Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 12 of Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage was particularly interesting. We don’t know what your opinion is but whenever The Dark Elf Salvia appears, the current passes through the spine. Salvia is an Elf who instills a dose of fear that is accompanied by a huge dose of uncertainty. It’s just an indication of how much you depend on Salvia and how unpredictable Salvia is. Such are the terms of the agreement that you will have to help Salvia with some of her plans. In return, you will be taken to some powerful Elves who will free you from the curse. You need to be prepared for certain requirements. That doesn’t mean you can be blackmailed. That means you have to do something for others so you can get what you need. This is called a gentleman’s agreement. The outcome follows. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 12.

The sunlight falls into your room, waking you from sleep. You sit up in a daze. The sun’s position in the sky tells you it is high noon. You yawn, then scoop up a handful of water and splash it on your face. Its cool touch clears your head. With your mind working again, you lean against the wall to think about what Salvia said last night. Salvia told you they’ve found a clue about your curse.

You hope everything goes smoothly. You sit on the balcony, ill at ease, and wait for night to descend. Anticipation and fear pull at your heart, winding you tight. At last, night falls, and the silver moon rises. You expect Salvia will arrive soon. She’s bringing you to the Dark Elves’ Grand Elder. You wonder what sort of a place they live in. There’s no knowing what will happen next. Be careful when dealing with the dark elves. Change into an Elegant and Noble outfit and plaything by ear.

Just as you have finished changing, you sense a slight movement and a faint fragrance beside you. A slightly muffled voice sounds in the darkness. It’s soft, but it still startles you. Your reaction amuses Salvia, who steps out of the shadows. In the moonlight, her dark skin gives off a faint glow.

Salvia crosses her arms and gives a very slight smirk. Seeing her like this, you suddenly imagine that she is actually a young girl about your age. But that is not true. The Dark Elf Salvia is older than your grandfather. And don’t forget why you are going with Salvia. It is to ask the Grand Elder about your curse. You shake these odd thoughts from your mind, then look back at Salvia.

Salvia tells you to stop, then takes out a black silk cloth. She tells you to close your eyes. A little confused, you obediently close your eyes. Then you feel something covering them. Do not be afraid, and don’t make a sound. Perhaps it is Salvia’s low but gentle voice, or perhaps it is her cool, soft touch. But even though your eyes are covered. You do not feel afraid. Salvia’s movements are very gentle. After she’s tied the silk cloth, you hear her soft voice in your ear.

Holding the hem of Salvia’s clothes, you move slowly forward. The darkness before your eyes, the wet coldness of the air around you. It all unsettles you. A gust of wind blows past you, and you can’t suppress a shiver. Just then, Salvia suddenly stops.

She doesn’t answer your question. She only gently takes your hand. She says that you are almost there. You nod obediently and grasp Salvia’s hand tightly. Her hands are warm, much warmer than you expected. It’s a warmth that drives away your inner turmoil. Drives away the cold around you. It’s the warmth that leads you into the world of the Dark Elves. You don’t know for how long you walk before Salvia suddenly stops.

Salvia loosens the blindfold. You open your eyes and find you are in a deep cave. Welcome to the Land of Darkness. This is Salvia’s home, the land where she grew up. You look around and see the barrenness and desolation of this place. You don’t know how to describe what you feel at the sight. You just stand there, at a slight loss.

The entrance is a secret that can never be revealed. That is because Salvia covered your eyes. You nod to show you do know that. The Grand Elder is in the deepest part of the cave. It is not much nicer there than it is here. Prepare yourself, says Salvia. So saying, Salvia takes a step forward. Without thinking, you grab hold of her hand. Salvia stops. Looks over her shoulder in surprise. It’s not until you see those golden eyes that you realize.

Thinking this last, you hastily let go, duck your head, and try to explain yourself. There is soft laughter by your ear. Salvia takes your hand again. Her voice is soft. With Salvia leading the way, you come to an open area. Although you are outside, this place is cold, damp, and sickly-smelling. It’s a world entirely separate from the endless greenery of the Author.

Salvia lifts her right hand, places it on her left shoulder, and bows respectfully to a silhouette. Hearing her voice, the Dark Elf turns around and looks down at you from on high.

She frowns slightly. In an instant, you sense her powerful aura, a formidable presence that causes you to lower your head. Salvia says that this is the Grand Elder of the Dark Elves. No wonder her aura is so powerful. You must redeem yourself.

You follow Salvia’s example and bow to the Grand Elder. You have heard she knows about curses, and you have come seeking to break one. Hearing your apology, the Grand Elder’s expression softens a little. She says that this curse you speak of, that stops one living past age 25. It must be related to the Great War from hundreds of years past.

Grand Elder says that the great Miggs led brave heroes in the war against Valtan. There was utter devastation. Elves, humans, dragons… None escaped this bloodbath. This includes your ancestors. Grand Elder knows not what your ancestors did, but they must have made a grave misdeed, and so was cursed. She adds that this curse is very powerful. Even after hundreds of years, its power has not weakened in the slightest. It is very difficult to break.

Forgetting decorum, you question the Grand Elder anxiously. Fortunately, the Grand Elder does not mind. She plays with a black spider in her hand. Her voice, when she speaks again, hints at something. Grand Elder says that no curse cannot be broken. Some have a high price. Others require much time. As for your curse, she has uncovered a lead.

You do not have time. Your 25th birthday is so soon, and if you have not broken the curse by then, you will die. You look at the mark on your wrist, which is redder now than it has ever been. Anxious tears spring into your eyes. You try, but you can’t stop them from spilling out. At that moment, a soft hand brushes your cheek, wiping away your tears.

It’s just the curse is so old, she needs some time to determine if the method she’s found is feasible. Sadness and anxiety freeze your voice. You can’t speak, and can only nod in response to her. Finally, Grand Elder says that she will help you find the way to break your curse. But don’t forget the deal you made with Salvia. Before you can calm yourself, the Grand Elder’s cold voice issues forth, emotions undecipherable. You take a few deep breaths, force yourself to calm down, and turn towards Salvia.

It is a dagger. Before you ask more questions, the Gran Elder stops you. She says that you should not ask such questions. The Grand Elder interrupts your questioning. Her voice is quiet but carries a dignity that is impossible to ignore. Seeing your fear, Salvia gently pats your shoulder.

Just remember. Not far from the Sacred Tree, there are several bushes. You just need to throw the dagger into them. Seeing your hesitation, Salvia takes your hand in hers. Her eyes are full of sincerity. She says that the dagger is very small. If you hide it in your sleeve, no one will discover it. This is a very simple task, and it is the only thing they want you to do. All you need to do is put the dagger in those bushes. It will not affect you in any way.

You are not sure if you should do this. But if you help them, you will learn how to break your curse, and you will be able to live. While you dither, the Grand Elder speaks again, interrupting your contemplation. She says that you do not have to decide. Agree to help them, or refuse. It is a difficult choice. She says that you may take your time to think about it. After all, determining how to break your curse will also require a fair bit of time.

Leaving you no more time to think, the Grand Elder waves her hand and dismisses you. All the way back to Aurethel, Salvia continues trying to convince you. She tells you the Dark Elves wish only to return to the surface to live. Thinking back to the conditions in the Land of Darkness, you feel even less certain about what choice you should make. Trepidation and hesitation rage in your mind. With Salvia leading you by the hand, you are lost in your thoughts. You don’t know if you should help the Dark Elves, and you don’t know what awaits you in the future. Stage 12 is over. Follow our walkthrough for more.
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