Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 8 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you have arrived in East Viera. Emilio escorted you to your room. While you were staying in your room, something completely unexpected happened. The Dark Elf came to your window and put a knife to your throat. Everything happened very quickly and you had to react quickly. Either call for help or be quiet. If you had called for help, you would not have survived. If you had remained silent, you could now continue to follow what is happening at this stage. Stage 8 is just proof that you have to move on and help the Dark Elf in their endeavors. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 8.

You seem to be lying on a large bed of vines. Surrounding you are trees that stretch to the sky, sunlight spilling through their leaves. Now and then sharp notes of birdsong drift by. Listening closer, you hear insect calls as well. Though the parts of your body where the sunlight touches are already hot, you don’t want to open your eyes. Just then, a harp begins to play, and you hear the tune of a beautiful song. The sun of the morning hour casts the trees in light. Forest creatures wake and dance upon the earth.

It is Emilio. The High Priest and Emilio have come to take you on a tour. Also, elves do not measure time as humans do. However, judging from where the sun is in the sky, it is time for you to rise, say Emilio. It is time for you to raise. Emilio will wait for you downstairs. So saying, Emilio jumps lithely from the terrace to the floor. To avoid embarrassing yourself in the presence of the high priest at such an important event, it is best to wear something Grand and Elegant.

You change out of the Holy Maiden garments and am, for a moment, not covered by a veil. When you served the Maiden in Lena, you often kept your head down. But given the interview and your time as an attendant, there’s no guarantee the Cardinal has forgotten your face. So, you take the time to apply cosmetics, lightly adjusting your appearance. When you arrive downstairs, you find that in addition to Emilio and the High Priest, the Cardinal is there as well, waiting silently. He looks you up and down, and your heart leaps in nervousness. But at a second glance, it seems he is merely irked with you for being late. Then you relax a little and follow the men out of the treehouse.

Emilio is speaking like he is a tour guide. Though you follow them, you complain silently to yourself. That is until they bring up the legend of the elves. The elves are a race blessed by the Sacred Tree. As such, unless you willingly succumb, it is very difficult for dark powers to corrupt them. You are about to ask a question about Dark Elf, but then you remember the threat and keep your mouth shut. Emilio continues to tell the story of eleven histories. They say because they are born o nature, they understand the voices of all living things, and they keep themselves strong by eating fruit and drinking dew.

Whereas for you, with your curse, you can lose your life in the blink of an eye. You must admit, you are a little jealous of the elves. Although you are silent, your slightly envious expression is still spotted by Emilio. He knows that you are jealous because you have so little time and so much you wish to do. Then you ought to do and wish for less. Then you will not feel so rushed. Alexei says that for thousands of years, humankind’s wishes and desires have driven you to build your present civilization. The Cardinal, who has been silent up to this point, suddenly speaks. You turn to him and nod in agreement. Alexei is right, your greedy nature as humans is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it drives you to confront to lose yourselves in your desires.

Just then, the High Priest speaks. It is only on hearing his deep voice that you remember your party also includes this ‘’invisible man’’.

Since he brought up curses, it would not be strange for you to ask them now. Reuel says a matter that only concerns long-living races. It does not concern humans. You are upset, so you purse your lips and continue to ask questions.

Reuel says that a curse is, in essence, the mark of a powerful spirit. He adds that creatures who possessed such powerful creatures either ceased to exist after the last Great War or their power diminished. Likewise, curses too disappeared. You look at the mark on your wrist. You continue with your questions.

Reuel’s eyes widen and he gives you a cautious stare. Standing at your side, the Cardinal seems to cast you a suspicious glance. You are merely curious. If you don’t wish to answer, it is not a problem. Reuel glances at you a few more times before averting his gaze. The Cardinal’s eyes likewise move away. Emilio cuts into the silence and continues telling the legend of the elves, which eases the tension. You all tacitly agree to pretend your questions were never asked, and continue to walk and talk, completing your tour of Aurethel. Emilio brings the Cardinal and you back to your treehouse. After a short goodbye, the Cardinal and you are left alone.

Alexei says that you have to remember who you are, and always hold yourself to those standards. The Cardinal gives you a long, meaningful look, then leaves as well. The world of the elves has made you relaxed and careless. You can’t help but show your true colors here.

Reuel said curses are the marks of powerful spirits. He also said such curses have disappeared, but then there is your curse. And besides all this, there’s that frightening Dark Elf who is returning tonight.

Dark Elf says that she only wanted to compliment you. You’re doing such a good job keeping your meetings a secret. You have kept your end of the bargain. But you only just have begun. You have to do a simple small task at the Sacred Tree Ritual.

It can’t possibly be as simple as she says. You will only decide once you know their true motives. You will not help her if you do not know what’s it about. She is the one asking for your help. The small smile sitting on her face vanishes. She grasps the dagger she has been playing with, transforming it into the weapon that it is.

You do not have another option at the moment. You will have to agree, for now, to save your own life. But you are not making much progress on your curse. Perhaps you can make use o the Dark Elves’ power. Shall you wait for another opportunity, or should you try to exploit the Dark Elves? Option 1 (Pretend to comply) or Option 2 (Offer to cooperate).

Pretend to comply
Offer to cooperate

If you select Option 1 (Pretend to comply), you will ask the Dark Elf if this will endanger your life.

If she claims that it is a small favor, then you agree to help her. It’s just, you have some very important matters to take care of yourself. You may not be able to make much time. The Dark Elf frowns. She opens her mouth, about to say something, but then suddenly looks alertly outside the room. You follow her line of sight, but apart from a few passing owls, you see nothing.

However, she will see you again before Sacred Tree Ritual. Remember, don’t even think of alerting anyone. And don’t try to play any tricks, either. She will always be watching, no matter where you are. She stares at you down menacingly. Then she backs into a dark corner and vanishes into the shadows. All that remains in her low voice echoing in the room.

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If you select Option 2 (Offer to cooperate), Salvia goodwill goes up. You will say that you can help her, but only if she helps her with something in return.

It has something to do with a curse. She smirks at you. You can’t tell if she is angry. Salvia says that you have found the right people. They do, in fact, understand those well. You breathe a small sigh of relief, quietly celebrating your choice.

You wish to know how to lift this curse. Although, she can’t help you break such a curse. You are about to say that you can’t help her either. She extends a finger and presses it to your lips, silencing you.

Her words agitate you. You want desperately to ask more, but the pressure of her finger on your lips is too strong. No matter how hard you try, you can’t open your mouth.

Salvia says that you will have to do the work of breaking it by yourself. At this, she finally removes her fingers from your lips. She waits, arms crossed, for your reply. Breaking the curse is the most difficult part. But after so long with no progress, just learning how to break it will be a step forward too.

The Dark Elf frowns. She opens her mouth, about to say something, but then suddenly looks alertly outside the room. You follow her line of sight, but apart from a few passing owls, you see nothing. You should not worry. Once you have investigated the curse, Salvia will return once more. You nod to her, and she prepares to leave.

She grins maliciously and leans closer to you, so close you can feel her hot, wet breath.

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This is the end of a very interesting stage 8. Salvia is the Dark Elf who will be quite present in your new life. Everything you wanted and planned to do, you will have to be careful from now on. Not only because of your pretense that you are the Holy Maiden, but also because Salvia is the new dangerous person in your life. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.