Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-10 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Nicholas was worried about Nicole (the fake Marie) since she was the only person that could reveal that they stole the diamond necklace. But, Jeanne reassured him, saying that she already hired assassins to deal with Nicole. After that, Jeanne and Nicholas were discussing how they should spend some of the money that they earned from selling the diamonds because they wanted to celebrate after purchasing another villa. Nicholas wanted to go to the casino, but Jeanne refused his suggestion, saying that he is an idiot that will quickly gamble away their wealth, and she said that the nobleman should invest in a successful business. However, it turns out, that Jeanne made a bad investment, and the shop she bought was closed after just two weeks, as Nicholas pointed out. Tired of arguing, the characters went parted ways, with Nicholas promising to hire the maids that Jeanne wanted. The story continued sometime later, with Nicholas hiring the maids as Jeanne required. However, that caused another reason for the argument, because Nicholas called his wife “Eve” which lead Jeanne to believe that he is having an affair with one of the maids. They continued arguing about this and related subjects for some time. Just, when their argument reached a boiling point, they heard a stranger’s voice from the hallway. After a bit of confusion, Jeanne decides to confront the stranger and throw it out. But, much to our character’s surprise, the stranger wasn’t intimidated by Jeanne (we also found out that the stranger is actually d’Eon). Instead, he slowly approached her, while calmly talking and pretending that he is a traveler seeking shelter from the rain. After a few minutes of discussion,  d’Eon dropped the act, and attacked Jeanne, incapacitating her. This is how the previous stage ended. We have no idea what happened with Nicholas since he wasn’t in the room with Jeanne and d’Eon.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The story continues with Jeanne waking up in the jail cell, after being abducted by d’Eon, who took her back to France. Jeanne can’t stand the terrible living conditions in jail, so she decided to call for the guard and demand to speak with d’Eon. Somehow, our character is confident that she feels be soon released from prison and that d’Eon will have to answer to the authorities for kidnapping and mistreating her. After a few moments, d’Eon arrived, and he started to mock Jeanne, claiming that her skin has changed dramatically after spending a few nights in prison. But Jeanne, impulsive by nature, decided to remain calm and play this in a smart way. Speaking in a sweet voice, she said to d’Eon that she is not a criminal and that she doesn’t belong in the jail cell.

D’Eon just said that our character is a very cunning person, and he wanted to know how did she found out his name. Jeanne explained that although the guards won’t talk to her, they are constantly talking to each other, so she managed to find out who d’Eon is by eavesdropping on their conversations. Our character, wanting to gain favor from her captor, suggests that he should probably imprison some of the guards that talked too much. D’Eon says that he will probably do that, but right now he wants to talk about Jeanne. Now, Jeanne has to decide how to proceed.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Talk your way out”, the first option, since it looks like that was Jeanne’s plan.

Talk your way out

Scold him
If you pick the first choice, Jeanne will claim that she is innocent and that she had nothing to do with the diamond. Our character will go even further, claiming that she didn’t even know that the diamond necklace existed. But, d’Eon doesn’t believe any of this, instead, he says that he will patiently wait until Jeanne decides to tell the truth. In the meantime, he wants to talk to her about the other necklace – the Queen’s locket that he found in Jeanne’s villa.

Jeanne, honestly admits that she recognized the locket, saying that she knows that it belongs to the Queen, and that d’Eon probably found it inside the villa. D’Eon is a bit surprised after hearing this since he expected Jeanne to lie about it or play dumb. However, Jeanne says that she has nothing to hide, and explains that, one day, she accidentally bumped into Queen and Duchess Polignac. Our character explains that the Queen dropped the locket, and Jeanne picked it up. However, the Queen already left before she could return it to her. Jeanne goes on, explaining that he intended to return the locket to the Queen, but the guards wouldn’t let her into the Queen’s private garden. D’Eon confirms that he is aware of this event. At this point, Jeanne feels confident, because she hopes to persuade her captor that she is innocent by telling half-truths. In her opinion, this plan seems to be working so far.

Jeanne continues, saying that the guards can confirm her story. She also explains that she wanted to personally return the necklace to the Queen, and she didn’t want to hand over such a valuable item to the guards, fearing that they could keep it for themselves. Well, that’s how Jeanne explained why she had the necklace that didn’t belong to her. But, d’Eon points out that Jeanne was bragging about having the necklace that belongs to the Queen to more than one person. Jeanne pretends that she is insulted, claiming that she only bragged about it on several occasions, but never wanted to keep the necklace for herself. However, it seems that d’Eon isn’t buying her story, although he admits that Jeanne is cunning and that she managed to create almost a perfect story to prove her innocence. But, Jeanne still claims that she is telling the truth, and begs d’Eon to help her prove that she is innocent.

