Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 4 of Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage was spectacular. The longest stage that has challenged us so far. Lots of choices and only one was right to continue the story. The Cardinal, Holy Maiden, and others were there when you answered the questions. You had to be convincing to be able to move on and go to the East Viera. Here you can find elves that would take away your curse. Master Swann was there to defend you. This is a very important thing for you because you need to have reliable people around you so that you can go further and progress in situations like this. The sequel follows in the text below. Unlocks if you previously selected Seek the help of the Holy Maiden. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 4.

The stage starts with your statement that the Her Holiness is ready. You should return. Friar will thank you for your hard work. The Holy Maiden is about to undergo the sacred baptism. You should take your leave and offer up your prayers to her.

As the monks leave for the prayer hall, you give an excuse to slip away. There is not a soul in sight on the way to the great hall. You head towards the site of the Holy Maiden’s baptism. You walk very quickly, but at the same time, you wish the path were a little longer…

You stand at the entrance to the main hall. Your hand rests on the door’s handle, but you can’t muster the courage to open it. Your mind fills with strange, uncontrollable thoughts that make you even more restless.

They will throw you in prison and leave you there a rot. You have not even turned 25 yet. Will you have to spend the rest of your life among rats? On the other hand, if you disrupt the baptism, you will still be thrown in jail. The more you think, the more agitated you become. Without realizing it, you begin pacing back and forth. Your footsteps go faster and faster until finally, you manage to make yourself dizzy.

You pat yourself on the chest and force yourself to calm down. You need to breathe, enough is enough. You must go see the Holy Maiden. You must be thrown out, but if you don’t see her, you will die. Instead of waiting for the curse, it would be better to muster the courage to fight it. Moreover, the Holy Maiden is a compassionate woman. She will not abandon you. You must believe you can persuade her. With reason and by appealing to her emotions, you will be able to convince her. With this thought, you glance down at the mark on your wrist. Then, taking a deep breath, you push open the heavy door. On entering the main hall, you begin searching for that silhouette. At last, you see her through the rising steam. The Holy Maiden stands quietly in the middle of the holy pool, her back to you.

Though you cleared your throat and try to make your voice sound warm, you still startle her. Olga says that the ceremony is tomorrow. You can’t interrupt the baptism. She adds that you must know, you are disrespecting the gods.

It is something no one else may know. You had no choice but to seek her out now. You are deeply sorry, but you implore her to allow you to finish.

Your sincere apology seems to placate her a little. Relieved, you release a soft sigh. You have an urgent and important task you must complete. To accomplish it, you must go to East Viera and seek the help of the elves. You have to ask her for permission to accompany her on the ship, you will not cause any trouble.

She sympathizes with you, though. But it is not her decision to make. Only the Holy Maiden and her party were allowed on board. It is a centuries-old tradition. As she says this, she appears to give a small sigh.

Olga says that they can’t violate long-established rules simply to satisfy your own whims. As you feared, the Holy Maiden is not agreeing. What can you do to persuade her? Option 1 (Continue your pretense) or Option 2 (Tell the truth).

Continue your pretense
Tell the truth

If you select Option 1 (Continue your pretense), you will think about yourself. Time to put your acting skills to the test. With this thought in mind, you throw yourself to the ground and make your shoulders shake uncontrollably. You surreptitiously pull out some oil to dab under your eyes and speak in nasal tones.

You will cry and say that your parents died when you were very young, and your sister is the only family you have left. According to you, she is a very kind person, but she suffers from a serious disease. As you say this, you raise your head and look at the Holy Maiden with tear-filled eyes.

You would even give your own life to restore her health. Surely someone as kind as your Holy Maiden understands how you feel.

You will say that it would be of no use. You have already traveled the world seeking out doctors, but none can do anything for her. Now the only ones who can save her are the elves. She is almost out of time. You must save her. If you don’t, you will never forgive yourself. You bury your head in your arms and sob as hard as you can. You wait for the Holy Maiden to lift you. But that does not happen. The only response you receive is a sigh.

Even 30 years, the Cardinal accompanies the Holy Maiden to that mysterious continent so that she may hear the word of the gods. A month later, the ship returns. Then the Holy Maiden and Cardinal pass on the word to humankind. It is only by living following the will of the gods, that you avoid war and alleviate suffering.

She wishes to share the words of the gods with humankind and preserve this peace. Surprised, you raise your head. You see the Holy Maiden wearing a look of sympathy, but also one of steely resolve. Seeming unwilling to meet your gaze, she turns away. The Holy Maiden’s soft voice floats in the space, but you feel it weigh on you.

