Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 5 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you have taken the path taken by some other decision in earlier elections. You have agreed with the Holy Maiden to swap roles. That you go aboard the East Viera and take the curse off. The elves are in charge of that kind of curse removal that is cast on the female part of your family tree. For generations, you have been struggling to survive and outlive 25 years of life. You hope to succeed in your new endeavor. Unlocks if you previously selected Take matters into your own hands. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 5.

The stage starts with your statement that the Her Holiness is ready. You should return. Friar will thank you for your hard work. The Holy Maiden is about to undergo the sacred baptism. You should take your leave and offer up your prayers to her.

As the monks leave for the prayer hall, you give an excuse to slip away. There is not a soul in sight on the way to the great hall. You head towards the site of the Holy Maiden’s baptism. You walk very quickly, but at the same time, you wish the path were a little longer…

You stand at the entrance to the main hall. Your hand rests on the door’s handle, but you can’t muster the courage to open it. Your mind fills with strange, uncontrollable thoughts that make you even more restless.

They will throw you in prison and leave you there a rot. You have not even turned 25 yet. Will you have to spend the rest of your life among rats? On the other hand, if you disrupt the baptism, you will still be thrown in jail. The more you think, the more agitated you become. Without realizing it, you begin pacing back and forth. Your footsteps go faster and faster until finally, you manage to make yourself dizzy.

You pat yourself on the chest and force yourself to calm down. You need to breathe, enough is enough. You must go see the Holy Maiden. You must be thrown out, but if you don’t see her, you will die. Instead of waiting for the curse, it would be better to muster the courage to fight it. Moreover, the Holy Maiden is a feeble young woman.

You look at the mark on your hand. Then, gritting your teeth, you push open the heavy door. On entering the main hall, you begin searching for that silhouette. At last, you see her through the rising steam. The Holy Maiden stands quietly in the middle of the holy pool, her back to you.

Though you cleared your throat and try to make your voice sound warm, you still startle her. Olga says that the ceremony is tomorrow. You can’t interrupt the baptism. She adds that you must know, you are disrespecting the gods.

It is something no one else may know. You had no choice but to seek her out now. You are deeply sorry, but you implore her to allow you to finish.

Your sincere apology seems to placate her a little. Relieved, you release a soft sigh. You have an urgent and important task you must complete. To accomplish it, you must go to East Viera and seek the help of the elves. You have to ask her for permission to accompany her on the ship, you will not cause any trouble.

She sympathizes with you, though. But it is not her decision to make. Only the Holy Maiden and her party were allowed on board. It is a centuries-old tradition. As she says this, she appears to give a small sigh.

Olga says that they can’t violate long-established rules simply to satisfy your own whims. As you feared, the Holy Maiden is not agreeing. What can you do to persuade her? Option 1 (Take extreme measures) or Option 2 (Lie and act pitiable).

Take extreme measures
Lie and act pitiable

If you select Option 1 (Take extreme measures), you will have to take extreme measures. You are sorry. It is not that you want to hurt the Holy Maiden. You just want to live.

Thinking this, you grab a candlestick beside you, close your eyes, and swing it at the Holy Maiden. In horror, you open your eyes and see the Holy Maiden clutching her bruised wrist. Without thinking you take a step back, the candlestick slipping from your hand and crashing to the marble floor. The sound brings you back to your senses, and you fall to your knees, praying for the Holy Maiden’s forgiveness.

Before you can finish, the Holy Maiden interrupts, her voice cold. The sounds of her footsteps echo and leave you alone and paralyzed in the empty hall. You open your mouth, but not a single word comes out. You don’t remember being taken away by the monks, or being buried over the trial. When you have returned fully to your senses, you see nothing but darkness. The smell of decay permeates the humid air. You hear the squeaking of rats beside you. You sit paralyzed in the small room, despairing and waiting for death.

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If you select Option 2 (Lie and act pitiable), you will have to act pitiable. Time to put your acting skills to the test. With this thought in mind, you throw yourself to the ground and make your shoulders shake uncontrollably. You surreptitiously pull out some oil to dab under your eyes and speak in nasal tones.

You will state that your parents died when you were very young, and your sister is the only family you have left. Also, you will state that she is a very kind person, but she suffers from a serious disease. As you say, you raise your head and look at the Holy Maiden with tear-filled eyes.

