Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 11 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had two options. Options that determine the further course of your stay in East Viera. These are two completely different options that have taken you in two different directions. Only the truth could save you from an unpleasant outcome. The truth you told Reuel calmed him down. The truth matters to Reuel, who has convinced you that he will help you break the curse. You are helped by a person who is at the very top of the East Vier. Be prepared to trust those who offer to help you. Unlocks if you previously selected Offer to cooperate in Stage 1-8 New Information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 11.

You are running in the dark, trying to escape a pair of golden eyes. They are eyes like a rattlesnake’s, staring fixedly at its prey, death in its glare.

A figure emerges from the shadows. It’s the owner of those golden eyes. The closer she comes, the more clearly you see her face. And the more clearly you see the cold glint of the dagger in her hand.

You wale flailing. You sit up in the bed, breathing heavily. Sunlight slants into the room, painting the ground in a warm light. You feel a surge of relief. So, it was a dream. Then the gods it was just a dream.

Thinking of the events of last night, you can only massage your temples. That Dark Elf will certainly return. You wonder what your future conversations will be like.

There are so many things you do not understand. It distresses you. You wanted only to break your curse and fulfill the Holy Maiden’s mission on Olga’s behalf. But now, not only do you have no clue how to break the curse, you must deal with the Dark Elves as well. In frustration, you pull at your hair. Sitting in the bed, you have a tired sigh. You don’t know how much time passes, but a breeze bearing the faint scent of flowers and sunshine blows in, and you feel somewhat better.

Since you have time now, you may as well focus on breaking the curse. After all, that’s most important. It is doubtful where to begin. It’s said the elves are a wise race, so they must have some sort of library. Having made your decision, you leap out of bed and search for appropriate clothing. A Perky and Noble outfit is most ideal for action. Get dressed and head over to the library. Perhaps you will find some useful leads there.

After changing, although you walk proudly out the door, you have no clue where you should go. Just in your time of need, a familiar figure approaches you. It is Emilio. You are saying that you are going on a walk. And you were thinking of reading some elven books.

The elven civilization can be traced back to ancient times. A great deal of information has been preserved. Not only books about elves, but also books about humans, and even some records of dragons and other races, says Emilio.

This is perfect for you. If that is the case, then surely you will find some information about your curse.

With Emilio as your guide, leading the way, you walk along the flower-lined roads. If your mind were not occupied with thoughts of finding a book to break your curse, you would be happy to enjoy the roadside beauty. Soon you will come to a tall building. Winking at you, Emilio pushes open the heavy door.

Although you had prepared yourself for it, you can’t help but marvel at the library’s size. Emilio was not lying to you. His face is filled with obvious pride. The sun shining on him from behind makes him glow with golden light. Just then, an elven guard enters, talks to Emilio for a moment, and departs. He must go. He is off to escort the queen. The books in the library are yours to browse at your leisure.

After Emilio leaves, you wander through rows of bookshelves, your fingertips skimming beautiful books. There are more books in here than you imagined. The collection is very comprehensive. You are sure you will find a way to break your curse.

Thinking that you select a book at random and open it with some excitement. But what you see shocks you. It is all Elvish text. You flip further into the book, seeking writing in the common language. Soon, you’ve flipped to the last page. Hopelessly, you find you can’t understand a single word in the entire book. There are tens of thousands of books here. One of them must be in the common language.

In your rush, you do not replace the book, but instead, pull out several more. Not a single one is in the common language. You do not know for how long you search. When you see the floor is full of books, it suddenly occurs to you that this collection may not have any books in the common language. Powerlessness crashes over you like a tidal wave. Mechanically you return each book to its shelf, your mind numb and blank. You don’t remember returning to your room. Exhaustion and helplessness weigh upon you, suffocating you under their weight. You lie in bed, your thoughts running wild. Those whirling illustrations of curses and assassinations lull you, and you fall quickly and deeply asleep. But you wake to a rustling sound.

