Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 6 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a chance to face the Holy Maiden. The problem arose she had to use force to be able to get to her clothes. Do you have to choose between two things? The first was to injure her physically with a candlestick. The other thing was to knock her unconscious and hide her around the corner. all this could be heard by the local priest. You could have acted nicely and introduced yourself as the Holy Maiden. Now comes the even harder part and that is to point to the ship that takes you to the East Viera. Get ready because the plot is very close. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 6.

There is a knock at your door. The voice of a monk sounds from the other side. The monk says did you have to be ready. You don’t have much time. You have to be ready before boarding the ship. It is time to change into sacred garments. The complement your Holy Maiden disguise, you should dress in Formal and Gentle clothes. Mind your mannerism if you don’t wish to blow your cover.

Friar will say it is time to move on. Olga, you will look at yourself and realize that it is time for the show. at the end of the ceremony, the cardinal will invite you to pray. whatever you pray devotedly, the gods will answer your prayers. Just before the end of the prayer, you will have to say “Anaka-luwatilaya”. And then you will be able to board the ship.

Olga gives a small smile. If the God of Light were to take human form, he would look just like Olga does at this moment. It is almost time to depart. The carriage is ready. You lower your voice slightly, trying to sound like Olga, and nod.

You sit in an open carriage wearing the sacred garment. The streets are filled with people. As you pass, they bow their heads in prayer, each hoping to be blessed by the Holy Light and to bless the Holy Maiden. You are suddenly worried about your pretending to be the Holy Maiden. Will it have an ill effect on these people? But you have already come this far. There is no going back. You resolve that for this period of time. You will perform the duties of the Holy Maiden as best you can. The carriage arrives at the harbor, where more crowds are waiting to see the grand occasion.

Your arrival causes quite a commotion. The cheers of the onlookers echo throughout the harbor. AS you look out at the scene, you can sense a divine presence. Friar says that the ceremony is about to begin. Step to the side and wait for a moment. The mayor and the priest restore order, say a few words, and then proceed to the next part of the ceremony. The Cardinal appears, but instead of praying, he recites an ancient verse. After Cardinal’s speech, is this really happened in the past? Is this verse an incantation to open the path to East Viera? As you absorb this image of the past, a monk is suddenly by your side.

You walk ahead, fall to your knees, and offer a prayer towards the ocean. You ask God to help you with the Holy Maiden’s sacred mission and to help you with this curse. As soon as you say the words that Olga mentioned to you, there is a great commotion near you.

The Cardinal pushes you to one side. You catch sight of a young woman with a dagger fighting the guards. The Cardinal shields you and gives the priest a solemn nod. The two of you hurry aboard the ship. Your mind is a tumult of confusion. It is beyond your understanding. Who would try to attack the Holy Maiden now? As the ship sails slowly away, you watch the struggle taking place onshore, full of bewilderment. The Cardinal has no explanation for this, either. Or perhaps he just does not want to tell you. Alas, you have no choice but to leave your questions behind. During the voyage, you are careful to minimize contact with the Cardinal. Since he has met you before, you are afraid he will recognize your face. And since he traveled to Lena with the Holy Maiden, he’d likely be able to tell you are not her. However, the East Viera delegation is of great importance to the church, and so he occasionally comes and tells you what to expect when you land.

You forgot your notes and the Cardinal will help you with that. The elves are a race that is relatively friendly to humanity. However, they are aloof by nature, and will not be very warm to you. In addition, very few of them speak the common tongue. Most speak only Elvish.

Your knowledge of their language is still fairly minimal. You know only enough to carry some very basic conversation. If an elf speaks to you, remember to respond politely. Furthermore, in addition to the Light Elves you will be meeting, the corrupt Dark Elves also live on East Viera. Those elves are highly dangerous. They still worship fallen gods. Thus, you must be careful.

The Cardinal gives you a short nod, then he leaves the deck. During your interview, he was very suspicious. But now he seems like someone with a good heart. You should focus on how you will deal with greeting an elf. The days and nights at sea blur all of your days together. But the time does allow you to gradually get to know the monks. From your conversations, you gain a better understanding of Cardinal Alexei and begin to appreciate his centuries-old Church. The ship continues endlessly. One day, it breaks through the mist and sails into a tranquil and idyllic harbor. Looking far into the distance, you think you see two figures standing there.

A little anxious, you glance over at the Cardinal, only to find you, too, seems somewhat apprehensive. But he steps bravely off the boat and crosses over to the two figures in the distance. You follow behind him and finally the two figures come into focus.

This introduction concludes stage 6. By the time you came to East Viera, you met the elves. Your first encounter remained vague as the sequel lands in stage 7. Will you be able to find common ground with elves? Find out in our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.