Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you are getting ready to travel by boat that takes you to East Viera. Stage 6 itself is such that it showed you the inner struggle with all the demons waiting for you upon arrival in the East Viera. This is an unusual situation because you have to have great support from higher powers to achieve your goals. During the boat trip, you had a conversation with the Cardinal about the upcoming tasks you have to do as the Holy Maiden. Upon arrival in the East Viera, the elves were waiting for you. It’s just a hint that you will have a lot to do during your stay. With all that, you have to watch out for your hidden identity. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 7.

Following the guard Emilio, High Priest Reuel, and Cardinal Alexei, you finally set foot on the land of East Viera. This land that you call East Viera, is known as ‘’Aurethel’’ to the elves, a name meaning ‘’our home’’. Elaborate architecture surrounds enormous trees that stretch up to the sky. It is almost like a dreamscape, an awe-inspiring sight.

It is so different from human towns. You walk slowly forward, entering the land of the elves. It is a quiet and peaceful place, pleasing to the spirit. Perfectly suited as the elves’ residence. Gradually, your anxious heart begins to slow. You don’t see many elves along the way. Those you do see merely glance curiously in your direction. On the way to your accommodation, Emilio explains to you the layout of Aurethel.

Emilio says that they hold their ceremonies and celebrations in that space. That is also where they will hold a welcoming ceremony for you, in a few days. Emilio points out the queen’s palace. He says that her Highness will summon you a few days after the welcoming ceremony. He will let you know when later.

In due time. After you’ve met the queen, they will hold the Sacred Tree Ritual. And this is your opportunity. Perhaps you will be able to find a way to break this curse. As you listen to the conversation between Emilio and the Cardinal, you can’t keep your eyes from drifting over to the mysterious priest. He is leading you forward without a word. He seems aloof and unapproachable. Although, as a High Priest, perhaps he knows about curses. You have to try to make small talk with him. Lithely moving forward, you fall in step with the priest.

Truly a man of few words. Hr says so little. You can’t get any information. At one point, Emilio announces that you have almost arrived at your accommodation. You give up on talking to Ruel and follow Emilio into your new temporary home in Aurethel. This place is where they house all of their visitors. Their last visitors were the previous Holy Maiden and Cardinal. Apart from sweeping and dusting, this place has not been touched since.

As time goes by, they always seem to be mocking your short lifespans. Emilio shows you your room. That is the room where the Holy Maiden stays. One downstairs is for the Cardinal. You look around your room, which is full of elven charm. From the lantern suspended from a spreading branch to the bed made from wood, to the lack of windows or door.

There is no door. Emilio says that they are children of nature, so naturally, they prefer to be closed to it. Doors interrupt their communion with wind, water, and light. Then they ought to live outside, without even a house to block their communion. Suddenly, the Cardinal says that you forgot yourself.

Emilio understands the situation. In fact, he does at times allow the rain to wash him clean. It is almost time to go to bed. Emilio asks you about your name. He says that you are the third Olga.

While Emilio and you exchange pleasantries, Reuel stands silent as a statue. He does not move until it is time to leave. And with that, he departs, leaving behind a somewhat exasperated Emilio. Emilio can only bid you a hurried farewell before following the High Priest.

Alexei says that he is not young. He has received many Holy Maidens and Cardinals before you. It is because elves are very long-lived. As for you, rest well and remember your prayers. If you need anything, let Alexei know. He will be downstairs. The Cardinal gives you a nod, and then leaves himself.

Shy as a mouse stealing food, you cautiously take in all of the various decorations. The brightly colored fruit overwhelms an instinctive fear of poison. You pick up an apple-like fruit and take a bite. 

The ‘’apple’’ is sweet and juicy. When you have finished eating, you feel surprisingly satiated. This is the food of the elves. It is miraculous. If everything is so magical, then there must be an answer to your curse here. You wander around the room, exploring. Very quickly, it becomes dark outside. A touch curious, you stand on the balcony and look down. Overcome by a wave of dizziness, you grip the handrail in fear.

You must be careful. You are dead if you fall from here. Without ever reaching your 25th birthday, even. Once your racing heart has slowed, you peer into the distance. Spying mystical lights glowing between the elaborate buildings. You are inspired to start praying with fervor. You pray you can find the truth of the curse. You pray you can break it. Then you turn to re-enter your room.

There is a sudden coldness on your neck. A dark-skinned, silver-haired elf leans into your line of sight. If you wish to live, you’d better not do anything. She has a dagger. Before reality sinks in for you, she snakes an arm around your waist and drags you into your room. Once inside, she keeps her arm tight around your torso, and the dagger pressed against your neck. Your mind is blank. Only after reality sinks in, do you notice the stinging at your neck. It is the sensation of your skin being cut.

One corner of her mouth quirks up. She loosens her grip slightly, and the stinging disappears. It seems she’s let her guard down. Should you scream for help? Option 1 (Scream for help) or Option 2 (Stay quiet).

Scream for help
Stay quiet

If you select Option 1 (Scream for help), you will think about how this is the land of elves. If you call for help, surely an elf will come to rescue you. You will call for help.

The next moment, blood flashes before your eyes. You feel your neck. Your hand comes away sticky and wet. A vision is blurring. You are sinking into bottomless darkness. In your daze, you think you hear the killer give a cold snort of disdain. Even at the moment, you draw your last breath, you do not know her identity.

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If you select Option 2 (Stay quiet), Salvia goodwill goes up. You will notice that her weapon is too close. For now, you will be careful. You force yourself to calm down, keeping your neck as still as possible.  In the face of your silence, the elf gives a soft laugh. Her voice comes out in an eerie whisper.

You dare not nod. You can only put on an earnest look and blink at her. She appears satisfied. She removes the dagger from the side of your neck, tapping your face with the handle as she does so.

In the future, if you meet a white-haired elf like her, that means you have met a Dark Elf. It is one of the fallen elves Alexei spoke of. But you should not worry. She will not hurt you for now. However, she needs a favor from you. Firstly, she asks you because you are useful. As for her plan, that will stay secret for now.

She will give you a day to think it over. If you say to someone about Dark Elf, you will not see the sunrise of the day after. So, saying, she releases you. Then she leaps from the balcony and vanishes into the darkness. You stare blankly in the direction she left. You haven’t a clue what you should do.

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Your parting with Dark Elf ends stage 7. Additional complications are created after you arrive in East Viera. Everyone has heard of your arrival and therefore the attention is on you. What kind of trouble does the Dark Elf bring? Will you meet her again? All this complicates your goal to remove the curse that has been cast on you. Follow our walkthrough to find out what awaits you in the upcoming stages.
Thank you for reading.