Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne informed her husband that she “acquired” Queen’s personal necklace. Nicholas wanted to sell it immediately, but Jeanne replied that’s the short sighted thinking. She planned to use the necklace to befriend the Queen, or to use it to represent herself as the Queen’s personal friend, all with the goal of improving her own social status. After a brief discussion with Nicholas, she left the house and headed toward the Queen’s estate. However, she was stopped at the gate by the royal guards who refused to let her in. The guards demanded a letter of invitation and were instructed not to let anyone in without the written permission. Jeanne tried to persuade the guards but failed, as expected. Finally, she lost her temper and started to insult the guards, and at that point, they raised their guns and aimed at her. At this point, a well-dressed servant appeared and calmed down the situation. Jeanne was very fortunate because the servant offered to escort her into the palace and even invited her to the banquette after he found out her full name. Excited to finally join the higher noble class Jeanne gladly accepted. However, she was very curious about the identity of the noble that invited her to the banquette.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Jeanne arriving at the banquette hall. She was ecstatic after seeing the delicious meals and the expensive wine, both of which were consumed in enormous amounts. With all that said, Jeanne concluded that the person who invited her must really belong to a higher noble class because anyone below that status couldn’t afford to host such a splendid banquette. The attendant instructs her to wait, saying that he will introduce her to his master in a few moments. We also found out that his master is a Duke.

Jeanne is admiring the atmosphere, but she becomes a little anxious because some time had passed and the Duke still hasn’t shown up. Our character reasons that the Duke, whoever he might be, wouldn’t invite her to the banquette if he didn’t want to meet her, and he probably admired her for quite some time. With that said, she decides that waiting a bit longer is probably a good idea. At this moment, one of the nobles approaches and politely asks her if she could move aside so that he can take a glass of wine. Jeanne realized that she was standing right in front of the wine table, and she now has two chose one of the two options.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Hand him a glass of red wind”, the second option.

Move out of the way

Hand him a glass of red wine
Jeanne notices that this man is very handsome and dressed in very elegant clothing. She moves out of the way, the mysterious man pours a glass of wine and leaves with a polite nod. Jeanne, always ready to seize the opportunity, thinks that she made a mistake since she could have started a conversation with this man if she chose to hand him the glass of wine instead of moving out of his way. But the opportunity is lost.

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If you chose the second option, Jeanne will hand the handsome stranger a glass of wine, apologizing because she didn’t notice him earlier. Our character will explain that she was so mesmerized by the ball that she completely lost the track of her immediate surroundings. The man will say that there is nothing to apologize for and ask Jeanne why she is standing alone. She will reply that she made a mistake and came alone to the ball, and the man will reply that he made the same mistake. With that said, he will ask her for a dance, and Jeanne will gladly accept.

Jeanne is overjoyed for the opportunity to dance at a banquette hoisted by the high society. She is also very pleased with her dancing partner because he is very well mannered, but also entertaining. Our character enjoyed his company, but the name of this man remained a mystery because he didn’t want to reveal his identity. But, Jeanne couldn’t care less about it, because she enjoyed it, and she realized that at such a high class gathering, she could easily find a victim for one of her schemes, is she wanted to.

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At this moment, the servant comes back, apologizing to Jeanne and informing her that his master, the mysterious Duke, had some unexpected business, and sadly he won’t be able to meet with her. Jeanne took the news very well, saying that she completely understands. The servant apologized, once again, and said that the Duke will send an expensive tea set to her residence as a sign of his respect. The servant also informs Jeanne that the Duke will like to see her on one of his next banquettes. And Jeanne accepts both the apology and the invitation.

After hearing the apology, Jeanne notices the man behind the servant and asks about his identity. The servant apologizes, once more, and introduces the man to Jeanne, saying that the man behind him is Cardinal Rohan (who will already know from Queen Marie main story, and this is how he and Jeanne met). Jeanne says that he heard much about Cardinal Rohan, and the servant points out that Jeanne is a good friend of the Queen. With that said, he suggests to Rohan to talk to our character and try to straighten his relationship with the Queen. The poor servant had no idea that introducing Rohan to Jeanne would only further, permanently damage his relationship with Queen Marie.