With that, she departs, leaving you shocked and alone in the hall. You wonder how can this be. One month later, the old woman wonders on the street where have you gone. People will know that you were only pretending to be a believer. You deceived the Church to become the Holy Maiden’s attendant. But in the end, the Church discovered everything you said was a lie. The Cardinal was furious and threw you out.

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If you select Option 2 (Tell the truth), this will change the story. Although your time with the Holy Maiden has been short, you already know how kind she is. You are unwilling to deceive her with lies, and you think she will be moved by the story of your family’s curse.

It is a terrible curse. Because of this curse, no one in your family has lived past the age of 25. The Gods of Light have protected Viera for hundreds of years, but this curse has plagued your family for just as long. You struggle to imagine how many people have lost their lives to it. Or how they were feeling.

Helplessly, you look down and laugh bitterly. When you raise your head again, you feel tears welling up in your eyes. You will apologize to Her Holiness. You have lied to her. You do not have a sister. You have no other family at all. You have searched the entire world over, but to your utter despair, you have discovered you are the last of your bloodline. If you can’t break this curse, your family line will end. At that moment, the Holy Maiden covers her mouth in surprise. She could not have imagined your situation was so dire.

You just want to live. You want to break this curse. You wish to do this for the sake of all those who have lost their lives to the curse. And you wish to discover the cause of this curse so your family line may continue. So, saying, you meet the Holy Maiden’s gaze beseechingly. The look on her face is complicated. She looks troubled. She bites her lip, then walks over and takes your hand. Her voice issues forth softly.

Olga would like to help you. When she meets the Elf Queen, she will tell her of your plight. She should know of a way to break the curse.

You can’t wait for the next voyage. When this mark turns completely red, the curse will end your life. You push up your sleeves to reveal the blood-red mark on your wrist. This is your only chance. You beg Holy Maiden to take you with her. She wants to help you but the location of the East Viera is a closely guarded secret. Only certain humans may board the ship. The number of people permitted on board is already set. There is no way she can bring someone else.

Saying this, the Holy Maiden shakes her head helplessly.

Your seemingly random comment confuses the Holy Maiden. Uncertain of your meaning, she turns to look at you. Once upon a time, there was a prince who, by chance, met a pauper. The prince was astonished to find the two of them looked very similar. So, the prince, who liked to have fun suggested they switch identities. The beggar could enjoy a life of wealth and privilege, while the prince would be free to wander the streets. Saying this last, you enunciate each word and observe the Holy Maiden’s face. As you anticipated, her expression gradually changes from one of confusion to dawning realization.

As for the Holy Maiden, she thinks that it is a good idea but she is already wavering. You rush to take her hand and continue trying to convince her. Just by looking in the mirror, you can see that you have similar physiques. And since the Holy Maiden is wearing a veil all the time, no one knows her true appearance. All you have to do is to change each other’s clothes. No one will know.

By saving you and your bloodline, the gods will allow you to swap places. It is something that represents the greatest sacrifice that the gods can appreciate. You have overcome many obstacles, and you stand before Holy Maiden now as a result of divine guidance. The Holy Maiden could have chosen any other girl to attend to her, but she chose you, and that’s given you this chance to break your curse.

You grasp the Holy Maiden’s hand and peer into her eyes. She frowns slightly and looks around nervously. But finally, she closes her eyes and lets out a long breath. Finally, she agrees to help you. The Holy Maiden’s voice is very soft but very powerful. Deeply moved, you embrace her and babble your thanks.

As you know, every 30 years, the Holy Maiden and the Cardinal travel by ship to the continent of East Viera because they have to hear the Oracle. A month later, the ship returns. Then you inform humankind of the will of the gods. It is only by living following the gods’ will that you avoid war and alleviate suffering. You must listen carefully to the Oracle and remember every word. That is the only important thing you have to do for Olga.

Persuaded by your sincerity, the Holy Maiden nods her head in gratitude. She will explain to you how the Holy Maiden should behave following the status. There are certain things you need to do so that you do not have to attract too much attention. First of all, do not display strong emotion. Always maintain a distance from other people. The Olga instructs you and you nod again and again.

If this is the will of the gods then she will be glad to help you. You need to rest so that you can rest tomorrow for a new lecture on behavior. With your thanks, stage 4 “The Holy Maiden Imposter” ends. You managed to convince Olga to help you. That means honesty is the best thing you could do today. Life brings many challenges but it is also important to have quality people by your side. Will you successfully replace the Holy Maiden and board the ship? Will you be able to lift the curse? You can read it all in our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.