However, d’Eon still doesn’t believe her and points out that her story could have possibly even worked if it wasn’t for her husband that abandoned her when she needed him the most. Jeanne pretends to be worried about her husband, saying that he probably escaped. But, at this moment, d’Eon presents a letter, saying that it was written by Nicholas, who escaped while d’Eon was dealing with Jeanne. He explains that Nicholas, in his letter to d’Eon, explained all the details of their scheme, including the way they tricked Rohan, and how Jeanne hired a peasant girl to impersonate the Queen. Jeanne remains calms at the surface, but on the inside, she is boiling with rage and intends to take revenge on her husband as soon as she gets out of this mess.

Jeanne, seeing that her initial plan has failed, tries to improvise. She says that she lied previously, but only because she wanted to protect her husband. She goes on to say that Nicholas and Cardinal Rohan were masterminds behind the plan to steal the diamond necklace. But, d’Eon doesn’t believe her and thinks that she is just trying to put together another story to prove her innocence. However, Jeanne has no other option, so she tries to convince her captor that she is telling the truth, by saying that her husband demanded of her to play the part in this scheme and, as a loyal wife, Jeanne couldn’t refuse. But, D’Eon has heard enough. He explains that although he would love to hear more of Jeanne’s stories with which she tries to prove her innocence, he has no more time to spend on her. Instead, he claims that it is time to call the Queen, and she will have the final word concerning Jeanne’s faith.

Jeanne begs d’Eon to listen to her, but he has other ideas. He considers his next action and concludes that Jeanne is a bit too energetic for a person that spends three days in jail. With that said, he thinks it is time to remedy this mistake and starts looking at the torture devices. Jeanne is terrified because she realized what d’Eon is thinking about.

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If you chose the second choice, Jeanne will threaten d’Eon, saying that he will be in big trouble if he doesn’t let her go. Actually, our character isn’t quite sure if d’Eon is a man or a woman. However, d’Eon isn’t intimidated at all by her threats. Instead, he orders his guards to bring in the hot iron bars and thick rope with which they intend to bound Jeanne. Our character, realizing what is about to happen, starts screaming, saying that she is innocent and that torturing a noble is completely unacceptable. She yells her entire name, hoping that her noble lineage will save her from torture.

But, d’Eon explains that Jeanne doesn’t deserve her noble title, and he further insults her by saying that her grandfather would be ashamed of her if he was alive. Jeanne is furious upon hearing d’Eon questioning her noble lineage. But, he explains that our character could have retained her position as a minor noble if she wasn’t too greedy. D’Eon further explains that Jeanne was too optimistic, and wanted to rise too high above her status, but failed in the end, and now it is time for her to face the consequences. But, Jeanne shoots back, claiming that d’Eon captured her because he couldn’t catch find the real thief. So, she is still claiming that she’s innocent, and tries to spin the story by claiming that d’Eon wants to frame her for the crime that she didn’t commit. This is not true, of course. Regardless, she curses d’Eon, saying that he will be punished by God for tormenting an innocent noblewoman.

D’Eon completely ignores Jeanne’s threats, and realizing that she’s unwilling to confess, explains that he will now have to use more extreme methods to get the confession out of her. Our character is terrified because she realized that she’s going to be tortured. As d’Eon brings the hot iron closer to her, Jeanne thinks that she can smell her own burning flesh. Finally, she cracks under pressure, beginning d’Eon to stop and promising that she will tell him the truth. She quickly comes up with a desperate plan and says that her husband was the mastermind of the entire operation. She goes on to say that Nicholas helped Rohan, by enabling him to communicate with the Queen and improving the relations between the two of them. But Jeanne’s captor doesn’t seem convinced, and now he accuses her of putting the blame on the Queen. Desperate, Jeanne claims that she doesn’t know exactly what happened. She claims that she only knows what Nicholas told her. Once again, our character claims that Nicholas and Rohan should be blamed for this incident and that she is innocent.

