Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we met the main character. We consider this person the protagonist. Your name is Zoya. She’s a swindler. The beginning of stage 1 showed that you have to deal with various things if you could establish some balance in your life. By doing this business, you gain a certain amount of capital, which means looking for answers. The book you carry with you is a list of family members who died in the same year. You will soon turn 25 and that is the period when you will die. Is it a curse or a big coincidence? Find out in this our walkthrough. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 2.

These past few days, you have done everything you can to get close to the Swann family. All to no avail. Firstly, you applied to work as a servant, but they don’t hire anyone from out of town.

Then you thought of approaching them to tell their fortunes. Thankfully, you met a kindly old lady who told you Mrs. Swann is devoutly religious and will have nothing to do with paganism. If you had not met her, you would have been thrown in jail by the priest.

And last night, you were by the Swann residence, inspecting the area, when the guard spotted you. You will say that you lost your way but the guard will not believe you. Your heart beats wildly, though the long-practiced habit of lying quickly grounds you. As usual, lie is the next logical thing to say. You will say that you are a visitor from another town. You wanted to pay your respects to the Holy Maiden and Cardinal. You heart they’re staying in this area. The guard’s expression gradually eases, and he stops treating you suspiciously.

You will need to go to the church. It is the way towards the tower. He points it out to you, smiling. You have no choice but to thank him and walk away. Infiltration plan…

Including ‘’your’’ attempt to introduce yourself as a member of the extended family, which was not believed, you have already failed 4 or 5 times. Naturally, ‘’Zoya’’ ultimately returned to her fortune-telling business and waited for fate to somehow intervene. All you can do now is keeping telling fortunes.

It seems rather unprofessional to read divinations in shabby clothes. However, overdressing would hinder movement. Changing into a Noble and Perky outfit would be ideal for most situations.

Arriving at your usual small street, you begin setting up your space. You have only just sat down when a kindly-looking old woman approaches. The old woman says that the Cardinal and the Holy Maiden are in Lena, and you hear they are seeking a pious young girl to attend to the Holy Maiden.

The Holy Maiden is seeking a pious attendant. A useful piece of information. You will need to make note of that. You messily shuffle your cards on the floor, then invite the elderly woman to select three. She looks at you expectantly, as if already anticipating good news. You feel uneasy. You don’t want to give her one of your superficial readings. Instead, you choose some pleasant words to share with her.

The old woman says that her daughter assists the church daily, and she is warm and friendly to all. You will say that her kindness will surely impress the Holy Maiden and Cardinal.

With her chapped fingers, the old woman rummages through several layers of clothing, then removes a small pouch and pulls out a silver coin. But you refuse it and hand it back to her. You will say that she may pay you after her daughter has become the Holly Maiden’s attendant.

After bidding the old lady farewell, and with no other customers present, you contemplate whether you should actually learn how to tell fortunes. After all, it is something you may have to do for quite some time to support yourself. Though you don’t know where you would go to learn such a thing. Suddenly, you hear someone yelling. You lift your head and follow the voice. In the dim light, you can’t quite see the faces of the two people speaking. But the speaker’s voice sounds slightly familiar.

It is the male commoner from the day before. He will introduce you to Master Swann, the son of Lena’s mayor. It is Master Swann that you have been looking for. Male Commoner brought Master Swann to meet you because you told his fortune so exact. Now Master Swann wants to be convinced.

Clearly, Master Swann is not someone who is easily fooled. You must think of a way to earn his trust. Now you will face the first dilemma in this storybook. Option 1 (Bring up Tatyana) or Option 2 (Use the cards).

Bring up Tatyana
Use the cards

If you select Option 1 (Bring up Tatyana), you will say that you sense a woman, a young woman standing by Master Swann’s side. One who passed away several months ago, who seems to have been watching over him. The young man can’t suppress a shout. Then immediately, his face fills with grief.

Will obediently goes to stand by the alleyway’s entrance, trying not to look suspicious. While Will is looking and guarding, you will say that you have not been in Lena for a very long time.

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If you select Option 2 (Use the cards), you will read the cars for Master Swann. After you reshuffle the cards, then pull one out.

He is surrounded by several spilled cups of water. It seems you are grieving a great loss. Brooding over something you have lost and cannot regain. While Will is looking and guarding, you will say that you have not been in Lena for a very long time.

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Master Swann says that his trade is highly developed, and there are many interesting things to do. He also says that thanks to their trade, there are many people from out of town and plenty of opportunities for you to ply your heathen trade.

Ironically, it’s in places that are more open where different ideas emerge. It is good for the people who live here, but not for the church. Although you don’t know what is he trying to say, he will add that there’s little use in saying all this to be a heathen like you. He is planning an important event. Master Swann would like you to divine if it will go smoothly.

He won’t tell you about it but you will shuffle again. You will shuffle the cards once, then place the crystals beside them to enhance the effect. You then ask him to hold his question in his mind as you draw four cards. You draw in a deep breath, feeling intensely nervous. Master Swann will not be as easy to fool as his companion. But you must try to get information about Tatyana from him. So, you must be extraordinarily careful.

You will first look at the past. The card is upright Ace of Cups. Water symbolizes love, and the water here is overflowing from the cup. His past was one filled with love. The young man says nothing. Swann is obliged to continue his reading. Next, the present, and upright Eight of Cups. A man who leaves everything behind to walk alone on the rocky road of his future.

The young man raises an eyebrow. Shifts his weight. You did not expect this card would show up twice. The Wheel of Fortune has begun to turn. The outcome is rather strange. A reversed Hierophant. This card is not bad. Not exactly. It’s just that this card does not appear very often. And when it does appear, especially when it’s reversed, it likely means that the Hierophant is the wisest of the earthly saints. He rarely looks to the future.

Master Swann orders Will to pay you. Will hurries over, pulling a gold coin from an embroidered pocket.

This is too much but according to Master Swann, you have earned it. He asks about the young woman you saw in your vision; this girl is Tatyana. This is your chance. You can take this opportunity to learn about Tatyana. You will intentionally say that she looked a little sad in your vision. She was at peace. After all, her death was predestined. It seems she fell victim to an evil curse. Swann agrees with you. It was her family’s curse. No one of that bloodline has lived past the age of 25. Then everyone in that notebook you have died because of this curse. That means that you will also soon.

Swann says that the worst part is, this year he learned of possible ways to break the curse, but it was already too late for his wife. The information emerging so suddenly makes you shoot to your feet, so quickly you almost blacked out. Ignoring your sudden dizziness, you grab the young man’s arm. He is so taken aback by this he does not react. Will, standing nearby, also appears stunned.

Perhaps the elves know how to break the curses that humans can’t. You will now connect several things in your mind. Master Swann blinks several times, gradually regaining his composure. He extricates himself from your grip and straightens his sleeve. Will who had been standing frozen in place, finally steps forward, fist in the air.

Master Swann interrupts. He pats down his clothes and departs. Before he departs, Will leaves a glare at you. But you, thinking only about this new piece of information, pay them no heed. With this interaction, you will end stage 2. This stage shows you to prepare for the sequel because the sequel will be interesting and memorable. Prepare to continue the story. Follow our Walkthrough.
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