payment of the debt. But, as we already saw, Jeanne is capable of immediately turning every insult that her husband throws at her, back at him. And this time was no different. She mockingly says that Nicholas should be the one negotiating with the Duke, because he is more sociable, reminding her husband of his previous statement that he has to socialize with the soldiers (and apparently some noblewomen) at work.

After walking out of the room, Jeanne thinks about everything that has transpired today. She decides that asking the Duke to give them some more time to repay their debt is beneath her. With that said, our character firmly decided that she will find a way to higher society and that she will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. Everyone that insulted her will pay once she finally achieves this.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-1 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? We already know that Jeanne wanted to achieve her goal by acquiring the diamond necklace, but how did it all start? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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