However, d’Eon just smiled after hearing her confession and concluded that she and Nicholas are perfect for each other. He explains that either one of them would willingly sacrifice the other one, without a second thought, if that could enable them to get out of trouble. Jeanne is confused, but d’Eon calmly asks her if she knows what happened to her husband. Our character honestly admits that Nicholas probably ran away at the first sight of danger, leaving her behind. D’Eon confirms Jeanne’s suspicion, saying that Nicholas managed to run away while he was arresting our character. However, he also says that later, Nicholas sends him the letter in which he explained everything that happened concerning the diamond necklace. So, wishing to save his own skin, he not only left Jeanne behind, but also sent a letter with details about her scheme, thus ensuring that his wife will be found guilty, and denying her the opportunity to try to convince d’Eon that she’s innocent.

Jeanne, left with no other options, tries to convince her captor that her husband is a lying coward and that his letter is a bunch of lies that he wrote down in order to save his own skin. However, d’Eon also mentions that he found the Queen’s locket amongst Jeanne’s things. He explains that a man couldn’t use that locket to convince Rohan, or anyone else, that he is one of the Queen’s closest friends. So, the locket had to be used by a woman. In this choice, Jeanne gives a shorter version concerning the locket. She just says that she found it, but couldn’t return it to the Queen because the guards wouldn’t let her through. D’Eon says that he suspected that Jeanne wouldn’t confess her crimes, because he honestly admires the complexity of her scheme. As soon as he started investigating the disappearance of the diamond necklace, he realized that he is dealing with a very cunning person, and it took him a lot of time and effort to connect all the dots. But, d’Eon is sure that now he knows the truth, and he doesn’t want to listen to Jeanne anymore. With that said, he prepares to torture her.

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Our story continues with Jeanne remembering her conversation with the Queen. Marie accused Jeanne of being a selfish and greedy person since she stole the necklace without considering how that might affect other people. But, Jeanne claims that she deserves the necklace because of the royal blood that is flowing through her veins. However, Marie doesn’t want to listen to her excuses and decides that Jeanne should answer for her crimes. Our character tries begging for mercy, but to no avail. Marie seems certain that Jeanne would start conspiring against the moment she sets her free. With that said, she decides that Jeanne should become a nun, and spend the rest of her life in a monastery. That’s going to be her punishment.

Well, it turns out that Jeanne has been dreaming a lot about her last conversation with Marie, which is not surprising since this conversation changed her life forever. Our character can hear the morning bells, waking up the residents of the monastery, and she knows that the nuns will come to her room any minute now, ordering her to clean the monastery. But, before that, Jeanne went to the morning prayer with another nun.

Apparently, Jeanne has put a rose dew in the room of this nun, and this wasn’t the only gift that she left her either. The nun, although she knows that she shouldn’t be accepting gifts from Jeanne, got used to it over time, and that enabled our character to form a friendship with her. Of course, Jeanne only did that so that she can ask a favor from the nun when she needs to. So, Jeanne convinced the nun to send some letters instead of her, enabling her to communicate with the outside world. And now, Jeanne gave her another letter, addressed to her husband Nicholas, and the nun said that she will make sure he gets the letter. Jeanne is certain that God will punish Marie for locking her up in the monastery. But, more importantly, Jeanne is certain that she will soon manage to get away from there.

The story continues after some time with two commoners discussing the latest events. One of them explains that the person responsible for stealing the diamond necklace (Jeanne) managed to escape from the monastery with the help of her husband (Nicholas). So, when Jeanne was sending out letters, she was actually planning her escape with Nicholas. Apparently, Jeanne disguised herself as a boy and escaped, but it seems that Nicholas was captured.

After our character escaped from the monastery, she went to a small village in London where she continued her life. Here, she heard about revolutionaries breaking into Bastilles. Jeanne thinks that Queen Marie is the only person that she should blame for her misfortune. Recounting the events, Jeanne remembers how she intentionally left Nicholas behind to be captured and put in chains. She did it because he ran away when she was captured by d”Eon and, on top of that, he sent d’Eon a letter that explained Jeanne’s scheme. With that said, she thinks that Nicholas got what he deserved. Our character also mentions that Queen Marie, that she despised, no longe has any power, and concludes that God has punished everyone that wronged her. And with that, we come to the end of this storybook. 

You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

Well, in this storybook, we saw exactly how Jeanne managed to steal the diamond necklace. Once she found the Queen’s locket, she immediately saw an opportunity, and she made the most out of it. With the locket, she was able to convince Rohan that she is one of the closest friends of Queen Marie, and that enabled her to manipulate the poor Cardinal however she wanted. Although she is one of the negative characters, I must admit that she is a very cunning and resourceful person. In the end, she did manage to escape from captivity and happily live the rest of her life, although she probably won’t ever acquire the wealth and social status she dreamed of.

Thank you for reading.

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