You would even give your own life to restore her health. Surely someone as kind as the Holy Maiden understands how you feel. Of course, you are lying.

There is no use. You tried to go to every doctor and nothing. Now the only ones who can save her are the elves. So now you have to ask the Holy Maiden to allow you to board the ship.

You bury your head in your arms and cry as hard as you can. The Holy Maiden walks over and lifts you to your feet. Avoiding your eyes, she sighs.

Every 30 years, the Cardinal accompanies the Holy Maiden to that mysterious continent so that she may hear the word of the gods. A month later, the ship returns. Then the Holy Maiden and Cardinal pass on the word to humankind. It is only by living following the will of the gods, that you avoid war and alleviate suffering.

She wishes to share the words of the gods with humankind and preserve this peace. She turns away, seemingly unable to look at you. After a moment of silence, she speaks again, her voice soft but firm.

The Holy Maiden has made up her mind. It seems you have no other choice.

You carefully pick up a candlestick beside you and bring it firmly down on the Holy Maiden’s head. She gives a soft grunt and collapses to the floor. You quickly step forward, trying to catch her fall, but in the chaos, you lose hold of the candlestick. You catch her and watch the candlestick arc through the air, strike the ground and roll down the steps.

Now, you have alerted the monks. What should you do? Option 1 (Hide the Holy Maiden) or Option 2 (Pretend to be the Holy Maiden).

Hide the Holy Maiden
Pretend to be the Holy Maiden

If you select Option 1 (Hide the Holy Maiden), you will be afraid of the monks come in now, you are finished. You must hide her quickly. Thus, making up your mind, you search for a place to hide her.

You drag the Holy Maiden over to the corner. Luckily, the smooth marble floor means moving here does not take much effort.

The monk gives you no time to think. With a slight creak, the door opens. In a moment of sudden inspiration, you turn your back to the door, kneel, and mime praying.

Seeing your praying silhouette, the monk quickly falls silent. After a while, you mime finishing the prayer, and stand, your back still to him.

Friar asks you if you are all right because he heard some noise. In fact, you will say that it was a kitten knocking over a candlestick.

The monk takes his leave, closing the door behind him. With no time to relax, you hurry to the place you left the Holy Maiden. Seeing she’s still unconscious, you at least feel some relief. You need to hide her in a safe place.

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If you select Option 2 (Pretend to be the Holy Maiden), you will think how is better to pretend to be the Holy Maiden and send him away. You will say that you are all right. You just knocked over a candlestick.

It is just a cold. Another one of the gods’ tests. There is sudden silence beyond the door. The monk does not respond, but he does not leave, either. You look at the Holy Maiden in your arms, your heart beating out of your chest. If the monk comes in now, you are finished.

You pray that the monk goes away. He does indeed. He says that he will not bother you anymore. Just let him know if you require anything.

Straining your ears, you hear the faint sound of footsteps as the monk departs. Clutching your chest, you finally feel some relief. You need to hide her in a safe place.

In a grand hall like this, there must be a secret room or compartment somewhere. Muttering to yourself, you search for a suitable hiding place. But no matter where you search, you find nothing. All you can find is the altar.

As you are considering the feasibility of this action, the Holy Maiden suddenly gives a soft grunt. You pick up a holy book and look at her with trepidation.

Fortunately, the Holy Maiden was only stirring. She soon loses consciousness again. Although you didn’t want to do this, you had to. If you can break this curse, you will return and beg for your forgiveness. You look at the unconscious girl and apologize to her profusely. Then you bind and gag her with some cloth you find and carefully hide her under the altar. Tie the cloth loosely so she won’t be too uncomfortable.

You press your palms together and bow to her, then nervously circle the altar several times. Once you are sure everything is in place, you release a long, long sigh. Then you put everything in the hall back in its place, doing your best to hide your tracks. Before leaving, you take the Holy Maiden’s clothes. And you pray everything tomorrow will go smoothly

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This is how stage 5 ends. It’s amazing how similar this stage is to stage 4. But the differences are huge. This stage was full of your poor moves. The blow you inflicted on the Holy Maiden is an extremely insidious thing. This brings new consequences that you will feel later. For now, you have to pretend to be the Holy Maiden. Will you be able to play another person? Will you get to the East Viera? Even if you get there, what awaits you? You can see the answers to these questions in our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.