Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 18 of Dress up Time Princess. This is the last stage. The last stage with many endings. Everything is reduced to this stage. The end of our adventure for this book also depends on you and your choices. Don’t forget the endings that adorned the earlier stages. We are here with you to help and guide you to every possible story and every possible outcome. Stay with us.

  • To continue in your adventures, you have to keep digging. Dig deeper to find the finest details of your curiosity. The answers are such that they must be sought and your curiosity is as heavy as your debt strength. The new ending is here. If you previously selected Pretend to comply in Stage 1-8, “I’ve not seen any suspicious figures”. in Stage 1-15, and read Stage 1-17, the story ends here with Ending: Lost Hope.
  • If you previously selected Offer to cooperate in Stage 1-8, Hesitate in Stage 1-16, and read 1-17, the story ends here with Ending: Secrets Never Known.

Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 18.

You don’t remember returning to your room or Emilio’s farewell. When you come to your senses, you find yourself leaning against the wall, resting your head, which feels numb, on your arms. Outside it is still grey and dreary, making it unclear if it’s day or night. Just like how you don’t know whether what awaits you, is the doom of life.

A low voice interrupts your contemplation. You turn and see the High Priest standing outside. You ask Reuel to come in. He nods and enters. He looks at you seriously, makes as if to speak, and stops. His nervousness in turn unsettles you. You stare at him with restless eagerness. Finally, Reuel gathers his resolve and weighty words issue from his lips.

Your eyes light up, but the look on Reuel’s face makes your hope fade again. Perhaps it is not an easy thing to do. This makes you even more anxious, and you rush forward to grasp Reuel’s hand tightly.

You freeze, not knowing how to process the news. Reuel says that the only way to break your curse is with dragon magic or the power of the gods. He searched for ‘’divine power’’ in many books, but unfortunately, the only divine power that still exists and is strong enough to break your curse is the light of the Sacred Tree.

Tears spill uncontrollably from your eyes. You say that all of Aurethel has been covered in darkness. A rough hand caresses your cheek and gently wipes away the tears on your face. Perhaps your tears have blurred your vision, but cryptic Reuel no longer seems so distant. So, you let yourself go and lean recklessly into his warm embrace. It seems you’ve caught Reuel off guard. He freezes in place, his hands in the air. But you want only to seek some solace. Though you know you are now just as good as dead. At that moment, a heavy palm gently touches your back. Then, you feel a firm but comforting caress.

You look up in surprise, forgetting how tightly you are holding him. The tip of your nose traces Reuel’s chin and lips and finally brushes against his nose. Time seems to freeze. Your mind goes blank. And you feel a breath of hot, humid air. This warm breath comes not only from his nose. A small part of it comes from the thin lips you are almost touching.

Suddenly realizing where you are, you release Reuel like you have been electrocuted and leap back, putting distance between you. Reuel says that restoring the Sacred Tree requires finding the divine power the gods left in your world. By gathering his power together, you can successfully restore the Tree. It will be difficult, but not possible.

You clap your hands to your mouth and jump happily up and down, just like a child. Then you suddenly remember something, and in an instant, you feel as though someone’s thrown cold water on you, and you sink once again into despair. You have to return to West Viera soon. You don’t have enough time. You look at Reuel in despair. Show him the ever-reddening mark on your wrist, looking to him for hope. But Reuel says nothing, only turns his head aside and avoids your eyes.

You grab Reuel’s hand and try one last time. The Cardinal’s voice sounds behind you. You release Reuel’s hand and you turn to face him. The Cardinal gives you a meaningful look, then turns to Reuel. Alexei will say that he has some important matters to discuss with the Holy Maiden. Reuel nods bids you farewell and prepares to leave.

Reuel stands still, hesitating for a moment before turning to look at you. Reuel just said that it will be all right. They will restore the Sacred Tree as soon as possible. Saying this, Reuel walks away.

The Cardinal speaks without preamble His expression is urgent; he jumps straight to the point. You were so preoccupied with the Sacred Tree’s destruction, you almost forgot about the Oracle. Oracles in the past were always told in Elvish. Why was it in the common tongue this time? The question is, should you tell the Cardinal the truth? Option 1 (Make up an Oracle) or Option 2 (Tell the truth).

Make up an Oracle
Tell the truth

If you select Option 1 (Make up an Oracle), you will have to make up the speech. It doesn’t matter. Just make up a few sentences. Even if you told him the Oracle was in the common language, he wouldn’t believe you. After deciding, you take a deep breath and stammer a few words.

You make up the words, and sneak a glance at the Cardinal. You see only his furrowed brow and questioning eyes. You quickly lower your head and continue spouting gibberish.