In the bright moonlight, you see a tall shadow leaning against the wall. By the light of her golden eyes, you know that the Dark Elf Saliva is here. You agreed to cooperate last night. Likely today she’s come to discuss details. After all, she would have done so already with her skills if she wanted to kill you. Thinking this, your composure returns, and you are not so afraid. You rise from the bed and walk to those golden eyes.

You do not know what she wants you to do at the Sacred Tree Ritual, but it could affect all of East Viera. You have to think about this. You should ask about the Dark Elves’ plans before you agree to do anything.

The Dark Elf Salvia says that it is a simple thing. The agreement between you two. You help her out, she helps you. But she doesn’t say anything about the plan. You can’t agree to help Salvia if you don’t know her plan. And you have your own things to do, so you can’t take undue risks.

Dark Elves are exiled beings because the god they worship is different from the fairies. Her voice, when she speaks, is hushed. Perhaps you are seeing things, but suddenly she looks a little helpless. Salvia says that a long, long time ago when the continent of Viera was a single landmass, elves and humans lived together in harmony. In those days, they were all beings blessed by the gods, and their lives were simple and orderly. But humans are clever. Some of them are too clever for their own good, says Salvia.

Salvia says that there was only endless expand your territory. It is no different from what you are doing. Salvia’s usual expression returns. Smirking, her arms folded, she looks at you. Disbelieving, you look back. She raises one eyebrow, and this time, you can see mockery on her face.

This happened hundreds of years ago. Salvia will not take this out on you. In short, your ancestors became ever more arrogant, believing themselves above all other beings. Then the great Miggs came and sent out brave heroes to restore order to the world. Miggs was one of the leaders in the Great War.

But then Valtan suddenly turned against you. Not only did he side with the humans, but he also convinced others to join him and attack their elves. They who know the truth are so few in number, even if they were braver, they could not change a thing.

Salvia says that you have a very pretty way of describing banishment. Those hypocritical fairies may call themselves Light Elves, but what they did to elves was cruel. They drove them into dark, sunless caves and left you to fend for themselves. Salvia gives a helpless laugh, then shifts her gaze to the moonlight outside.

All the same event, but utterly different when told from different viewpoints. Hundreds of years have passed. Perhaps no one knows the truth of the Great War anymore. Thinking this last, you can only shake your head.

Before he fell into a deep sleep, Miggs used the last of his strength to change them, allowing them to adapt to the cold and darkness. Dark Elves wish to wake him, bring his power forth one more, and restore the world to its original order.

You promised Olga you would fulfill the duties of the Holy Maiden. You must ask what they will do to humankind.

They don’t plan to do anything to humans. But if what she said is true, it was humans who destroyed the original order. Though if they do plan to do something to you, then she wouldn’t tell you about it. From her expression, you don’t think she’s lying. You should focus on your curse for now.

The Dark Elf Salvia says that you have to bring something to the site of the Sacred Tree Ritual for you. Instinct tells you it is something dangerous. You study her closely and try to glean more information. But Salvia only pinches your cheek and gives you a winning smile.

You can’t yet. You must know what the thing is first. Her answer is not clear and Salvia’s smile becomes more flirtatious. She moves closer to you and puts her lips to your ear.

She has found a clue. She made a proposition. Agree to help her, and she will take you to the Grand Elder, who will tell you about your curse. With that, Salvia exhales softly in your ear. But she only said they have a clue. Not that they’ve found the way to break the curse. You can’t agree yet. You must know what they have found first. Making your decision, you tell Salvia you must meet with the Grand Elder before you can agree to help them.

You are somewhat dismayed by Salvia’s quick agreement. To prove Salvia means it, she will bring you to the Grand Elder tomorrow. Salvia takes your chin between her fingers and gives you a very, very meaningful smile. She stays like this until she sees the helpless look in your eyes. Then she releases you, satisfied, and vanishes into the darkness. You return to bed, thinking over what just happened, and toss and turn until dawn. Stage 11 is over. We are getting there, the final battle. Follow our walkthrough.
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