Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for The Affair of the Necklace 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Jeanne ran into a peasant girl who spilled the juice that she was carrying all over Jeanne’s dress. Claiming that the dress was ruined, our character demanded an outrageous compensation, equal to three times the value of the dress. After the gathered peasants heard her demand, they became furious, saying that so large an amount of money could feed an entire family for a decade. Jeanne was outraged because she didn’t expect peasants to stand up to a noble like her. At this moment, Nicholas, Jeanne’s husband appeared, but instead of supporting Jeanne in the argument, as she expected, he began criticizing her, because his wife spent a huge amount of money on jewelry and he’s the one that has to pay the bill. Jeanne wanted to avoid arguing with her husband publicly, but Nicholas wouldn’t calm down, and their argument escalated. Eventually, Nicholas finally realized that they should continue the discussion in the privacy of their home and turned around to leave. However, as he started walking away, his belt buckle caught one of the ribbons on Jeanne’s dress and started tearing it apart. Our character had to act quickly and she either ran after him / tore up the ribbons herself, depending on your choice. However, the end result is the same. The peasants now claimed that Nicholas ruined Jeanne’s dress, so a peasant girl doesn’t have to compensate her, and embarrassed Jeanne had to return home. Then the crowd of peasants laughed at her as she was leaving, holding the dress from falling apart. Once she returned home, Jeanne and Nicholas had a heated argument, which revealed to us that their marriage is far from perfect and that both of them spend way more money than they can afford, and that’s why they have a huge debt. But Jeanne firmly decided to find a way to improve her social status and join the ranks of higher circles of nobility. She is prepared to do anything to achieve this goal.  

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

After arguing with her husband, Jeanne takes some of her money and decides to visit a Bohmer’s store and buy some jewelry. It is clear that she has no intention to reduce her spending. In front of the store, she noticed a lady covered in jewelry and became jealous. The sight of this lady only encouraged Jeanne to go in and spend more money. With that said, Jeanne enters the store.

Upon entering the store, Jeanne saw Bohmer talking to the two customers. Our character immediately concluded that these two noblewomen belong to a higher nobility. She also noticed that Bohmer was terrified, and kept apologizing about something while begging the ladies to accept his gift. Finally, one of the ladies accepts the gift but warns Bohmer to remember what he promised. The shopkeeper enthusiastically confirms, happy that his apology was accepted by this mysterious lady.

The two noblewomen turn to leave, and at this moment our character is able to take a good look at them. Jeanne, realizing that one of them is Queen Marie, immediately decided to “accidentally” bump into her, and try to strike up a conversation. Of course, she first apologized, addressing Marie as “Her Majesty”, so Marie was aware that our character recognized her. Gabrielle was protective of the Queen, but our character apologized once more and introduced herself.

Immediately after introduction, Jeanne decided to seize the opportunity and offered to take the Queen and her companion shopping, claiming that she knows the best stores in this part of the town. Jeanne, remembering her visit to the palace, is now certain that the woman in front of her truly is Queen Marie, and she decided to try to befriend the Queen and her companion. Unfortunately for Jeanne, the Queen says that she is a bit tired, and wants to go back to the palace (we could also see this event in Queen Marie storybook).

Jeanne thought about insisting, but realized that she could make a bad first impression if she pushed the issue. With that said, she decided to accept their excuse, offering them her service the next time they decide to go shopping. Jeanne was disappointed because her plan failed, even though she acted immediately when the opportunity presented itself. While our disappointed character was still thinking about this event, she stepped on a small locket and concluded that one of the two women probably dropped it. Well, Jeanne saw this as another opportunity, and decided to pick up the locket, before Bohmer noticed it, and leave. But, at this moment, the shopkeeper calls out to her.

Fortunately, Bohmer didn’t notice that Jeanne picked up the necklace, and welcomes her to his store with his usual pleasantry. Our character immediately tucked away the necklace, and approached the shopkeeper, looking at the displayed jewelry. Bohmer’s attitude toward Jeanne, though still pleasant, is a bit different than usual. He quickly points out that most of his stock has been reserved, and that he should start delivering the jewelry soon. Jeanne mockingly comments that she thought that Bohmer only delivered bills. However, the shopkeeper calmly responded to this remark, explaining that only large orders are delivered directly to the customers, and that he demands payment upfront for this kind of arrangement. Jeanne immediately realized that Bohmer was probably talking about the upfront payment because Jeanne already had a massive debt at his store. But, our character didn’t want to worry about her debt. Not at this moment. Right now, she wants to confirm the identity of the two women that she just met.