The Cardinal interrupts you in a stern voice and walks quickly towards you. He has doubts about your speech. You say that this is exactly what you heard. When you were kneeling beneath the Sacred Tree, listening to the god’s voice, you memorized every word as he said then. After the Oracle concluded, you continued repeating the worst in your mind. So, you could remember them exactly. You look at the Cardinal earnestly and work hard to make your voice sound frustrated. Sure enough, the Cardinal’s expression eases considerably. He strokes his chin and looks at you, as though he wants you to see through you.

You decide to try to ease his doubts. Alexei says that some words have different meanings and accents. If you remember them in the wrong way, you will not be able to convey the holy words beautifully. Misunderstandings have the wrong effect on your understanding.

When the Sacred Tree was destroyed, you were so frightened. That fear may have scrambled some of your memories. You pretend to guiltily wipe away tears.

Alexei asks you to continue. But though it is utter rubbish, you keep your head low and finish concocting this Oracle. You will say that you have finished your recitation. The Cardinal nods seriously. After a moment, he folds his hands before his abdomen and resumes his usual expression. He says that you fulfilled the Holy Maiden’s mission. He will keep his word and not report your crime.

The Cardinal nods and turns his back on you. He says that you have achieved the purpose of your visit to the land of East Viera. Pack your things and you will leave tomorrow morning.

The Cardinal ignores you and strides off. This means that your curse won’t be broken. The next day, you board a ship bound for West Viera. The sky is still grey. No different from yesterday except for the drizzling rain. The cabin is lit by candlelight. The Cardinal and monks sing and celebrate the aroma of steak and wine. The joy belongs only to them. You leave your cabin and go to the upper deck, where you watch lines of rain melt into the sea. You drop to the deck and pray to the rainy, foggy sky. You pray in your next life, pray for the long, healthy, peaceful days.

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If you select Option 2 (Tell the truth), (Tell the truth unlocks if you previously selected “I can’t promise that” in either Stage 1-15 or Stage 1-16. If you previously selected Pretend to comply in Stage 1-8, “I think I saw a strange figure in the woods today”. in Stage 1-15 and read Stage 1-17, Tell the truth in Stage 1-18, the story ends here with Ending: Hope of Survival.)

If you previously selected Offer to cooperate in Stage 1-8, Take the dagger in Stage 1-16 and read 1-17, Tell the truth in Stage 1-18, the story ends here with Ending: Echoes of Darkness.

You will say that he told you not to ask about the meaning of the Oracle, for it is disrespectful to the gods. And you did as he said. You did not ask anyone about it. It’s just… 

The Cardinal Alexei’s frown tightens and he looks at you with some menace. This time, the Oracle was spoken in the common language. The Cardinal rushes forward and grabs your collar, gritting his teeth and glaring. You rush to explain further.

You look at him pleadingly, anxious tears welling in your eyes. The Oracle says ‘’Shadows covered the world, and a great dragon swallowed the sun.’’
‘’Darkness collided with light, and flames ignited the land.’’ The Cardinal looks stunned. He releases your collar and steps back. Paying no mind to your rumpled collar, you kneel on the floor and continue the reaction. ‘’A hundred years passed, and the fires burned out.’’
‘’Under the sun, living beings used their gifts to change the world.’’
‘’The industrious race, no longer threatened by wind and rain, expanded their territory and prospered.’’
‘’Wise minds made themselves conceited, and greedy hearts bred darkness.’’
‘’A black spider hides from a giant’s eyes, burrows out of the ground, and climbs towards golden light.’’
‘’At last, a long, night will fall, and the vanished race will emerge once more.’’
‘’This is the shout of adversity and the exhibition of life.’’
‘’The boulder that has rolled for a hundred years has stopped. A new path will soon emerge.’’
‘’The being now lost in the fog, will be guided forward by the choices of fate.’’
‘’There are countless possibilities: death or rebirth…’’ In a rush, you finish reciting the Oracle, then raise your head and look at the Cardinal with sincerity.  

The Cardinal looks thoroughly confused. But after a long while, he seems to accept it. He apologizes and he says that he lost control of himself. His voice is hoarse and trembles a little. Alexei says that this is almost impossible to believe. You must admit he suspects you have some other agenda. But still, these words do not seem like ones you made up. And you believe if you dared to fabricate the Oracle, the gods would not spare you.

The Cardinal nods somewhat distractedly, his surprised expression fading. Stroking his chin, he sinks deep into thought. He says that you must remain in East Viera for now. For you, this is like a gift from the gods. You look at the Cardinal in surprise, seeking confirmation. The Cardinal is still frowning. He looks somewhat hesitant and somewhat reluctant.

The Cardinal Alexei says that you ought to stay and help the elves restore the Sacred Tree. This is also a test from the gods. Saying that the Cardinal turns away from you and strides off. And you, going to the balcony, face the grey sky and pray. You ask them to continue to bless you, protect you from the gaze of darkness, and help you find the badge of honor.

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