Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-5 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne arrived at the banquette and was left to wait for the Duke who invited her. Why waiting, she was approached by an intriguing gentleman and she decided to dance him instead – if you chose the second choice. After a while, the servant returned and informed Jeanne that the Duke had some unexpected obligations, and unfortunately, he won’t be able to meet with Jeanne tonight. Jeanne accepted the apology and asked about the man that came with the servant. The servant introduced them, announcing that the man behind him is Cardinal Rohan. After that, the servant remembered that Jeanne is a good friend of the Queen, and suggested that she might be able to help out Rohan. After the servant left, Jeanne and Rohan started talking, and our character, sensing an opportunity, pulled out a locket with the portrait of Maria Theresa to prove to Rohan that she really is a good friend of the Queen. This convinced Rohan, who quickly asked for Jeanne to help him repair his relationship with the Queen. And this was music to Jeanne’s ears. She could now finally set her plan in motion, and she slowly gained more and more Rohan trusts, while also assuring him that the Queen will grant him a higher position if they manage to repair their relationship. Allured by greed and hope, the unfortunate Rohan fell right into Jeanne’s trap. After the banquette, he escorted her home and felt feeling confident that he will finally manage to turn his luck around. But Jeanne knew otherwise, and she was certain that she will find a way to greatly benefit by manipulating a naïve and greedy Rohan. We could say that both of them parted ways in high hopes.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues after a few days with Cardinal Rohan visiting Jeanne. Her plan is already working better than she expected since Cardinal just brought her expensive jewelry as a gift. He even insisted that Jeanne must accept his gift, flattering her that only a beautiful woman like she is worthy of such expensive jewelry. The poor man is falling even deeper into her trap. After a brief pause, our character said that she will accept the gift. Rohan was relieved to hear that, hoping that this will be enough to gain Jeanne’s favor and manipulate her into helping him solve his trouble with the Queen. He was completely unaware that he was facing a master manipulator, and that he was actually the victim in this scenario.

After he gave her to jewelry, Rohan gets straight to the point and mentions that he overheard a rumor about the Queen hosting another charity event. Well, resourceful Jeanne quickly seized the opportunity by saying that such events need donations in order to be successful. Rohan immediately took the bait and offered to give a large sum of money to Jeanne, as a donation for this event, asking her to pass the money to the Queen. Jeanne’s face remained serious when she made the following statement.

Jeanne is overjoyed with the current development of the situation because her exploitation of Rohan is going much better than she hoped, beyond her wildest expectations. On the other hand, Rohan is grateful to Jeanne for her so called assistance with his problem. Jeanne comments that she is glad to see Rohan’s relations with the Queen improving. The man confirms, saying that none of it would be possible without Jeanne. The poor fool believes that he is gaining the Queen’s favor, even though he never saw her or talked to her in person. Jeanne claims that she has another good news for Rohan. She continues with her lies, saying that the Queen has replied to one of Rohan’s letters. Naturally, Rohan is overjoyed after hearing this.

Jeanne says that it took some time for Queen to respond. However, Rohan believes that’s something to be expected since the Queen was probably too busy with the preparations for the charity event to reply sooner. On the other hand, Rohan honestly admits that he was very nervous while he waited for the reply because he feared that the Queen won’t write him back. Jeanne starts laughing at his honest reply. Indeed, she has found a perfect victim for her schemes when she met this man.

After Jeanne handed over the letter, Rohan gives her an envelope filled with cash. Jeanne presumed that he must have prepared it before coming to her, and Rohan confirms. Our character reassures him, saying that she will hand this money over to the Queen, alongside the funds for the charity. Rohan is very grateful for Jeanne’s assistance, and he keeps throwing money at her believing that will solve his problem with the Queen. He has no idea that all the money that he gave so far will remain safely in Jeanne’s possession.

After Rohan departed, Nicholas, Jeanne’s husband, enters the room, ready to go out and have a good time. Both he and Jeanne are in high spirits, and he jokingly comments that his wife probably intends to keep all the money that Rohan just gave her. But, our character quickly points out that both of them would be penniless if it wasn’t for her resourcefulness. She claims that Cardinal Rohan completely trusts her. Nicholas, correctly points out that Cardinal must be a very naïve person if he is so easily manipulated by Jeanne.

