Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 1 of Dress up Time Princess. A new book, a new challenge. Stage 1 is just the beginning of a very interesting story. The story follows a girl named Zoya. She’s a swindler. The first stage will introduce you to the story and we hope you enjoy it. Based on what we’ve followed, 18 stages are quite enough for this storybook to take you into its carousel. Stay with us and enjoy. Hit Start when you are ready to begin the Saga of Viera.

This story starts with your eyes closed.  Male Commoner says that someone has to hurry up and tell him what these cards mean. He says that he paid good money to have his fortune read.

He says that you will have to be prepared to face the consequences. It is because you want to play with the dark arts. But, if you read his fortune, he will keep your secret. Your vision comes into focus, and you are finally able to see the man sitting cross-legged before you. With no time to analyze your surroundings, you drop your gaze to the ‘’cards’’ he is talking about. Considering that you have just come to the beginning of this book, you are a little confused. These look like tarot cards, you are only now noticing this. This man in front of you is frowning. His face is twisted in impatience. It looks like you are a fortune-teller. But, you can’t read the tarot cards.

You have no choice but to go along with it. There are four cards on the table but you count three things that you will read. The man counts on his fingers, thrusting three into the air.

Suddenly, you remember the fourth. It is the outcome. He appears somewhat if reluctantly, placed by your words, but he still looks at you skeptically. You strengthen your resolve and return to your ‘’interpretation.’’

You can see a man engrossed in engraving a coin. Also, while you are looking at the cards, you can see that there are many old coins hanging on the pillar beside him. That signifies that practice makes perfect. You mean that the Male Commoner has completely mastered his job.

The next one is the card called The Two of Swords. There is a person blindfolded and holding two cards. The man is so agitated, he almost jumps to his feet. He thinks that it is a bad omen. But you will calm him down by saying that it is an upright card that it’s bad. This card is reversed. That means that his blindfold will soon be removed. He has seen the way forward.

Male Commoner says that he has already decided to follow Master Swann of Tanawe. The next one is an upright Wheel of Fortune. Fate must be guiding him. He is on the right path and things will go well for him. Male Commoner says that he has been having good luck since he met Master Swann. Your fortune telling is very accurate according to Male Commoner. He trusts you. You will thank him and say that there is only one card left: the Hight Priestess. Not knowing what awaits you next, you will say that it is a sign from the gods. The Male Commoner will get to his feet with a raised tone. This will upset you because you thought you were too smug right now. Because you thought you said something wrong. The man’s eyes suddenly widen, and he lunges towards you.

As he speaks, the man pulls out some silver coins from his pocket. At first, he only counts out a few, but he hands the whole lot over. Though it is not a large sum, you are still surprised and feel a little guilty. This Male Commoner insists that you take this money because you have confirmed that he made the right choice. He will now follow Master Swann forever. Without waiting for you to finish, he’s gone like a gust of wind. Though rather than chase after him, you settle down to think about who you are. Your name is Zoya and you are…

You are just pretending to be a fortune teller. You can’t actually read tarot cards. The next thing you recall is, your parents are dead and you have no other family. Pain in your wrist interrupts your recollection. You look down. There is a blood-colored mark on your wrist. A dragon with outstretched wings. You stare intently at the mark for some time, then suddenly remember that the red spreading quickly over the mark. This mark was once a greenish-brown color, but it tingles sharply and turns a little redder now and then. The mark did not redden all at once but instead spread up from the bottom. Just like a timer. The mark is almost entirely crimson. Only the very top contains a trace of green. This mark has always unsettled you. You have come alone to this small, coastal city to uncover its secrets. Bell rings out in the distance. You look up at the sky and discover the sun is already setting.

You slowly gather up the ‘’divination tools’’ lying before you. Besides the tarot cards, there are also several crystals. And atop the rectangular rug on the ground is a piece of cloth, upon which some strange symbols have been written. Belongings gathered you walk home. On the way, you study your surroundings. Judging from the locals’ clothing and the architectural style, you have traveled several centuries into the past. You scour your memoirs but discover only the names of a few unfamiliar places.

You eventually arrive at an area that resembles a market. To scope out information, you approach a stall selling food and inquire about the prices. A customer who seems to be a regular approach the stall. While examining the wares, he makes small talk with the stall-keeper.

The stall owner says that his news is outdated. They’re already here and have been received by the mayor and the priest. When you hear the titles such as Cardinal, Holy Maiden, Mayor, Priest, it sounds like something important is happening.

It is about Lena’s grand event. In this city of Lena, people experience an important event once every thirty years. The Cardinal and Holy Maiden come to Lena to prepare for their ocean voyage. To the other side of the ocean, the land of East Viera.

Not heeding your puzzled expression, the stall-keeper continues chatting with the other customer about taxes and celebrations. Meanwhile, the mark on your wrist makes you feel rather anxious. You don’t know what will happen to you after this mark turns completely red. You doubt you will find anything else out there. You should go home. Now you grab three loaves of bread and hand a coin to the stall keeper.

The sky has darkened by the time you arrive home. Nibbling your bread, you look around the rather dilapidated cottage. Just then, you stumble across a notebook. Instinctively, you know the information it its pages is very important to you. You shove the rest of the bread in your mouth, then open the book and begin to read.

Though the air is warm and humid, you shiver. Even more frightening, every single person in this book died the year they turned 25. This can’t just be a mere coincidence. You feel the hairs on your skin stand up. The mark on your wrist deepens your fear as well. You read one name. Tatyana Swann. She was, aside from you, the only other surviving member of your family. And she lived here, in this small town. You came to Lena to find Tatyana and unlock the mystery of why everyone in your family died at 25. But when you arrived, you learned Tatyana had died several months before. And you stayed because the trail has gone cold and you have not yet decided what to do next. And because you want to meet the Swann family and learn more about this curse. But the Swann residence is heavily guarded. It’s difficult to meet with anyone and you can only continue to disguise yourself as a fortune teller and wait for an opportunity to present itself.

Perhaps you would be able to meet him and ask about your cousin, his late wife. It is not impossible. But what happened in stage 1 is just proof that you are the person who came to the right place at the right time. To begin this story, you have managed to find out who you are and what you do. You went back several centuries. That’s all for this stage. We hope we tickled your imagination because Dress Up! Time Princess has never let us down with new stories and books. Zoya is ready to embark on new adventures and we hope you are ready too. Follow our walkthrough and find out what awaits us below The Saga of Viera.
Thank you for reading.