With that said, she starts questioning Bohmer about the identity of the two ladies that just left his shop. But, Bohmer gives a very general answer, saying that they were noblewomen, just like Jeanne. It is apparent that Bohmer isn’t willing to uncover their identity, so Jeanne wants to try a different method which could possibly make the shopkeeper confirm that Queen Marie was one of the two ladies that left the shop. Now, we have to choose one of the two choices.

Your choice won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Talk about their purchases”, the second option.

Bring up your friendship

Talk about their purchases
If you choose the first option, Jeanne will remind Bohmer that they knew each other for years, and will try to convince the merchant to reveal the identity of the two noblewomen. However, Bohmer seems unwilling to talk, but Jeanne will try to soften him up by claiming that she is merely curious about them. The shopkeeper, who dealt with nobles and intrigues for years, immediately realized that something about Jeanne’s interest in the two women was fishy, and replied that she seems very insistent for someone who is merely curious. Jeanne keeps claiming that she is just curious, and sends away one of Bohmer’s customers by saying that the entire stock has been sold out. Bohmer, could have kept up the witty argument for hours, but he can’t afford to lose customers, so he decides to tell Jeannie the truth. 

Bohmer honestly admits that Queen Marie Antoinette and Duchess Gabrielle Polignac are the two women that visited his shop. Jeanne is satisfied with his answer and says that Bohmer must be really proud to have the Queen and her best friend visit his store. However, Bohmer doesn’t look happy at all and seems worried. Well, Jeanne who figured that every shopkeeper should be happy about the Queen visiting his store, is now truly curious and wants to know why Bohmer is worried. Bohmer explains that he still has the famous diamond necklace that they crafted for Madame du Barry, and he hoped to sell it to the Queen because she is one of the few people in the entire country who could afford such an expensive piece of jewelry. Unfortunately for Bohmer, the Queen only wanted to stop the rumors that she intends to buy the necklace (as we already know from the main story). Jeanne, deep in her thoughts, concludes that this necklace deserves the most noble owner. I guess that at this moment she started having ideas about acquiring the necklace for herself.

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If you chose the second option, Jeanne will ask Bohmer what did the two noblewomen buy, but the merchant will answer that they didn’t buy anything. Naturally, Jeanne thinks that this is very suspicious since Bohmer owns the largest and most famous jewelry store in Paris. She tries to find out the true reason for their visit by saying that Bohmer’s goods must have lost their charm since two high ranking noblewomen left his store without purchasing even a single piece of jewelry.

Bohmer explains that the most expensive piece of jewelry ever created, the diamond necklace ordered for Madame du Barry, is still in his possession as he didn’t find the buyer for it. Cunning Jeanne tries to get Bohmer to talk, by saying that the two noblewomen probably couldn’t afford to buy it. And that’s when the shopkeeper slipped, saying that one of them owns the wealth of entire France. Naturally, Jeanne immediately presumed that Queen Marie was one of the two noble ladies. Bohmer, having no way out, confirms Jeanne’s suspicion, and reveals that the other lady is Duchess Polignac. He also reveals that they visited her stop with the intention to stop the rumors about Queen wanting to purchase the extremely expensive diamond necklace. Bohmer goes on to describe how magnificent the necklace looks, explaining that is made of many large, beautiful diamonds, and that only the Queen is worthy of owning such a masterpiece of craftsmanship. However, Jeanne sees this as an opportunity and thinks that the diamond necklace would suit her perfectly. Now, she just has to figure out a way to get it.

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Jeanne is a bit frustrated because Bohmer refused to show her the famous diamond necklace. However, she realized that the other necklace that she found also presents a great opportunity, and once she opened the locket and saw a portrait of Queen Marie’s mother inside it, she was sure that fate has finally smiled upon her. With the locker that belonged to the Queen of France in her possession, Jeanne was certain that she will find a way to use it to achieve her dream, and finally reach the higher social status that she wished for during her entire life.

This will mark the end of The Affair of the Necklace Stage 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Jeanne find a way to use the necklace to her advantage? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.  

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