However, Jeanne’s husband is a bit worried and realizes that his wife can’t go on deceiving Rohan forever. He points out that Queen didn’t hold any charity events, and he isn’t sure how long will Rohan believe in Jeanne’s forged letters. But, Jeanne has no doubt that Rohan believes that she is helping him with the Queen, and our character is certain that she has him firmly in her grasp. With that said, she intends to exploit him as long as possible. Nicholas, now reassured, is looking forward to their future, and the life of splendor, that Cardinal will pay for.

Jeanne can’t believe her good fortune, because she can’t believe that there can be someone as naïve and foolish as Rohan. But, on the other hand, she rationalizes by saying that there must be a number of rich and foolish men in the world, she was just fortunate to meet one of them. After that, she decides to take a look at Rohan’s letter to the Queen. She intends to forge Queen Marie’s reply to Cardinal, just as she did before.  

The story continues with Cardinal Rohan opening the letter from the Queen (which is actually one of Jeanne’s forged letters). He thinks about his relationship with the Queen and, to him, it seems that the Queen is ready to forgive him for the previous mistakes. He is very thankful to Jeanne, because, if it wasn’t for her, the Queen wouldn’t even read any of his letters, let alone respond to it. Thinking to himself, Cardinal realizes that he and the Queen have so far exchanged almost a dozen letters, and decides that the time has come for him to meet with the Queen personally. Especially because Jeanne slipped in one of her forged letters and wrote that the Queen would like to meet Rohan. This could spoil Jeanne’s plans.

Rohan decided to take the matters into his own hands. Without consulting Jeanne, he heads off towards the Queen estate. He takes note of the beautiful garden in front of him, but his eyes are immediately drawn to Queen Marie and King Louis XVI that are chatting while walking toward him. Despite her previous resentment toward him, the Cardinal holds the Queen in high regard and thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. He feels very fortunate to gain back her favor, and can’t wait for the couple to approach him so he can have a word with them.

The King and the Queen are talking about the opera performance that they just attended. Apparently, the King thought that the performance was very boring because he fell asleep at the theater. He also teased Marie, saying that she also took a nap. With that said, he suggests to Marie to bring one of the artists from Austria, her home country, for the next show. Marie is thrilled about this suggestion, and she believes that the best artists from her country would make a very entertaining show.

Rohan overheard the conversation and concluded that the King and the Queen have attended the opera performance together. He finds this odd because he remembers that the Queen wrote to him about feeling lonely in the palace and complaining about her husband who never pays any attention to her. For a moment, Rohan considers leaving, but then he remembers that the Queen expressed a wish to meet him in one of her letters, so he decides to go and greet the couple anyway. He checks his clothing and prepares to greet the King and the Queen. But it looks like he made the wrong decision because King seems very surprised to see him.

Rohan tries to address them, but before he could finish the sentence Marie interrupts him. She completely ignores him and wants to return to the palace immediately. Rohan can’t understand why Marie is ignoring him, so he tries to talk to her once more. This time the Queen addresses him, but in a very unfriendly, cold, tone. Rohan is confused because Marie’s behavior is completely opposite from what she wrote to him in the letters. Cardinal Rohan realizes that he probably made a mistake by approaching the King and the Queen publicly, and decides to go away.

The King tries to salvage the situation by explaining that they have to go back to the palace urgently. The royal couple walks beside the confused Rohan, without paying any attention to him. Rohan is certain that the Queen’s attitude towards him hasn’t changed at all, and he is wondering what he did wrong. Wanting to salvage the situation, he decided to write to Jeanne as soon as he comes back home.

The story continues after our character received the letter from Rohan, informing her about his meeting with the Queen, and demanding an explanation. Of course, Jeanne is furious, and she can’t believe that Rohan went to meet with the Queen without previously consulting her. But, to be fair, she did made a mistake and wrote in one of her letters that the Queen would like to meet him. After listening to her wife’s yelling, Nicholas calmly replies that he warned her that something like this would probably happen, sooner or later.

But Jeanne isn’t willing to give up that easily. Much to her husband’s surprise she already has another plan. She angrily proclaims that if Rohan wants to meet the Queen so badly, she will grant him his wish. Somehow, I don’t think that this bodes well for poor Rohan.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-5 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Jeanne be able to turn the situation to her advantage while also taking her revenge on Rohan? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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