Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 17 of Dress up Time Princess. We start from the stage that is the penultimate in our endeavor to experience old age. We believe that one of the best things in life is choosing and organizing our freedom of movement. The day when the outcome of breaking the curse is approaching is slowly coming. We have friends who want to help us and we hope for the best outcome. Get ready, the outcome follows. Requirements: Forest Fairyland (Outfit) | Salvia Goodwill Lvl 6. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 17.

The coldness of the sacred spring has quieted your inner turmoil. You lie on your comfortable bed, feeling relaxed for the first time in a long, long time. The comfort makes your eyelids heavier and heavier. You sink into a sense of peace and fall into a deep sleep. Until you hear a sound.

A rustling sound assaults your ears. Muttering, you roll over impatiently. Suddenly, you feel nothing beneath you. Before that sinks, you hit the ground with a thud. You rub your backside and look around dazedly, only to discover it is bight outside. And You see Emilio in your room. You wonder why.

Emilio sits causally on the balcony railing, the sun making his blond hair shine even more brightly. Seeing you awake, he nimbly leaps off the railing. Hands clasped to his chest, he gives you a playful look. Though you are embarrassed enough to crawl under the bed, you scramble up off the floor and pretend as nothing happened. Emilio says that it did not take long to get here. He just came up and you rolled out of bed. Saying this, you are a little annoyed and look at Emilio with exasperation. He snickers then holds up his hands in a gesture of surrender.

You almost forgot about it. You have not prepared at all yet. He says that you are very different from Holy Maidens he has met in the past. You are far more scatter-brained. Emilio stopped by to remind you. Judging from your reaction, it seems he made the right decision. With a casual wave, Emilio turns and leaps off the balcony. Embarrassing as it is, it’s a good thing Emilio reminded you. Otherwise, you truly might not have had prepared in time. In other words, you should change. It is imperative to dress appropriately when attending the Sacred Tree Ritual. It is a sacred event and a Grand outfit expresses respect for it. After all, a Holy Maiden must stay Elegant at all times.

After adorning yourself appropriately, you leave for the Sacred Tree Ritual. As you pass the wall full of decorations, you see the dagger glinting in the sunlight. If you bring the dagger to the site of the ritual, you will learn how to break your curse. You grit your teeth slip the dagger into your sleeve, and depart. You hitch up your skirt and descent the spiral staircase. Seeing the sunlight spilling through the leaves, you pray fervently. You ask the almighty gods that they guide you forth on your journey and bless you so all may end well.

As you arrive downstairs, you encounter the Cardinal. Faced with his accusations, you quickly bow your head and admit your mistake. Your obedience seems to please him. He relaxes his brow and folds his hands before his abdomen. Alexei says that you will be hearing the Oracle today. You must have the stamina to do so. You slept very well last night, so you will be able to take Olga’s place and fulfill the Holy Maiden’s mission.

Arms folded, you walk quietly beside the Cardinal. It’s not long before you meet the Hight Priest waiting at the crossroads. He nods to you and, without a word, leads you to the site of the Ritual. The melodious sound of a harp floats in the breeze. You follow it and soon reach a spacious square. You see it. That softly glowing Sacred Tree.

Emerging from the deep forest trail, you glance around. You quickly spot several short bushes next to the Sacred Tree. The Cardinal Alexei’s deliberately lowered voice sounds by your ear. It makes his voice sound even hoarser than usual. You answer the Cardinal Alexei quietly. He gives you a stern look, then assumes a solemn expression and continues walking. Clutching your sleeves nervously, you follow the Cardinal, step by step, towards the waiting Queen. It seems you will have to wait until after the Oracle to plant the dagger. You just hope no one discovers it in your sleeve. You follow the Cardinal forth, press your forehead to the ground, and bow respectfully to the Queen. Bethrynna invites you to come to stand under the Sacred Tree. The God of Light will chant His will to you. You stand. Before the crowd, you walk solemnly to the Sacred tree and kneel reverently. The breeze blows and rustles the leaves. A voice rings out from the sky, ethereal and unearthly.

It is a common tongue. Ethereal Voice says that Darkness collided with light, and flames ignited the land. You have no time to wonder why the Oracle is in the common language. Hurriedly, you lower your head and listen intently, afraid to miss a word. A hundred years passed, and the fires burned out. Under the sun, living beings used their gifts to change the world. The industrious race, no longer suffering wind or rain, expanded their territory and prospered. Wise minds made themselves conceited, and greedy hearts bred darkness. A black spider hides from a giant’s eyes burrow out of the ground and climbs towards golden light. At last, a long, the night will fall, and the vanished race will emerge once more. This is the shout of adversity and the exhibition of life. The boulder that has rolled for a hundred years has now stopped. A new path will soon emerge. The being now lost in the fog will be guided forward by the choices of fate. There are countless possibilities, death or rebirth. Although your eyes were closed, you still sense the Sacred Tree gives off a flash of light. Then it fades, along with the last echoes of the words.

A gentle voice sounds by your ear. You open your eyes to the kind smile of the Elven Queen. You do not know if you should ask the Queen, nor do you know how to express your bewilderment. You can do nothing but look at her in confusion. The Elven Queen laughs at you gently. She reaches out and places a light hand atop your head.

You will thank her. Although still somewhat confused, you nod and step away. Having heard the Oracle, the Cardinal now steps forward. Following tradition, he and the Queen will light the sacred fire together, to symbolize everlasting peace between your two races. As you reach past each other, you catch the Cardinal’s gaze. The look he gives you is meaningful. Remembering the Cardinal Alexei’s threatening words, your scalp tingles.

You pinch the dagger in your sleeve. With everyone’s attention on the sacred fire, you go to the bushes and throw the dagger in. You don’t dare stay there. You rush back to the crowd and pretend to watch the lighting of the sacred life. But your eyes keep jumping to the bushes. You clutch your chest, your heart beating so fast. A cheer erupts from the crowd, and you see the sacred fire has been lit. Under a spell, it leaps and dances in the sacred basin. Suddenly, there’s an explosion and a blinding flash of light. Flustered, you look in the direction of the sound danger. You see a dark shadow flash by. You see the Sacred Tree wither. You see the once-clear sky flood with black clouds. Darkness falls. The greenery, covered by shadows, dies in an instant. It looks just like the Land of Darkness. The scene descends into chaos. Cries and shouts in different voices assault your ears. Elves flee in all directions, and you lose your balance in the rushing crowd. At that moment, a strong hand grabs your arm. You turn your head and see Emilio’s serious face.

Emilio says that the Sacred Tree was destroyed by the Dark Elves. He is bringing you back home. They did not catch the Dark Elf who destroyed the Sacred Tree but he will not let her get away with it. He does not know who did it but the Dark Elves are a matriarchal clan, and the only ones who can evade their detection are the assassins, who are all women. Emilio looks at you a little strangely, a sudden touch of caution in his eyes.

Emilio says that you can rest assured that this will not affect humans in the slightest. Then Emilio, saying no more to you, leads you back to your living quarters. You look at the cloud-covered sky and sink deep into uneasiness and self-blame. This is how the penultimate stage ends. Stage 17 is definitely a ground-breaking stage because something happened that has many different possible outcomes. We are waiting for the outcome in stage 18. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.