Rohan becomes very excited, because the Queen disliked him for a long time, and he hopes that Jeanne could do something about it. Our character, lying through her teeth, without blinking, confirms that she and Marie are very close friends and that she came to Versailles to return the necklace. Jeanne explains that unfortunately she couldn’t meet with Queen Marie today, but smartly doesn’t go into details. However, she lies about her relationship with Queen Marie, and how often she visits her residence. Poor Rohan believes every word of it, even more so when Jeanne presents the necklace. Realizing that this necklace belongs to the Queen (the locket inside has a portrait of Queen Maria Theresa, Queen Marie’s mother), Rohan has no reason to believe that Jeanne is lying. On the other hand, it seems like Jeanne’s plan will actually work, and that she just found someone in high ranking society whom she can manipulate by pretending to be a Queen’s close friend. All that thanks to the necklace that she found a day before.

The attendant informs Rohan and our character that he has to attend to his other duties, and isn’t sure if he is going to be able to come back before the end of the banquette to escort Jeanne. But, Rohan solves the problem by offering to escort her instead. The servant thanks him and leaves.

After the servant departed, Cardinal Rohan starts talking to Jeanne, eager to gain her favor. Our character feels very fortunate because she hoped to trick the other nobles by pretending to be the Queen’s friend and using the necklace to prove her claim. It looks like Rohan will be her first victim since he is fully convinced that Jeanne is a close friend to the Queen. It doesn’t take him long to ask a favor from our character. As expected she wants Jeanne to help him to make amends and improve his relationship with the Queen.

Rohan starts by saying that his relationship with the Queen is terrible, and she doesn’t want to see him. The locket with a portrait of Maria Theresa reminded Jeanne how Rohan spread rumors about Queen Marie’s mother, and permanently damaged her reputation in France. With that said, Jeanne explains how Queen Marie could never tolerate someone who is speaking ill of her mother. She fiddles with the locket just to make poor Rohan even more uncomfortable. Cardinal is well aware that he made a huge mistake by spreading rumors about Maria Theresa but claims that he didn’t do that intentionally. He admits his mistake, and the man seems ready to make amends since he’s desperate to improve his standing with the Queen. And that works perfectly Jeanne. 

Now, Jeanne doesn’t want Rohan to lose all hope, because that wouldn’t work in her favor. With that said, she lies to him by saying that although the Queen is upset with him, she does admire his talents. Jeanne goes on, claiming that the Queen thinks that Rohan deserves a higher position, and King Louis XVI shares this view. Upon hearing this, Rohan brightens up and he is now ready to do anything to repair his standing with the Queen. Just as Jeanne wanted. Everything is working in her favor. She made a great move by not only promising to solve Rohan’s problem with the Queen but also luring him with a possibility of earning a high social position if they manage to pull this off.

Rohan is, of course overjoyed, and he starts praising Jeanne, calling her the “beautiful angel”. Jeanne now has him firmly in her grasp. Our character realized that she couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity than this one. With that in mind, she intends to fully exploit Rohan’s trust, and lead him to cough up a large sum of money in the process. So, Jeanne goes on with her plan, by saying that the Queen also wants to repair her relationship with Rohan, and Jeanne is willing to mediate. For Rohan, this means that his dreams will finally come true, and he is ready to compensate Jeanne for helping him out. Everything is going exactly as Jeanne planned.

But Jeanne doesn’t want to exploit the situation right away, because she knows that by waiting and gaining even more of Cardinal’s trust, she will be in an even better position, and could ask almost anything of him. With that said, she ironically compliments him, saying that she just wants a person as “brilliant” as him to be her friend. By brilliant, Jeanne meant naïve, a perfect candidate for her scheme, and easy to exploit. With that, they part ways, but not before Cardinal promised to keep in touch with Jeanne. The poor man thinks that he is very fortunate to have a friend like Jeanne. On the other hand, Jeanne is already fantasizing about tricking Rohan into giving her an enormous sum of money and plans about spending it on parties in high society. This night couldn’t have gone better for Jeanne.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Everything worked out in Jeanne’s favor in this stage, although her day started terribly since she couldn’t even get past the guards once she reached the palace. Will she succeed in tricking Rohan? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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